Cairo ICT 2008 Trade Show & Forum Post Report

By Gilbert Wagner,2014-06-11 12:29
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Cairo ICT 2008 Trade Show & Forum Post Report

Cairo ICT Trade Fair & Forum Shows a New World

Cairo ICT 2009 once again proved itself as the premier event in the Middle East and Africa for professionals to

    network while demonstrating their products and services. From February 8-11, Cairo ICT hosted regional business

    leaders, government officials, foreign dignitaries and VIPs to discuss the current state of the ICT industry in Egypt,

    the region and the world at large.

The four exhibition halls played host to delegations from some of the largest players in the industry, as well as key

    ministry figures. The sheer size of the exhibition and the number of attendees was impressive to everyone in

    attendance, fulfilling its slogan, “Know Before you Go.”

    Key Issues & Hot Topics Discussed at Length

Keynote speakers H.E Dr. Tarek Kamel, Egyptian Minister of Communication and Information Technology (CIT)

    and H.E Eng. Ahmed El Magrabi Minister of Housing, Utilities & Urban Development, launched the first of many

    Forum discussions. They tackled key issues facing the ICT sector including:

    ? Changing the way we Build and the way we Live

    ? For a More Professional ICT Retail Market

    ? Crisis or No Crisis: Make Up your Mind

    ? How can we all pull through the Financial Crisis: The Financial sector & its plan to overcome a crisis,

    and a debate as to whether there is actually one or not

    ? Submarine Cables & Satellite Communications: Do They Compete

    ? From e-government to e- governance : More Distribution Channels for Services Delivery

Cairo ICT Expands Size & Scope

Cairo ICT has grown tremendously in the past decade both in size and scope. Each year the organizers of Cairo

    ICT, TradeFairs International, deliver an exhibition that is relevant and beneficial to the exhibitors and visitors.

    Cairo ICT 2009 did just that.

    Highlights of new features at Cairo ICT 2009:

    ? MCIT Booth: The Ministry of Communication & Information Technology has always been the prime

    supporter of Cairo ICT ever since its establishment. Not only by having the Fair under the auspices of H.E

    the Minister, but by having continuous channels of communication between the Ministry and the thOrganizers of Cairo ICT from one year to the next. In its 13 round, the Ministry decided to further expand

    its scope of participation and support. It did so by exhibiting in Hall 4 at the Fair, known at Cairo ICR

    2009 as "The Smart Village Hall".

    ? Future Living Lounge: Highlights real estate developers and solution providers who are adopting the

    latest technologies. During the exhibition a dedicated area was created to assist home seekers find which

    compounds, cities or projects provide day-to-day living with the latest technology. The exhibitors included

    renowned companies in the market that provide state of the art living luxuries, taking the concept of

    "Future Living" to another level. Displaying their latest services at the lounge were: Talaat Mostafa

    Group, Palm Hills Development, Amer Group, SODIC, EMS, Telsol, Commercial and Cisco.

    ? Smart Village Hall: In a full partnership agreement between Cairo ICT & Smart Villages Company (SVC),

    the main technology hall (Hall 4) was known at Cairo ICT 2009 as: "The Smart Village Hall". All

    exhibitors at Hall 4 resided in Smart Village Cairo, which is labeled as the region's premier ICT business


Financial Lounge: ICT has become an essential part of the financial industry. Cairo ICT ’09 reflected this by

    expanding the presence of financial institutions through creating “The Financial Lounge". The concept behind the

    lounge was to provide a prime location with all necessary equipments and know-how for residents to display their

    products. While also ensuring that comfortable lounges were available with the latest LCD screens and "Real Time"

    ones, giving an opportunity for visitors to discuss various issues of concern. The Lounge was a "Mini Davos", and

    succeeded in its aim as assured by both the residents and visitors alike. Among those residing in the lounge and

    sharing the experience with Cairo ICT were: The Egyptian Arab Land Bank, Bank of Alexandria, Banque Du Caire,

    Banque Misr, The Egyptian Exchange, and Egypt for Information Dissemination (EGID), along side the Lounge's

    main sponsor PRIME Holding.

    ? Malaysian Pavilion: As the guest of honor at Cairo ICT ’09, the government of Malaysia visited Cairo ICT

    ’09 with a delegation of business leaders alongside hosting its own pavilion for Malaysian companies.

    Numerous B 2 B meetings took place with delegates from Malaysia, and the road was paved during the

    Fair for such meetings to develop into potential venturing in the future.

Ministers in Attendance at Cairo ICT 2009:

     HE Dr. Tarek Kamel, Minister of Communication and Information Technology

     HE Eng. Ahmed El Magrabi Minister of Housing, Utilities& Urban Development

     HE Dr. Ahmed Darwish, Minister of State for Administrative Development

     HE Dr. Ali Moselhy, Minister of Social Solidarity

     HE Eng. Mohamed Mansour Minister of Transportation

     Regional and International Guests Continue in Valuable Role

Foreign Chambers of Commerce Visited Cairo ICT 09’’

A number of prominent visitors have expressed admiration of the exhibition structure and quality of exhibitors

    among them were the Malaysian delegation headed by the Ambassador H.E. Datuk Zainal Abideen Abd Kadir, H.E.

    the British Ambassador Dominic Asquith, H.E. the American Ambassador Margaret Scobey, and Economic and

    Commercial Counselors and Commercial Attaché's of U.S.A, Britain, Finland, Germany, Poland, France, Cyprus,

    Romania, Kenya and China. A large number of members of business associations, namely the British Egyptian

    Business Association, BEBA, and the Egyptian Finnish Business Association, EFBA have visited the exhibition and

    attended a number of conference sessions.

Foreign Visitors Look to Cairo ICT for New Business

Penetrating new markets is often a difficult and time consuming process. Cairo ICT facilitates this process by

    providing established players and newcomers alike an opportunity to interact. Visitors from around the world came

    to Cairo ICT 2009, reinforcing its status as the premier event in the region for professionals to network.

For companies with an existing presence in Egypt and the region, Cairo ICT helped develop relationships with local

    partners by encouraging new avenues of cooperation and investment. For entrants to Egypt and the region, Cairo

    ICT highlighted the most promising areas of new business while introducing insiders and experts as entry points to

    promising opportunities.

In fact, 73% of Cairo ICT exhibitors reported positive prospects for engaging in new business from attending the


Some of the countries exhibitors came from included:

Malaysia, Finland, France, India, England, USA, Canada, China, Libya, Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, UAE, Saudi

    Arabia, Pakistan and Turkey.

Cairo ICT Draws a Diverse Crowd

A Huge Affair:

Cairo ICT takes place at the Cairo International Conference Center (CICC), filling four exhibition halls totaling an

    area of 25,000 m2, in addition to "The Mall", a special retail shopping area, giving visitors a chance to buy directly

    from technology providers. Cairo ICT 2009 hosted 350 exhibitors and co-exhibitors representing 810 international

    and regional companies that interacted with distinguished guests from more than 27 countries.

    The exhibitors were divided among the four halls as follows:

     Hall 1: Information Technology & Government

     Hall 2: ICT Hardware & Electronics

     Hall 3: Networking, Communications & Financial Institutions

     Hall 4 (Smart Village Hall): Operators & Telecom Service Providers

Exhibitors Fulfill Objectives

Exhibitors at Cairo ICT share many of the same objectives found at similar large-scale events around the world.

    Almost all exhibitors reported that their main purpose during Cairo ICT was sales & marketing. The majority also

    utilized the event for public relations, maintaining relationships and creating awareness about their products and

    services. Several exhibitors also attended to observe the market because of the diverse participation and compelling

    discussions at Cairo ICT.

Statistics Prove Success of 2009 Round

    Exhibitors Give A High Ranking:

As usual, the organizer of Cairo ICT, Trade Fairs International, received great attribution and high ranking for the

    thirteenth consecutive round from the exhibitors. Exhibitors applauded the professionalism of the Cairo ICT staff

    and the assistance available for exhibitors. While 73% of exhibitors reported immediately that they would continue

    participation in Cairo ICT 2010, nearly 100% of those exhibitors said they were satisfied with their location and

    planned to remain there in the following year. At the same time, only 3% of exhibitors planned to construct a

    smaller stand in the future.

Large Attendance by Trade Professionals:

Cairo ICT 2009 serves not just as an exhibition space, but as a way for business leaders to meet and make deals.

    65,800 visitors, in addition to VIPs, businesspeople, officials, delegates and media personnel attended Cairo ICT

    2009 to take advantage of the unique opportunity of access to so many of their colleagues. The ICT industry was of

    course well represented, but the oil and gas, banking, retail, tourism, manufacturing, real-estate and other

    industries also took part in the conference.

     8000 visitors pre-registered through the Cairo ICT 2009 website,