Minutes - Hilliard Music Boosters

By Andrew Coleman,2014-05-13 10:37
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Minutes - Hilliard Music Boosters


    P.O. Box 681

    Hilliard, Ohio 43026

    Bradley Chapter

    Meeting Minutes

    June 2, 2009


    Officers: D. Manger, B. Ribble, D. Lairson

    Chairs: F. Hoop, N. Hunkar, D. Fralick

    Directors: M. Oppenheimer, Sarah Robinson, Lora Moore

    Members: L. Hooper, Chris Vassaux, Cheryl Vassaux, K. Duncan, F. Hoop, N. Hunkar, T. Hundley, Sherry Patee, Scott Patee, M. Moser

     nd1. Douglas Manger, Bradley Chapter Treasurer, opened the meeting at 7:02 pm. Brenda Ribble 2.

     nd2. Nick Hunkar made a motion to accept the minutes and Chris Vassaux 2. All in favor. The motion


3. Treasurer’s Report: no formal report at this time.

    a) Brenda Ribble reported that she is waiting for the Corporate Treasurer to wrap up the current

    account. Next year, each school will have their own account.

    b) Fees are coming in. Keep them coming!

4. Committee Reports:

    a) A TAG DAY Committee Chair is still needed.

    b) We also need a fundraising chair at the chapter level. This individual with work with the

    corporate fundraising chair.

    c) Fred Hoop volunteered to be the Ice Cream Social Chair.

    d) Debbie Lairson asked about tailgating during the band season.

    e) Nick Hunkar volunteered to organize tailgating for band parents.

    5. Directors’ Report

    a) Band Mr. Oppenheimer

    ; Uniforms have been delivered. They are currently at Darby and should be taken to Bradley

    soon. Summer uniforms are almost ready.

    ; All instruments were delivered. They are currently being inventoried and marked. They will

    be handed out to students next week. stth; Percussion camp started June 1 at Memorial. There will be another camp prior to July 4.

    ; Bradley stadium and parking lot will be used for rehearsal during parade week.

    ; Oppenheimer is still working on getting a tower built. He asked for someone to look into a

    scissor lift. Hunkar volunteered to look into renting a scissor lift.

    ; Oppenheimer has a leadership team helping him to contact all new students and freshmen.

    ; Charms is up and running. Pay Pal will be up soon.

    ; Music is available on Charms.



    P.O. Box 681

    Hilliard, Ohio 43026

    ; All Darby students have been transferred to the Bradley system at this time. Middle school

    students will be in the Bradley system very soon.

    ; Oppenheimer suggested that funds raised for Bradley Band Boosters be divided between

    the budget and future trips.

    ; Possible fundraising options were discussed. We need a fundraising chair.

    ; Oppenheimer mentioned the need for a Nationwide Arena Events Chair. This position

    would require a four hour training session in the fall.

    ; Oppenheimer mentioned that communication is mainly by email, so please check email


    ; Orchestra will hold their own fundraising events.

6. Important Dates

    ; Please check for upcoming events.

7. Adjournment

    a) Donna Fralick made a motion to adjourn the meeting. Hunkar 2nd. All in favor. Motion passed.

Respectfully submitted by:

Debbie Lairson, Chapter Secretary


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