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OCCAC SOCCER GUIDELINES REGULAR SEASON A. The following teams will be participating for the OCCAC Championship: 1. Cincinnati State Community College 2. Cuyahoga Community College 3. Lakeland Community College 4. Owens Community College B. Each team will play a home and away schedule within the conference. C. The following point sy..




    A. The following teams will be participating for the OCCAC Championship:

    1. Cincinnati State Community College

    2. Cuyahoga Community College

    3. Lakeland Community College

    4. Owens Community College

    B. Each team will play a home and away schedule within the conference. C. The following point system will be used to determine placement of teams

    in the conference:

    1. Three (3) points for a win

    2. One (1) point for a tie

    Zero (0) points for a loss

    D. At the end of the season, the team with the most points will be declared the

    conference champion. Should there be a tie between two or more teams,

    co-champions will be declared.

    E. All other rules should conform to the NJCAA Region XII and NCAA rules

    except there will be unlimited substitutions. (Note the OCCAC will follow

    the NCAA rules for overtime during the regular season and play in


    F. Videotaping is permitted for any conference game.


A. Home team shall provide:

    1. A regulation field with official lines

    2. Three game balls, which should be an official, type 32 panel and all

    three balls shall be of the same brand.

    3. Two ball chasers, one on each sideline

    4. Three hired officials (certified) are to be assigned by the area assigner

    and not the host college. A one-whistle system shall be used for all

    conference matches.

    5. An official scorer and timer (could be the same person). The home team

    scorebook is official and names and numbers must be recorded in their

    entirety. Suspended players must be denoted. A clock will be kept on

    the sideline, but the official time will be kept on the field by the referee. 6. Water and ice

    7. It is highly recommended that a certified NATA athletic trainer be at the

    site of play during the entire playing schedule for that weekend.

    B. Rosters are to be exchanged by the coaches prior to each game and signed by the referee after each game. These forms are to be used for all conference and non conference games and retained by the coaches. After each game a copy of the form must be sent to the conference SID within 48 hours.


    A. Team award the first place team will be awarded a plaque by the OCCAC. If a co-championship is declared, all co-champions will be awarded a plaque.

    B. Individual Awards

    1. The All OCCAC First Team selections will be determined by

    placement of the teams as follows:

    a. First place team 4

    b. Second place team 3

    c. Third place team 2

    d. Fourth place team 1

    2. Each team will receive two-second team selections as designated by

    the head coach.

    3. The goalkeeper of the championship team must be the first choice for

    All-OCCAC. In the event of a co-championship, each team tied for

    first place will receive three All-OCCAC selections and the

    goalkeeper from the co-champion team with the best goals against

    average in conference matches will be the first choice. (The team

    with the top goalkeeper will actually have four selections).

    C. The conference head soccer coaches will vote the coach of the year at the annual coaches meeting.

    D. The conference soccer chair will conduct all OCCAC individual awards

    and coach of the year polling at the annual coaches meeting. E. The Offensive Player of the Year, Defensive Player of the Year, Midfielder

    of the Year, Goal Keeper of the Year, and Most Valuable Player will be

    selected by the coaches at their annual coaches meeting. Coaches may

    nominate only their players. Coaches will vote for the top three players in

    each category. The player with the most votes wins. The MVP will be

    voted on by the coaches from one of the four conference award winners.

    The team champion, Player of the Year, and Coach of the Year will

    receive plaques all other awardees will receive certificates.


    A. Division I member schools: Cincinnati State Community College,

    Cuyahoga Community College, Lakeland Community College, Owens

    Community College.

    1. The OCCAC will follow the regional tournament format adopted by

    the Region XII athletic directors.

    2. Any ties for regional tournament seeding will be broken per

    conference approved tiebreaker regulation,

    a. Head to head competition with tied team or teams.

    b. Head to head goal differential with tied team or teams

    c. Record against next highest place conference teams in

    descending order

    d. Goals against in all conference matches

    e. Coin flip

    B. Division III The OCCAC will follow the regional tournament format for

    Division III Men’s Soccer adopted by the Region XII Director of Athletics.

    The regional representative will be the team with the highest placing in the

    conference. If there is a tie, it will be broken per conference approved

    tiebreaker regulation (See IV. A. 2. above).

    C. An OCCAC coaches meeting will be scheduled each year before the end of

    the fall term. It will be mandated that all OCCAC schools with men’s soccer

    teams have a representative at this meeting.

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