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     Thank you for seeing me. I'm really keen to look for a new job and I'd like to hear

    challengingyour opinion on the chances of me getting a job in banking.

    RECRUITMENT CONSULTANT: You're welcome. Let's look at some basic

    bankinginformation first. Do you have any work experience in ?

    finance managerJOHN: I have worked as a for the last three years in a multinational corporation, but I've never worked in a bank.

    RECRUITMENT CONSULTANT: I'd like to know why you're so interested in the banking industry.

    industryJOHN: I want to work in an where my financial prowess is recognized and rewarded.

    RECRUITMENT CONSULTANT: Isn't that the case in your current company?

    depaetmentsJOHN: Definitely not! The most respected are the Research and

    Development Department and the Sales Department. People tend to forget my

    performancecontribution to improving bottom-line business and think of me as a


    RECRUITMENT CONSULTANT: I was wondering what expectations you would have from a new job.

    salaryJOHN: Well, I would want my to be at least 15% higher than now and to

    bonusreceive an annual performance . Do you have many

    vacanciesbanking on your books at the moment?

    RECRUITMENT CONSULTANT: Well, some of the smaller banks aren't recruiting but the major banks still feel it is important to hire motivated, new talent.

    JOHN: I'm keen to have a change and get experience in a different industry.

    resureRECRUITMENT CONSULTANT: Could I suggest that we make another .

    I'd like to discuss prospective employers and their needs and review your in detail.

JOHN: When would be convenient for you?

    RECRUITMENT CONSULTANT: I was wondering if Friday at 4pm would be convenient for you.

JOHN: That's fine. I will work on my resume and look forward to seeing you then.

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