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    1 East Pearson

    Chicago, Illinois 60611

    (312) 915-6458


Represented the following clients in derivative related matters:

    Bank One Federal Home Loan Bank of Atlanta Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad Federal Home Loan Bank of Boston Continental Bank Federal Home Loan Bank of Des Moines Citadel Investment Hedge Funds Federal Home Loan Bank of Indianapolis The First National Bank of Chicago Federal Home Loan Bank of New York First Union National Bank Federal Home Loan Bank of Topeka

    Wachovia Bank, National Association

Please see the attached annex for a partial listing of negotiations made on behalf of clients

    with derivative dealers.

Represented the Federal Home Loan Banks of New York, Indianapolis and Topeka in

    negotiating Master Repurchase Agreements.



Mastering Collateral Management: a Practical Guide to the ISDA Credit Support

    Documents by Paul Harding and Christian Johnson (to be published by Financial

    Times/Prentice Hall November 2002)

    Over-the-Counter Derivative Documentation: A Practical Guide for Executives, Bowne Publishing (2000).

Learning Curve Columns

    Preview of the 2002 ISDA Master Agreement (Learning Curve Column), Derivatives Week, August 12, 2002, at 5.

    Seven Deadly Sins of ISDA Negotiations (Learning Curve Column), Derivatives Week, March 25, 2002, at 6


Payee Tax Representations & The ISDA Master Agreement (Learning Curve Column),

    Derivatives Week, July 16, 2001, at 6.

    Liquidity & The ISDA Master Agreement (Learning Curve Column), Derivatives Week, April 30, 2001, at 6.

Rehypothecation Risk, Derivatives Week, April 16, 2001, at 5.

Law Review Publications

    AHidden@ Costs: A Case Study Of Bank Borrowing And Interest Rate Swaps, to be published in the Banking Law Journal (Nov.-Dec. 2002).

    Banking, Antitrust and Derivatives: Untying the Anti-Tying Restrictions,49 Buffalo Law Review 1 (2001).

An Apologia for the Use of Over-The Counter Derivatives (Book Review), The Banking

    Law Journal (December 1999).

At the Intersection of Bank Finance and Derivative Transactions: Who has the Right of

    Way, 66 Tennessee Law Review 1 (Fall 1998).

    Year 2000 Credit Risk and Derivatives: Insulating Banks from Counterparty Meltdown, 115 The Banking Law Journal No. 9 (Oct. 1998).

Derivatives and Rehypothecation Failure - It=s 3:00pm, Do You Know Where Your

    Collateral Is?, 39 Arizona Law Review 949 (1997).

    Wild Card Statutes, Parity and National Banks - The Renascence of State Banking Powers, 26 Loyola University Chicago Law Journal 351 (1995).

Other Publications

Shedding Light on Legal Risk (Book Review), Risk Professional 42-43 (December 1999).

    Risky Business: Acting as a Lender and OTC Derivative Dealer with the Same Customer, 82 The Journal of Lending & Credit Risk Management 66 (October 1999).

    Risky Business: Minimizing the Risks of OTC Derivatives Through Loan Documentation, 82 The Journal of Lending & Credit Risk Management 72 ( September 1999).

    Year 2000 Credit Risk in Derivative Transactions, Bank Security Reporter (Aug. 1998).



    The High Risk Opportunites Hub Fund Ltd (in Liquidation), by and through G. James

    Cleaver and L. Daniel Scott, Joint Official Liquidiators, Plaintiff and Counterdefendant,

    against Credit Lyonnais and Societe Generale, Defenda/nts and Counterplaintiffs, Supreme

    Court of the State of New York County of New York, Index No. 00-600229 (Gammerman

    J.), affidavit filed June 26, 2002.


    Developed SwapLaw Website - Swaplaw facilitates legal research of over-the-counter derivative transactions by providing references and citations to primary

    and secondary legal materials and links.


    1995- Loyola University Chicago School of Law Chicago, IL

    Associate Professor of Law & Faculty Director of Business Law Center

    Legal Principles of Derivative Transactions (3 hour course) - Taught Spring 1997,

    Summer 1998, Fall 1999, and Spring 2001. The course offers an introduction to and

    an overview of the regulation of the over-the-counter international derivatives

    market. The course reviews the nature of derivative instruments and their common

    uses and will also offer an introduction to standard legal documentation used in the

    area and the negotiation of derivative transactions.

    The Taxation of Financial Transactions (3 hour course) - Taught Spring 1999. The

    course offers an overview of the taxation of financial instruments and transactions

    dealing with debt, futures & options and derivative transactions.


    1987-90 Columbia University School of Law New York, NY

    J.D. - Harlan Fiske Stone Scholar

    Executive Editor Columbia Law Review

1985 University of Utah Graduate School of Accounting Salt Lake City, UT

    Masters of Accounting

1979-84 University of Utah Salt Lake City, UT

    Honors Bachelor of Arts in Accounting




    ABN Fuji Capital Markets Corporation AIG General Re Financial Products AIG International Goldman Sachs Capital Markets L.P. Allied Irish Bank Hallifax


    Banco Popular Industrial Bank of Japan Banco Santander KBC Bank

    Bankers Trust Company Lehman Brothers Financial Products Bank of New York Lehman Brothers Special Financing Inc. The Bank of Nova Scotia Lloyds

    Bank One Merrill Lynch Capital Services, Inc. Banque AIG Morgan Guaranty Trust Company Banque Paribas Morgan Stanley Capital Services, Inc. Bank of Montreal Morgan Stanley Derivative Products Barclays Bank National Australia Bank BCI NatWest

    Bear Stearns Capital Markets, Inc. NationsBank

    Caja Madrid Nomura Capital Services, Inc. CDC Financial Products Nomura Derivative Products, Inc. Chase Manhattan Bank Prudential Global Funding Chemical Bank Republic Bank

    Citibank, N.A. Sakura Global Capital, Inc. Commerzbank Salomon Swapco Inc. Credit Agricole Indosuez Sanwa Financial Products Credit Lyonnais Smith Barney Capital Services, Inc. Credit Suisse Sumitomo Bank

    Caisse Nationale de Credit Agricole Svenska

    Deutsche Bank SwapCo

    Dexia Bank Swedbank

    DG Bank Swiss Bank Corporation DKB Financial Products, Inc. UBS Securities (Swaps), Inc Dresdner Bank Unibank

    Erste Bank WestLB



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