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    46, Saxonbury Avenue, Sunbury, Middlesex TW16 5HD

    01932 772731 Office, 01932 780015 Home, 07770 931144 Mobile



Versatile ICT business professional with extensive experience leading broad market development and

    change in international markets, from start-ups to large corporates in both public and private sectors. Deep

    commercial and technical experience in IT, voice and data communications markets. Recent strong Mobile,

    Web and Internet focus. Prior experience building medical and instrumentation markets preceded by MBA

    and experience as engineer and physicist.. Broad experience as manager and individual contributor in

    marketing, sales, product, programme and channel development - leading teams of directs, outsourced

    suppliers and agencies, channel and industry partners. Has created new marketing positions from a $1B

    global brand to new products and services, establishing targeted and cost effective organisation and market

    delivery to discerning professional partner and end user customers in complex and competitive markets.

    Strong International Experience - Intermediate German and French

    Manchester MBA, Hons Degree in Physics (2:1) - MCIM, CEng and CPhys [Key Word Summary]


    Partner EUROCHANNEL 2002 - present Interim marketing consulting including extended extended full time project delivery contracts including:

    Consulting Assignments 2002 -present

    Marketing change consulting in ICT markets for clients including jpy plc, Roamabout Telecom Inc,

    Archiware GmbH, Telecom Associates, Equest plc, The Barnett Consulting Group, activities include :

    ? Full spectrum strategy, planning and organisation development for several private clients.

    ? Identifying key development areas for promotion, product , channel and territory development

    ? Creating programs to drive new products and, services, new business and channel development.

    ? Planning full spectrum electronic and traditional marcoms to drive national and international business

    ? Business change including position, process and new senior management

Specific Full Time Assignments:

    Motorola Cellular Radio Group: Product Marketing 2005- 2006

    Created and Delivered two new mobile products, c. $100M revenue plan:

    Create and market special products for cellular radio in public safety voice and video applications.

    ? Researched applications, investigated voice and video solutions, determined market opportunity

    ? Conducted field trials with large customers, finalised requirements, specified product and target pricing

    ? Created full product plan and Business Analysis winning funding to proceed from SBU

    ? Created demo products, conducted customer experience trials, supported customer bids, presentations

    and full spectrum marketing internationally (excluding Americas)

Remote Programming Application

    ? Specified a global software support solution for a base of 0.5 Million cellphones

    ? Determined approach with leading clients to deliver updates and applications over secure networks

    ? Product defined, costed to market requirement and placed in marketing process

T-Mobile International: Proposition Management 2004- 2005

    Created international mobile “triple play” VPN voice, video and data offerings, plan value $40M pa

    ? Designed proposition to encourage fixed-mobile transition for voice plus new apps - raise ARPU

    ? Delivered European wide proposition across multiple infrastructures and mobile billing/OSS

    ? Created business plan, marketing programs and pricing

    ? Created customer experience testing prior to service roll out

    Microsoft UK (2 assignments): 2003 2004

    Managed Market/Business Intelligence management on UK and global market developments

    ? Commission and execute internal and external primary market research

    ? Manage relationships with primary and secondary market research suppliers

    ? Create plans to better approach converged enterprise IT markets

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     Brian Catt CV contd.Marketing Director INFONET SERVICES CORPORATION, INC. 1997- 2002

    Created and led marketing programs in EMEA, the largest region. Delivered major programmes globally to

    address competitive threats, support 100% sales growth and $1B IPO for this $600M provider of enterprise

    services in managed applications, communications and security services (including web,VPN, Internet).

Built the strategy, organisation, tools and sales approach and delivered a sector leading position from zero:

    ? Created multiple co-ordinated sales and marketing programs driving a $1B IPO and doubling in sales

    through related customer wins including: Nestle, Hasbro, UBS, Microsoft, Volkswagen, DKNY, Novartis

    ? Project managed the programs business wide, winning board approval for $1M, $3M and $9M budgets

    ? Created leadership product positions with VPN services including VoIP, ERP, CRM, mobility, security rd? Created new Web, on-line, and CRM telemarketing and improved sales processes (3 party and direct)

    ? Built and exploited key partner, analyst and media relationships including Cisco, SAP, Siebel, Gartner ? Project award winning customer satisfaction programmes increasing retention and cross selling

    ? Selected, briefed and drove external agencies to deliver targeted coverage and brand recognition

    ? Created, planned and project managed internal change programs and a full spectrum of key events

    including product launches, trade shows, international presentations to conferences and key accounts

    100% achievement of MBOs, President’s Award for Outstanding Achievement 1999 and 2000.

    European GM/UK Managing Director ALISA SYSTEMS 1989- 96

Built this European start up from $0 - $10M and to eventual exit as #1 in speciality in EMEA, marketing

    innovative enterprise systems integration, messaging, workflow and web software.Responsible for sales,

    product and field marketing. Direct and indirect product sales, value $5K to $250K..

? Created business approaches, supporting tools and processes, and recruited sales channel

    ? Drove business to sales channel exploiting industry partnerships with Microsoft, Apple, Lotus, DEC

    ? Led marketing programs to motivate channels and directly support sales

    ? Seconded to US to assist on creation and launch of enterprise messaging product

    ? Built second direct channel marketing the new enterprise software, signed BP, C&W, RACAL, SWIFT

    ? Built third European sales channel for web server software products and started sales

    ? Assisted exit by private sale of business packaged as managed applications service provider

International Sales and Marketing Mgr. NEWBURY DATA RECORDING 1986- 88

    Rebuilt peripherals business of this Computer peripherals and storage manufacturer, reporting to the Sales

    and Marketing Director for Printer and VDU business product creation and international sales. Direct team

    of 10, turnover ?20m. I also managed support and training. T/O ?50M in the UK, US and Europe through 5

    subsidiaries and 7 distributors. Direct, channel and OEM sales, order value $10K to $1M.

? Delivered a reduced but profitable core business in a turn around with ownership change

    ? Created successful change strategy and plan to target profitable defendable markets

    ? Obtained board approval for business plan to deliver new product range

    ? Built team and rspecified in house developed product to better match target market

    ? Managed delivery of product update programme from engineering

    ? Specified and sourced OEM and third party product to maintain revenues in target market

    ? Maintained legacy product revenues while driving change

    ? Managed and supported international sales channel in US and Europe

Sales and Marketing Manager EG&G INSTRUMENTS 1984- 86

    Developed the $10M European business of this specialist $1B US technology group reporting to EMEA GM

    and P&L responsible to US HQ, Led 28 people in 5 European countries plus seven national distributors.

    Maintained base business while building new markets for in a wide range of application markets in multiple

    research and manufacturing sectors. Unit sales value $5K-$50K. European T/O $25M.

? Researched, created and delivered a European wide realignment of business

    ? Changed sales targets/product emphasis by country to > double profit per unit sales resource

    ? Created new European manufactured products tyo address competitive threats

    ? Project managed targeting of industrial applications with new sales and marketing program

    ? Replaced declining academic research revenues with commercial and environmental business

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     Brian Catt CV contd.? Created 10% incremental business in semiconductor test markets with third party products.

    ? Created and lead tactical defence against a new price competitor with $1M margin payback

    ? Managed and motivated European team of c.50 plus specialist distributors through major change

    ? Managed manufacturing forecasts for plants in US, Europe and Eire (25% UK design and build)

    European Product Manager/Major Account Manger CENTRONICS 1982 - 84 Led two major product launches and led their sales to two key OEM accounts for this $45M turnover

    European operation of a $200M US pioneer of computer printers - selling through four subsidiaries and six

    national distributors.

? Program managed two successful product launches replacing earlier mainline product - zero to $10M

    ? Gained European sales force acceptance of two new product lines

    ? Won two $1M plus OEM contracts as key account manager - (ITT and MDS)

    ? Created custom OEM specification and delivery process for Europe

    ? Established and managed unit forecasting for manufacturing

    Product Marketing Manager EMI MEDICAL, LTD/GE Medical Systems 1975 - 81 I joined this new business via EMI group planning and played a direct part in planning and delivering the

    growth of EMI's pioneering Brain, Body and Ultrasound scanner business to ?100M in 4 years, reporting to

    the Director of Worldwide Operations. Principal Markets US and Europe, A-P. GE acquired EMI Medical

    from Thorn in 1980 and I set up European manufacture for GE in EMI facilities before moving on.

? Product Marketing Mngr: 1977 - 82: Program management of three new products. $2M to $5M T/O.

     and transfer of GE scanner manufacturing from US to UK

    ? Product Planning Mngr 1976 - 77: Six new business proposals, 3 delivered to market

    ? Business Planning Exec 1975 - 76: M&A, MR, Strategic plan, management tools, channel plan

    Full time student Manchester Business School 1974-75


    Research Officer Imperial College 1972-74

    Commission and develop advanced computer controlled chemical plant research program, ?2M+

    investment. Postgraduate research project on academic staff of tier one technology University. Higher Scientific Officer Medical Research Council/NRPB 1965-72 Established national calibration facility in radiation measurement, based on NPL. Published original

    research into new solid state measurement systems. Created research equipment. Designed and built

    second generation of solid state computerised national calibration systems as lead designer.

    EXAMPLE PRESENTATIONS AND PUBLICATIONS These examples led new initiatives from the front, supported tactical sales and marketing and drove the

    product creation process, also tested propositions with sales channels and market opinion leaders while

    creating a leadership position for my business. Click on linked titles for download.

? The Future of Broadband Computing - July 2003

    ? Next Generation Computing - Next Generation Networks Summit - Rome, June 2002

    ? How To Deliver The Enterprise IP VPN Promise Boston, New York, Chicago, LA, SFO Oct 2001

    ? Content Delivery Network’s Conference - New York City February 2001

    ? Enterprise networks as a Planned Investment - INTUG Editorial

    ? Targeting Medium Sized International Customers With Hybrid VPN and Voice Services - IIR '98

    ? A practical Solution to Voice on Data networks - Voice Europe 97 Amsterdam

    ? Seamless Global Messaging/Mail Integration, Migration and Directory Services”. ? Low-energy x-ray shielding with common materials. Health Phys. 1969 Sep; 17 (3):516-8

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     Brian Catt CV contd.KEY WORDS

I have direct experience responsible for all the below in one of more of my responsibilities above, whether

    or not specific words appear in the job description. Please request specific contexts as appropriate

MANAGEMENT: Director, General, MD, fiduciary responsibility, IPO, Exit, Acquisition, JV, Partner,

    Marketing, Sales, Manufacturing, , Market Research, Analysis,Strategy, Business Planning, Product

    Marketing and Development, Project, Programme, Reporting, Process, Commercial, Change,

    Transformation, Brand, Advertising, PR, Marcomms, Channel, Distribution, Franchise, Training.

MARKETS: B2B, International - US, EMEA, A-P, Capital, Volume, Direct, Channel, Franchise, products

    and services. Government and enterprise, professional, scientific, medical, telcos/carriers, finance, retail,

    manufacturing, foods.

TECHNOLOGIES and APPLICATIONS: IT, ICT, instrumentation, fixed and mobile communications public

    and private, enterrpise, computer hardware and software, Medical Imaging, electronics, Instrumentation, ,

    nuclear, radiation and health physics, chemical process plant..


    Intelligence, Market Research, Web/Electronic Marketing, Direct Marketing, Sales Logix, Gold Mine, Prince

    2, PERT, Internet, Web Design, SEO, SaaS, SOA, TETRA, NGN, VPN, GSM, 3G, GPRS, VoIP, LTE,

    Wireless, Radio, WiFi, DSL, Broadband, Web 2.0, electronic publishing, messaging, collaboration, Content,

    Multimedia, Convergence, Unified Communications, Databases, Directories, Middleware, Billing/OSS, and

    much more…

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