Arthur R Reeves III Timely Solutions, Measurable Results Owner of

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Arthur R Reeves III Timely Solutions, Measurable Results Owner of

    Arthur R. Reeves III

    Timely Solutions, Measurable Results

    Owner of Disabled Veterans Solutions Consortium, Inc. Awarded Summersville Lake, West Virginia, Facilities maintenance contract January 2008. Contract Award W91237-08-B-

    0001 issued by USACE Contracting Division Huntington, West Virginia 2009 Option was approved.

Project Manager and Site Relocation Coordinator for WRAIR BRAC May 2009-Present

    I am presently inventorying and evaluating Walter Reed Army Institute of Research (WRAIR) medical equipment for

    WRAIR BRAC Task Order One (TO1). TO1 is for WRAIR equipment slated for DRMO relocation to Battlefield Health

    Trauma (BHT) located at Ft. Sam Houston to BDBI or for resale to other US Government Labs or ultimate destruction.

    Department of Interior Data Center Rack Relocation April-May 2009 I was the Project Manager responsible for the relocation of five racks of National Park Service data center equipment to

    various DOI facilities in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, DC.

Data Center Build/Business Development/Project Manager/Network Engineer October 2008-June2009

    I assisted with the negotiation for the contract awarded to design and build out a new data center, in addition to migrating the

    existing active servers for Mountain State University located in Beckley, West Virginia. The new data center was completed

    June 7, 2009. I provided “as is network cable and rack elevation documentation. I provided hands on management during

    the server migration, cable cut over, and shared the position of Project Manager.

Facilities Engineer October 2008-Present

    I make recommendations and validate the Health and Human Services (HHS) Food and Drug Administration (FDA) White

    Oak Data Center (WODC) Facilities concerning equipment placement and installation, electric power, cooling capacity and

    architecture, center security, mechanical planning, environmental management and controls, Enterprise Management

    Solutions including inventory control, capacity management, and radio frequency identification (RFID) solutions. I make

    recommendations concerning network design, system integration, server relocation and migration. I produce bill of materials

    (BOM) and data center standard operational procedures (SOPs) documentation and recommendations.

Business Development/Project Manager August 2008-February 2009

    I assisted with the negotiation for the contract award to relocate Campbell & Company Office Equipment, Trading Floor

    Equipment and Data Center from 210 West Pennsylvania Avenue, Towson, Maryland, to their new location 2850 Quarry

    Lake Drive, Pikesville, Maryland. In addition I was the Project Manager for Campbell & Company data center Disaster

    Recover (DR) relocation and migration.

Project Manager SDDC April 2008-September 2008

    My responsibilities included turnkey services for design, planning, installation of the network infrastructure, re-racking of

    existing and new IT equipment, and the execution for the relocation of the Surface Deployment and Distribution Command

    (SDDC) Test and Development Systems from Alexandria, Virginia, to Scott AFB, Illinois; and the Continuity of Operation

    Plan (COOP) Systems from Alexandria, Virginia, to DISA DECC St. Louis, Missouri, under tight BRAC mandated


Project Manager State Department Bureau of Diplomatic Security Desktop Refresh January 2008-September 2008

    I scheduled and managed multiple technical teams from 6 a.m. through midnight to un-box, inventory, configure, and install

    approximately 2,050 new desktop systems on the State Departments Open Net Plus Network. My teams redistributed a

    number of used systems as identified by the government point of contact on the Bureau’s Classified Network. The final

    phase involved preparing, documentation and palletizing for pickup up 1,200 workstations identified for excess by the

    Bureau of Diplomatic Security.

Project Manager Relocation Specialist SDDC FFE September 2007-January 2008

    I relocated approximately 80,000 square feet of office and IT equipment for SDDC as part of the BRAC fixture, furniture

    and equipment (FFE) relocation move from the Hoffman Building Alexandria, Virginia, to Scott AFB, Illinois, as a Project

    Manager for Alexandria Mobility Services (AMS) relocation specialist. Pre-move responsibilities included the pre-move

    planning, scheduling, coordination, on-site project management, and process planning. The execution or move phase

    included invoice validation for AMS services rendered, inventory control, packing materials, packing, crating, loading, and

    transportation, storage, unloading, and set up.

    Network Engineer December 2006-September 2007 Employed by Integrated Technologies (ITEQ) as a Network Engineer under the ITEQ Information Management Information

    Technology Infrastructure Relocation Support contract; C2 (Command and Control) System Realignment. My job

    responsibilities include the review and validation of the Surface Deployment and Distribution Command (SDDC) Network

    infrastructure Systems Equipment and Connectivity Requirements for the SDDC data center relocation as a result of the

    congressional Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) Act. My responsibilities included relocating the SDDC Network

    Center (NRC) from the Hoffman Building located in Alexandria, Virginia, to Scott AFB, Illinois.

    ? I was responsible for coordination of network integration deadlines (ten scheduled relocation move dates from

    January 2007-June 2007) to be met for each of SDDC sixteen departments, ETA, SPS, WPS, EIP, EDM, CIDSS,

    IRRIS/TEA, CRDB, TFMS, IBS, GFM, IA/DS, CORE Systems, TAC, Communications, WEB Services, and


    ? I met or exceed relocation deadlines on a daily basis. I coordinated with each SDDC department System

    Administrator or Project Manager, the ITEQ Project Manager, the ITEQ CAD Engineer, AMS transportation

    support personnel and other point of contacts (POCs).

    ? In a timely manner, I helped identify and solve equipment power requirements and connections, rack relocation and

    installation, network integration design and physical layer installation issues.

    ? I created the Internet Protocol (IP) assignment Excel worksheet for each SDDC department concerning verification

    of the correct SDDC Cisco 6509’s Virtual Local Area Network (VLAN) switch port assignment including, McData

    SyncSort/Spectra Logic backup (GATOR), EMC SANS connections, and remote access connections.

    ? I provided technical assistance in the SDDC network (6 foot raised floor) data center design and installation

    including Panduit installation, Cat 6 GigE installation, Cat 6 Mini Gator connections, and fiber drops for EMC

    SANS connectivity requirements.

    ? My ITEQ SDDC relocation responsibilities included inventory, asset management, power requirements and hookup,

    floor tile cut assignment, layer two communication connectivity, network physical layer and data link (site elevation)


    ? I provided status updates, made recommendations and answered questions at high level meetings concerning

    relocation move progress of network and equipment concerning SDDC system production moves, backup and

    SANs connections, OC-12 technology/data transfer and integration, Cisco PIX, Cisco ASA, top level architecture

    (Netcom TLA) Nipr and Sipr connections.

    ? I custom made and install Cat 6 SDDC network interconnections.

    ? I answered Smartnet network questions and assisted the Smartnet punch down artist in certifying the SDDC Cat6

    GigE network wiring.

    ? I ordered patch panel, Panduit, and other network accessory equipment from Accu-tech and other providers.

    ? I was instrumental in performance of ITEQ contractual duties concerning SDDC BRAC infrastructure build of core

    services and C2 systems without negative impact which resulted in ITEQ surpassing SDDC expectations. Results

    of this instrumental performance provided ITEQ with additional contract modifications and opportunities.

Tier III Escalation Support for SunRocket, Inc. July 2006-December 2006

    Troubleshooting VoIP SIP, Linksys, Innomedia, Telco Systems 211ATA, Hammer, Call Track, Netrake , Ser (proxy),

    Sylantro (soft switch), and CPE.

NOC Technician for CherryRoad Technologies Army Knowledge Center Online August 2005-July 2006

     Continuous Operations Management Center (AKO/COMC) Tier III

    I monitored Big Brother, SiteScope, and Net Cool for any issues that lead to user impact. Escalate network issues when

    needed. Communicate with the helpdesk. Troubleshoot network connectivity issues on both NiprNet and SiprNet, Ft.

    Belvoir DOIM and DREN connections. Other management tools include Iron Port, Checkpoint, Micromuse, Remedy,

    OpsWare, SSO (Site Minder), LDAP, Internet Service manager (ISM), Mercury Managed Services (MMS), Smoke Ping,

    Bantu (IM), Puddy, Dameware, and MSTS. I attend daily army high level morning briefs concerning network performance

    issues. Knowledge of GigE, LAN to WAN protocols. At the time Army Knowledge Online had a subscriber base of

    approximately two million users.

Covad VoIP Support Team, Executive Escalations, and Business Continuity Team September 2004-August 2005

    I resolved technical issues at an escalation level for both managed (P2P) and unmanaged voice and data network issues such

    as call forwarding, echo, one way call issues, auto attendant (Visio), voice mail, visual voice mail, fax issues, visual fax

    issues, Outlook Express, caller ID, call treatment, phone templates, hunt groups, multiple line appearances, and ACD’s,

    conferencing and instant message. Troubleshoot T1 issues for down hard, over utilization, intermittent, packet loss and

    latency issues. Configure LDAP server (Centigram) for ring time and provisioning issues. Configure and provision Cisco,

    Polycom and Swisshones IP phones. Bind Sylantro CA and Cisco ATA’s. Co-op test with carriers such as Pac West, Focal,

    Global Crossing, Wiltel, MCI, L3, and Qwest. I remotely access CPE to troubleshoot and configure customers Cisco 1700

    series access router and VLANs through Cisco switches.

    Covad Communications July 2000-August 2004 I managed and resolved technical issues with little or no supervision the DSLplusIP network for 1.5 years in addition to

    developing and implementing a working relationship with senior technicians and managers of ISP Mindspring, Earthlink,

    and Prodigy. 2.5 years as a TAC L11 technical assistance engineer. I identify and help solve Open Systems Interface 7 layer

    (OSI) issues at an escalation level through co-op testing with wholesaler, enterprise customers, NOC.TAC, ILEC, FST’s, or

    single end users.

    ? Remotely monitors the DiamondLane Digital Subscriber Loop Access Multiplexers (DSLAM's).

    ? Remotely access, run and decipher Harris or Turnstone loop test results.

    ? Remotely access, run and decipher, SWB, Pac Bell, Ameritech, Bell South, VZ North, VZ South, and Verizon GTE


    ? Remotely access Flowpoint, Netopia, Cisco, Redback, Juniper and ENI routers; DSL compatible routers for CPE


    ? Remotely access Cisco BPX and SES switches for ATM troubleshooting.

    ? Verify the correct installation of CPE (customer premise equipment), PPPoE (point-to-point over Ethernet), PPPoA

    (point-to-point over ATM) software and to insure/verify the EU (end users) PVC (permanent virtual circuit)

    connectivity through the use of a RADIUS test client username and password.

    ? I trained other Covad TAC personnel concerning attributes of RADSL technology and DSLplusIP troubleshooting

    techniques and network architecture.

    ? My responsibility included trouble ticket documentation of problems and problem solving techniques at an

    escalation level.

    ? I remotely access Cisco Broadband Packet Exchange (BPX) 8600 series switch through SNMP to verify correct

    ATM provisioning for correct Permanent Virtual Circuits (PVC) connections, throughput/percent utilization and

    cell loss issues.

    ? Provide Layer 1-7 support concerning end user migration issues with Covad distressed partners networks.

    Troubleshoot T1 Frame Access circuits. Monitor DS-3 utilization.

    ? Run BERT (bit error rate test) test on TI and IDSL circuits.

    ? Troubleshoot ADSL, RADSL, and SDSL, Line-Sharing, Line Splitting, T-1 and IDSL (FR over ATM) circuits.

    ? I remotely resolved LAN-WAN consumer and ISP connections across (Cisco BPX) Covad’s ATM network.

    Consultant January 2000-July2000 I worked for ORUS Information Services as a consultant to Covad Communications. I worked with a seven-member crew at

    Covad concerning end-to-end implementation, performance analysis, ATM Hardware Configurations of the Digital st with ISPs (Internet Service Provider) SBC Subscriber Line (DSL) Plus IP (Internet Protocol) program, which began June 1Prodigy, Juno, Frys Electronics and Working Families.


    Security Certificate Career Study from NVCC…………………………………………..........................FallSemester 2002

    Associate in Communication Design Degree (AAS) with a major in Communication …………………………….May 1997 Design and a specialization in Electronic Graphic Design

    AAS with a major in Information System Technology and a specialization in Networking …………….September 1999

AAS with a major in Information System Technology and a specialization in Microcomputers……..September 1999


    Fiber Optic Terminating, Splicing and Cabling Specialist ………………………………………………………..July 1999 Certificate of Achievement from Lucent Technologies

    Category 5 Network Cabling Specialist ……………………………………………………………………..November 1999 Certificate of Achievement from Lucent Technologies

    CCNA - Cisco Certified Network Associate…………………………………………………………………November 1999

Operating Systems

    Windows NT 4.0, MAC 7.1, Windows 95,98,CE, ME,2000, XP, Cisco IOS 11.3, Sun Solaris, UNIX SSH, Redback SMS,

    RedHat 7.2, Juniper ERX.


    MS Word, MS Access, MS Excel, MS Power Point, MS Visual Basic, MS Internet Explorer, MS Exchange, MS Outlook Express, MS Front Page, Netscape, Cisco ConfigMaker, Norton System Works, Adaptec Direct CD, Easy CD, MS Paint, Adobe Illustrator, Quark Xpress, Adobe Photoshop, X-Light, Ping-Plotter, Visio, Nokia Diamonview and Diamondcraft.

Life Work Experience

    Full-time student attending NOVA April 1995-January 2000 I worked part-time at Giant Food as a Grocery Clerk. Responsibilities included the download/upload of inventory books, the

    care, maintenance of portable computers, and maintenance, correct recharging sequence of the portable computer batteries.

    Assistant Manager of Radio Shack May 1994-August 1994 I electronically transmitted daily reports via computer on a timely basis. I was responsible for electronically tracking

    customer repairs and resolving complaints. I was responsible for cash register receipts and daily bank deposits.

    I designed and built a 2,000 square foot addition to a residential house March 1994-May 1994 I supervised several carpenters, coordinated all phases of construction including ordering of material, paying invoices, and

    coordination of contractors. I was responsible for knowledge of local building codes and permits, coordinated work schedule according to inspections.

    B&K Construction August 1993-February 1994 I specialized in office remodeling and demolition. I worked in direct contact with Space Management at the Housing and

    Urban Development, National Technical Information System (NTIS), and the Defense Management College Ft. Belvoir, Virginia. Demonstration knowledge of basic construction methods, construction drawings and blueprints, and other forms of

    specifications that were used to develop and complete space alternation plans. I helped B&K build the computer room for the subsidiary Fed World of NTIS.

US Navy September 1972-September 1993

    I was stationed at the Washington Navy Yard, Washington, DC, from 1975 until September 1993. I held a White House Security Clearance for 18 years. Navy education included Basic Training, the Navy School of Music, Leadership, Management, Education

    and Training School. I proved the ability to plan work and accomplish objectives under pressure of tight deadlines, with little or no supervision. When required, performed administrative duties, such as meeting guests, giving advice or assistance when needed, answered telephones, recorded messages, served guard duty when required. I assisted in the design, construction, and maintenance of operating facilities. Awards included National Defense, (5) Good Conduct, (2) Meritorious Unit, and Navy Achievement.

Present Clearance is Active DOD Top Secret SSBI as of January 28, 2008.

Art Reeves

    (703) 899-8038 cell

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