Application Form for JETRO BIZMATCH@CEATEC 2005

By Jimmy Hall,2015-01-28 16:33
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Application Form for JETRO BIZMATCH@CEATEC 2005

Application Form


    thApplication Deadline: 10 July (Friday) 2009

Please carefully complete this form and provide as much information/detail as possible (this application

    will be used in our applicant screening process and as resource for us in matching your firm with

    potential Japanese partners at JETRO BIZMATCH). Please note that information collected in this form

    will be used solely for activities associated with JETRO BIZMATCH@CEATEC JAPAN 2009, such as

    creating promotional materials (brochures, website, etc.) and identifying potential (Japanese) partners.

    Information provided in fields marked with a double asterisks ** will NOT be disclosed without your express permission.

    1. Contact Information Please type in English or Japanese Company name

    Address City Post/Zip code State/Province Country