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1. Introduction

     National Seed Policy, 2002, recognizes greater role for the private sector in the

    functioning of the seed industry in the country. With the growth of economic

    liberalization and facilitative environment for import of best germ plasm available in the

    world, there has been substantial progress in the development of private seed industry.

    However, their main domain still remains the low volume high value seeds which cater to

    the needs of only few selected farmers. The business of high volume low value seeds like

    those of cereals, gram and groundnut, etc. are still with the public sector organizations

    and is limited due to financial limitations of these public sector organizations. Realizing

    the need for increased seed production with a view to enhance seed replacement rates and

    particularly in the high volume low value crops it has been proposed in the Tenth Plan to

    provide assistance for boosting seed production in the private sector. Under this scheme,

    it has been proposed to provide credit linked back-ended capital subsidy at the rate of

    25% of the project cost subject to a maximum limit of Rs.25.00 lakh per unit on seed

    infrastructure development. Private companies, individual entrepreneurs, Self Help

    groups and seed cooperatives will be eligible to get assistance under this scheme and the

    scheme will be implemented through Nationalized Banks, Scheduled Commercial Banks,

    and National Co-operative Development Corporation (NCDC). The assistance would be

    limited to creation of infrastructure facility relating to seed cleaning, grading, processing,

    seed treating, packaging and storage units as well as for seed testing facilities. This

    assistance will be primarily for low value and high volume seeds and it will be clearly

    incorporated in the scheme guidelines. National Seeds Corporation will be the nodal

    agency for implementation and monitoring of this scheme.

2. Detailed guidelines

    2.1 Eligible organization

    The project for seed infrastructure development for seed production, namely,

    setting up of seed processing, seed treating, seed packaging and seed storage unit,

    setting up of seed testing laboratories by Partnership firms, private companies,

    individual entrepreneurs, self help groups and seed cooperatives.

2.2 List of Seed Processing Machinery and Condition for Seed Storage


    ? Seed Pre-cleaner

    ? Seed Cleaner-cum-Grader

    ? Indent Cylinder

    ? Conveyor System

    ? Seed Elevator

    ? Seed Treater

    ? Seed Drying Unit.

    ? Seed Holding Bins.

    ? Weighing Machine.

    ? Bag Closer

    ? Other connected equipments/accessories/different sieve sizes

    ? Seed Testing Laboratory Equipments.

    2.3 Seed godown

The construction of seeds godown shall be as per the CPWD or State PWD

    specification or any other specification laid down in this behalf. The storage

    godown shall be properly ventilated, shall have well fitted doors, windows and

    ventilators and shall be waterproof (control of moisture from floor, walls and roof,

    etc.). (ii) The seeds godown structure shall have protection from rodents (high

    pucca elevated platform with pucca staircase). (iii) The seeds godown shall have

    protection from birds (windows/ventilators with jail). (iv) The openings of the

    seeds godown such as doors, windows, etc. shall be designed in such a manner

    that the seeds godown can be sealed for effective fumigation, etc. (v) The seeds

    godown complex shall have an easy approach road, pucca internal roads, proper

    drainage, arrangements for effective control against fire and theft and also have

    arrangements for easy loading and unloading of stocks.

2.4 Credit Linked Assistance

    (i) Subsidy under the scheme is linked to institutional credit and will be

    available to such project as are financed by Nationalized Banks,

    Scheduled Commercial Banks and National Cooperation Development

    Corporation (NCDC) and Regional Rural Banks. Loans to the beneficiary

    from the bank / NCDC would carry an adequate long-term re-payment


    (ii) Assistance under the scheme shall be available on capital investment on

    construction of seeds processing plants, purchase and errection /

    commissioning of seed processing, seed cleaning, seed grading, seed

    treating, seed packaging machineries and equipment, machinery and

    equipment for loading and unloading seed bags, construction of seed

    storage godown and equipment for seed testing laboratories only.

    2.5 Implementing Period

     The scheme shall be implemented during 2005-06, 2006-07 and 2007-08.

2.6 Implementation

The scheme shall be implemented by the Nationalized Banks and NCDC. The

    National Seeds Corporation will act as Nodal organization for implementation

    and monitoring of the scheme and for release of funds.

2.7 Insurance

It will be the responsibility of the beneficiary to have the insurance for all the


2.8 Subsidy

Subsidy under the scheme shall be provided on the capital investment of the

    project as follows :

    (i) Rate of subsidy shall be 25% of the capital investment of the project

    (ii) Capital investment of the project for the purpose of release the subsidy

    shall be calculated as follows:

    a. for seed godown upto Rs. 2500 per tone storage capacity or actual

    cost whichever is lower;

    b. for all the seed processing machineries and equipment the actual

    cost will be taken into account;

    c. for the seed processing plant structure actual subject to a maximum

    of Rs.3500 per square meter will be allowed.

    (iii) Subsidy for the project under the scheme shall be released through NSC

    for project financed by Nationalized Banks, Scheduled Commercial

    Banks and through NCDC for cooperatives.

    Total subsidy not exceeding 25% of the project cost with a maximum subsidy

    of Rs.25.00 lakh per unit. Financial Institutions will ascertain the viability of

    the individual proposals.

2.9 Subsidy will be released in two instalments

(i) The subsidy amount will be released to NSC by DAC in advance.

    Accordingly, NSC would release the subsidy to the participating bank/NCDC in advance for keeping the same in subsidy reserve fund account of the concerned

    borrowers, to be adjusted finally against the loan amount of the bank/NCDC on

completion of the project. An amount of 50% advance subsidy would be released

    by NSC to the participating bank/NCDC on submission of a project profile cum

    claim form within 15 days from the receipt of such form.

(ii) The remaining 50% of the subsidy amount would be disbursed to the

    participating bank(s)/NCDC by NSC after conduct of an inspection by the inspection committee consisting of officials from NSC, participating


     2.10 Adjustment of subsidy in borrower’s account

    The subsidy released to the bank/NCDC for an individual project will be

    kept in a separate borrower-wise account. The adjustment of subsidy will be back

    ended. Accordingly, the full project cost including the subsidy amount, but

    excluding the margin money contribution from the beneficiary, would be

    disbursed as a loan by the banks. The repayment schedule will be drawn on the

    loan amount in such a way that the total subsidy amount is adjusted after the full

    bank loan component with interest is liquidated.

    2.11 No interest chargeable on subsidy portion

    The subsidy admissible to the beneficiary under the scheme will be kept in

    the subsidy reserve fund account (borrower wise) in the books of the financing banks. No interest should be charged on this by the bank. In view of this, for

    purposes of charging interest on the loan component, the subsidy amount should

    be excluded. The balance lying to the credit of the subsidy reserve fund account

    will not form part of demand and time liabilities for the purpose of SLR/CRR.

     2.12 Pattern of Assistance

    For projects financed through banks / NCDC.

    (i) Owner’s contribution* 10%

     (ii) Subsidy from the Government 25%

     (iii) Institutional loan from nationalized bank/NCDC 65%

     *Cost of land can form part of the owner’s contribution.

2.13 Institutional Lending

(i) 65% of the project cost can be raised as term loan from the financing bank.

    As the subsidy is back ended, eligible amount of subsidy 25% would be initially

    allowed as term loan to the beneficiary. The repayment schedule will be drawn on

    total amount (including subsidy) in such a way that the subsidy amount is

    adjusted after liquidation of net bank loan (excluding subsidy).

(ii) Repayment period will depend upon the cash flow and will be upto 11

    years including a grace period of one year. The first annual instalment will fall

    due 23 months from the date of first disbursement. Early payment could be

    allowed without penalty.

    (iii) Rate of interest to borrower’s on term loan shall be as per RBI guidelines. This is applicable from the date of first disbursement of loan.

(iv) The financial institution may also provide working capital separately for

    undertaking business by beneficiary.

2.14 Time Limit for Completion

    A time limit of 15 months is prescribed for completion of the project from the date of sanction of loan by bank. However, if reasons for delay are justified, a

    further grace period of 3 months may be allowed by the participating bank/NCDC.

    If the project is not completed within the stipulated period, the benefit of subsidy

    shall not be available and advance subsidy has to be refunded forthwith.

2.15 Refinance Assistance from NABARD

    NABARD would provide re-finance to the Nationalized Banks to the extent of 90% of the amount financed as term loan as per their norms and


2.16 Other Conditions

(i) The participating banks/NCDC will adhere to their own norms for

     appraisal of projects;

    (ii) It will be the responsibility of the beneficiaries to have the

     insurance for the infrastructure being created under the project;

    (iii) Government’s interpretation of various terms will be final;

    (iv) Any other pre and post inspection may be undertaken to verify physical

    and financial progress as and when required;

    (v) Government reserves the right to modify, add and delete any term and

    condition without assigning any reason.

    (vi) Subsidy for private sector should be provided primarily for low value/high

    volume seeds such as wheat, paddy, oilseeds, pulses and other coarse


2.17 Procedure to be followed for sanctioning of Project and release of


    2.17.1 Pojects financed through banks

i. An interested beneficiary will submit the project proposal for term loan

    and subsidy to the bank on an application form as prescribed by the

    concerned bank along with project report and other documents for

    appraisal and sanction of loan. Financial Institutions will ascertain the

    viability of the individual

ii. Bank after appraisal and sanctioning and disbursement of the first

    instalment of loan will furnish a brief project profile-cum-claim form

    for advance subsidy in the prescribed format given at Annexure-I along

    with copy of bank’s sanction letter to the Managing Director, National

    Seeds Corporation, Beej Bhavan, PUSA Complex, New Delhi.

iii. NSC on receipt of project profile cum claim form from the participating

    bank, will sanction and release 50% advance subsidy to participating

    bank for keeping the same in the Subsidy Reserve Fund Account


iv. When the project is nearing completion, the beneficiary will inform the

    bank who will initiate action for an inspection by the Committee

    consisting of officials from the bank and NSC to ensure that the seed

    infrastructures conforms to technical and financial parameters. Such

    inspection will be completed within one month of the submission of

    information by the beneficiary. After inspection is conducted, the bank

    will submit the claim form for final subsidy in the prescribed format

    given in Annexure-II to NSC in duplicate. The inspection report of the

    Committee and completion certificate be enclosed with the claim form

    for final subsidy. NSC shall release the final subsidy to banks which

    will be replenished by Seed Division, DAC or adjusted against subsidy

    amount provided to NSC in advance.

2.17.2 Project financed through NCDC

i. NCDC shall provide assistance to the Cooperatives for seed

    infrastructure facilities.

    ii. The Cooperatives shall formulate proposals in the format prescribed

    by NCDC and submit directly to NCDC.

    iii. NCDC shall examine the proposal for consideration and appraise it as

    per their guidelines.

    iv. NCDC shall communicate its sanction to the Cooperatives with a

    copy to NSC .

    v. The pattern of funding, interest rate, mode of release of sanctioned

    assistance shall be as per NCDC’s norms and policies as circulated

    from time to time subject to overall guidelines of the scheme being


    vi. The sanctioned assistance shall be released to the Cooperatives within

    15 days of the communication of sanction.

    vii. NCDC shall periodically furnish progress report to NSC .

    viii.NSC shall release 50% advance subsidy as per requirement in

    NCDC’s account. The project-wise subsidy shall be

    adjusted/replenished by NSC .

    ix. NCDC shall furnish utilization certificate to NSC .

    x. NCDC and NSC will undertake inspection of seed infrastructure

    facilities to verify the utilization as provided in Para 2.17.1. (iv).

2.18 Monitoring

    i. The monitoring of this component shall be done by NSC and review will

    be done on a quarterly basis by the Seeds Division of DAC.

ii. After crediting the final instalment of subsidy in the Reserve Fund of the

    borrower, a utilization certificate as per Annexure-III is required to be

    submitted by the participating bank/NCDC to NSC to the effect that the

    amount of subsidy received by them has been fully utilized/adjusted in the

    books of accounts under the sanctioned terms & conditions of the project,

    within overall guidelines of the scheme. The NSC shall submit the

    utilization certificates to Seeds Division of DAC.

    iii. The progress report of the scheme shall be sent by NSC directly to the

    Seed Division, DAC on a monthly basis.


Format for project profile cum claim form for claiming 50% advance subsidy/refinance

    (To be submitted by bank in triplicate to NSC with a copy to Seed Division, DAC)


(i) The Managing Director

     National Seeds Corporation Limited

     Beej Bhavan, PUSA Complex,

     New Delhi-110012.

(ii)The Deputy Commissioner (Seeds)

     Department of Agriculture and Cooperation

     Krishi Bhavan, New Delhi.

    Capital Investment Scheme for Seed Infrastructure Facilities


    For use by Bank / NCDC

1. Name & address of the project

    2. Name & address of the beneficiary

    3. Name & address of financing bank/NCDC

    4. Date of receipt of proposal/application

    5. (a) date of sanction of term loan by bank/NCDC

     (b) date of disbursement of first instalment

    6. Means of finance

    ? total outlay

    ? beneficiary contribution

    ? bank/NCDC loan

    ? govt. subsidy

    7. Item-wise financial projection.

    8. Capacity in MT to be created

    (i) List of machineries & equipment

    (ii) Capacity of Seed Processing in MT

    (iii) Capacity of Seed Storage godown

    (iv) Others

    9. Rate of interest (to be charged)

     (a) In the case of CBS %

     (b) In the case of others %

    10. Brief coverage on technical feasibility and financial viability (enclosed separate

    sheet along with project report)

    11. Other relevant information such as different crop seeds to be produced.

12. The project has been appraised and found to be technically feasible and

    financially viable. The project intend/does not intend to avail of re-finance from

    NABARD. The re-finance amount is Rs._________(if to be availed).

    13. An amount of Rs.______________(Rupees____________) being 50% of the

    eligible amount of subsidy may please be released in respect of the project for

    crediting to the "Subsidy Reserve Fund Account-Borrower-wise".

    14. We note that a time limit of 15 months is stipulated for completion of the project

    from the date of sanction of the project. If reasons for delay in completion of the

    project are justified, a maximum grace period of 3 months may be allowed for

    completion of the project. We also note that the advance subsidy has to be

    refunded forthwith if the project is not completed within the above stipulated

    period and as per the broad parameters of the scheme. It is further noted that in

    case of any delay in refund of subsidy, the participating bank/beneficiary will be

    liable for payment of penal interest.



    Seal and Signature of the Authorised

    Signatory of the Bank/NCDC


    For use of NSC

(A) Advance subsidy

    The claim of advance subsidy of Rs.__________ is sanctioned herewith for

    release of the same.

    Authorised Signatory of NSC


(B) For use by NSC

An amount of Rs.______________ is released as advance subsidy on __________ (name

    of the bank) vide subsidy disbursement Advice No._________ (copy enclosed). This

    amount may please be replenished/adjusted by Seeds Division, DAC.

    Authosired signatory of NSC


    Format for claiming final instalment of subsidy

    (To be submitted by bank / NCDC in triplicate to NSC with a copy of Seed Division,



(i) The Managing Director

    National Seeds Corporation Limited

    Beej Bhavan, PUSA Complex,

    New Delhi-110012.

(ii) The Deputy Commissioner (Seeds)

    Department of Agriculture and Cooperation

    Krishi Bhavan, New Delhi.

    Capital Investment Scheme for Seed Infrastructure Facilities


    For use by Bank / NCDC

1. Name & address/location of the project

    2. Name & address of the beneficiary

    3. Name & address of financing bank/NCDC

    4. Date of sanction of term loan by bank/NCDC

    5. Date of last inspection of the project by the Bank/NCDC (enclosed copy of

    inspection report)

    6. (i) Total cost of Project Rs.___________

     (ii) Beneficiary contribution Rs.________

    (ii) Bank/NCDC loan Rs._____________

    7. Capacity in MT to be created

    (v) List of machineries & equipment

    (vi) Capacity of Seed Processing in MT

    (vii) Capacity of Seed Storage godown

    (viii) Others

    8. Advance subsidy:

    (i) Date of Receipt

    (ii) Amount Rs.___________

    9. Rate of interest being charged by the financing bank/NCDC

     (a) In the case of CBS PLR % per annum

     (b) In the case of other PLR of convener bank of SLBC % per annum.

     (c) For this project % per annum.

    10. Whether the creation/construction of seed infrastructure facility has been carried

    out as per technical parameters envisaged under the project

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