Meeting Announcent ITU-T Focus Group on Driver Distraction

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Meeting Announcent ITU-T Focus Group on Driver Distraction




    English only STUDY PERIOD 2009-2012

    Original: English

     Tokyo, 22 - 23 August 2012


    TSB Source:

    Sixth meeting of the Focus Group on Driver Distraction (FG Distraction) Title:

    Tokyo, 22-23 August 2012

    1 The sixth meeting of the FG Distraction will take place at Shiba kouen Denki Building in Tokyo, Japan, from 22 - 23 August 2012 inclusive, at the kind invitation of the Telecommunication Technology Committee (TTC). This meeting will be collocated with the Collaboration on ITS Communication Standards (21 August 2012).

    2 The results from the last meeting of FG Distraction will be available at Please note that a TIES or Guest account will be

    required to access these documents. If you do not have a TIES account, a Guest account can be created by going to:

    3 The FG Distraction is open to ITU Member States, Sector Members and Associates. It is also open to any individual from a country which is a member of ITU and who is willing to contribute to the work. This includes individuals who are also members or representatives of interested standards development organizations.

    4 The items for discussion at the meeting will be made available on the Focus Group web page: A draft agenda prepared by the Focus Group

    management is provided as Annex 1. Information related to the meeting and contributions received will be made available on the Focus Group web page.

    The meeting will open at 0900 hours on 22 August 2012. Participant registration will begin at 0830 hours at the Shiba kouen Denki Building. No registration fee is required for participating in this meeting.

    The discussions will be held in English only.

    The documents will be made publicly available for this meeting. In preparing documents please use the basic template for the FG documents available from the Focus Group web page. Participants shall submit input documents to FG Distraction in electronic format to TSB as follows:

    - contact TSB at to receive a number (nnnn) for each document

    - prepare documents with a file name as follows: fg-distraction-i-nnnn (with the

    appropriate file extension)

    TSB Email: Contact:

    - 2 -

    - using an FTP client, upload the document to the document drop folder in the FG Distraction FTP area, namely:

     Host name:

     Path: /t/fg/distraction/docs/incoming

    Note: contents of the document drop box can be read with a web browser at:

    Documents will be processed by TSB and moved to the relevant read only folder:

    Meeting documents can also be quickly and easily viewed and downloaded by clicking on the “Meeting Documents” link on the FG Distraction website.

    In agreement with the Focus Group management, the deadline for document submission for this meeting is 15 August 2011. Please note that this is a paperless meeting.

    5 Wireless LAN facilities are available for use by delegates at the venue. Detailed information is available on site.

    6 For practical information, please refer to the Annex 2 of this document. 7 Remote Participation: You can participate remotely at the FG Distraction meeting. As a remote delegate you will be able to hear discussions, see documents and presentations and interact with the remote meeting host. If you wish to participate as a remote delegate, you need to register in advance at

    Remote participation instructions will be made available on the same website. 8 To enable TSB to make the necessary arrangements concerning the organization of the Focus Group meeting, please register via the on-line form at:, as soon

    as possible, but not later than 8 August 2012. Please note that pre-registration of participants

    to the meeting is carried out exclusively online. To easily provide you with any updates

    concerning the meeting planning, please fill in your valid e-mail address on your registration form.

    9 We would remind you that citizens of some countries are required to obtain a visa in order to enter and spend any time in Japan. The visa must be requested and obtained from the office

    (embassy or consulate) representing Japan in your country or, if there is no such office in your country, from the one that is closest to the country of departure. Please be aware that visa approval

    might take time so kindly make your request as soon as possible.

    - 3 -

    ANNEX 1

    Draft meeting agenda

Day 1 22 August 2012

    08:30 09:00 Registration and set-up

    09:00 09:30 Opening of meeting, welcome of participants, and approval of agenda

    09:30 10:30 Review liaison statements and input documents 10:30 10:45 COFFEE BREAK

    10:45 12:00 Discuss contributions

    12:00 13:00 LUNCH BREAK

    13:00 14:30 Discuss contributions

    14:30 14:45 COFFEE BREAK

    14:45 17:00 Discuss P.UIA

Day 2 23 August 2012

    09:00 10:30 Discuss G.SAM

    10:30 10:45 COFFEE BREAK

    10:45 12:00 Discuss G.SAM

    12:00 13:00 Review discussions, AOB, wrap-up, plan next meeting, and closure of the meeting

    - 4 -

    ANNEX 2

    Practical Information



    Shiba kouen Denki Building 1-1-12, Shiba kouen, Minato-ku Tokyo 105-0011, Japan

    Tel: +81 3 3432 1551