ACULTA SYSTEMS accurate ultimate application system, e marketing

By Marvin Diaz,2014-05-20 16:55
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ACULTA SYSTEMS accurate ultimate application system, e marketing


    Who We Are

    aculta means Accurate Ultimate Applications, We are a committed

    Information Technology firm to provide the best it service in the market

    specially that we are dealing only with businesses.

    In the few years that we have been in the market we realized the critical

    need to a specialized IT firm that can see what are exactly the businesses

    and the industrial projects looking for.

    So we have used the concept to build our up to date vision.

    Whatever your business needs we are here to sense these needs, then plan, and

    finally make it possible.

    Whatever the needs that you may experience don't hesitate to contact us for the

    consultant before even talking about business relationship, because we believe in

    the small advice won't hurt anybody but it could be the gate to our customer

    trust which will lead to a successful business relationship.

Our Target

    Is to achieve a level of the service's quality which we promise our

    customers a new vision of the business services that related to the IT

    industry, so we've started with the 24/7 service and now we ends with


    Satisfaction Guarantee

At any time if the customer not fully satisfied with our services, he

    can cancel the contract or the agreement and get his money back at

    once. Money Back Guarantee 100%

By this way we are looking for the benefits of both the customer's and ours.

    Note: even if you already have an IT service provider, provides you exactly with

    the same services we are provide, its not going to hurt your business if you just

    did a little comparison between aculta and your current provider based on work system, Quality and finally the Prices, of course you'll know who's going to

    Look at your business with the same eye that you have.


     Local Customers

     1- Klima Air Conditioning. 32 -NABContract.

     2- El Nada Air Conditioning. 33- Egyptian American Co.

     3- Al Shera' Air conditioning. 34- Australian Migration.

     4- Gremic for International Marketing. 35- Aradocs.

     5- Spazio Designs Consultant.36- El Masryah for Stock and

     foreign Exchange 6- Egysolutions.

     37- Egypt legendary tours. 7- El Sewedy Cables.

     38- Egypt Sunshine Tours. 8- Reda El Sewedy association.

     39- Safwan Egypt. 9- Kadmar Navigation.

     10- Opera Furniture. 40- Al Amir for Export

     11- Al Kods for Supplies. 41- Hitech Nour.

     12- Al Motaheda for Engineering and Trading Co. 42- Sama Systems.

     13- Bright Stone Factory for Marble.43- Maadi Specialized

     Contracting 14- Enkana Factory for Printing Inks.

     44- Ali Al Yamani Law Firm 15- Misr Chemicals'.

     45- City Stars Stock Brokers 16- Takla Group Inc.

     46- Al Magal Fire Protection 17- Ridg Group for Development.

     47- Al Farid Group Imp & Exp 18- Nadec National Development Co.

     48- King Stone For Marble. 19- Sad El Din Group for petroleum Products.

     49- Fusion Mood Lighting 20- AMW law and financial solutions firm.

     21- Raya real state. International Customers 22- Habiba Magazine. 1- Angel Beauty Products. US

     23- El Senaah Al Youm Magazine. 2- Focus Incorporation. US

     24- Al Asrar Publishing House. 3- Media Tune Co. USCanada.

     25- NadaTECH Co. 4- Polina Kitchens. ITA

     26- Cairo Elevators. 5- Kerford Investments. UK

     27- Fawaz Advertising. 6- EGYKSA KSA

     28- The filters Consultant Office - COFS. 7- Al Watan Wings Medical KSA

     29- Pronto Pizza restaurant.

     30- Al Masriyah Co. for gears.

     31- Cato Beauty Co.


     Our Services.

     1- Internet Services.

    Websites web applications web services Hosting Internet

    Service E Mail E Marketing Online Advertising E Commerce

     Solutions Domain Registration.

     2- Print Services.

    Corporate Identity Design Catalogues Brochures Business

    Cards Ads Banners Books Logo Design CD Covers and

     Labels - Letter Head Stickers Products Packs Design.

     3- Media Services

    Video CD's Flash animated interactive Material website On CD

     PowerPoint Presentations Sound Only Media Educational Media.

     Services we provide in association with our business Partners

     5- Networking & Maintenance Services.

    LAN local area network WAN wide area network VPN virtual

     private network VOIP voice over IP Network Security.

     6- Software Applications.

    Desktop applications client server applications windows

     applications Linux applications.

     4 Moaz Ibn Gabal St, EL Hegaz St, Heliopolis, Cairo, EGYPT.

    5th Floor, Office NO. 18

     Amr Abdallah M.

     Marketing & Planning Division

     Tel 202 262 46 015 202 262 46 015

     Fax 202 262 46 015

     Cell 2012 95 25 395 2010 87 58 871

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