He&She Online Marriage Bureau For Disabled

By Jeffrey Owens,2014-05-17 12:39
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He&She Online Marriage Bureau For Disabled

He&She Online Marriage Bureau For Disabled

    This site basically deals with the marriage problems of the persons with disabilities (PWDs). By providing marriage opportunities, we are in a mission to serve the deserving class of the society and less-privileged. Marriage service is available for all type of disable persons; except mentally retarded (either sex) living in Pakistan only. Instructions: Fill up all the fields (recommended), choose an item that describe you best. After completion, save this form and send us via e-mail as attachment. Kindly provide maximum information about yourself. The more you specific, the more opportunities you will deserve. We care about your privacy and assure; these information will not share with any third party and solely use to assess your need/problem for serving you better. Thanks! Don’t forget to add your fresh picture (preferably passport size) for better ranking. Remember; we don’t consider any form without the applicant’s picture.

    If you have any difficulty in sending your form, inform us at Registration Form

    Fields with a ; (red star) are utmost required. General:

    If you are registering yourself for marriage as disable person and seeking for a normal match what would be your choice, if we encourage you to marry with a person having different (not same) type of disability?

    MarriageRegistration for:;

    Please Choose OneListing Category:;

    Please Choose OneI'm a:;

    Disable Woman without ChoiceSeeking for:;

    Please Choose OneChoice:;

    Please Choose OneWho Introduced you?:; if “Other Source” specify: Personal Profile:

    NADRA I.D. Card No.:

    Your Full NameFull Name:;

    Your Father NameFather's Name:;

    Your Mother NameMother's Name:

    ChooseChooseYour Siblings:; Brothers: Sisters:

    DayMonthYearYour Date of Birth:

    Choose OneOr Age:;

    Choose OneGender:;

    Please Choose OneMarital Status:;

    MuslimSunniReligion & Sect: Sect:

    Choose OneCaste (zaat): if other specify:

    Choose OnePreferred Caste:;

    Please Choose OneAccommodation:;

    Please Choose OnePersonal Transport:;

    Please Choose OneTravel Independently?:;

    Please Choose OneSpecial Equipment in use:

    Please Choose OneOccupation:;

    Please Choose OneMonthly Income Rs.:;

    Please Choose OneDo you draw Zakat?:

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About Your Disability:

    Please Choose OneNature of Disability:;

    Please Choose OneCause of Disability:;

    Please Choose OnePeriod of Disability:;

    Type HereMedical Diagnosis:;

    Please Choose OneRegistered with NCRDP?: in Pakistan only

    Please Choose OneBearing Special NADRA Card?: (With Universal Logo of Disable) in Pakistan only Physical Address:

    Home Address:;

    Address (cont.)




    Your Home Phone #:;

    Your Office Phone #:

    Your Mobile #1:;

    Your Mobile #2:

    Enter your e-mail addressYour E-mail:; Most Urgent

    Please Choose OneWho is Authorized?:; to negotiate for marriage

    Enter Full NameName of Person:;

    Phone/Mobile #:; for direct contact

    Qualification & Technical Skill:

    Please Choose OneAcademic Qualification:;

    Please Choose OneTechnical Course:;

    Please Choose OneVocational Training:;

    Please Choose One Computer Training:;

    Please Choose One Work Experience:;

    Any other information that may be helpful...

    Your message / Extra information here...


     Place your picture in the box. ; By submitting this form:

    1. You certify; the above particulars are true to best of your knowledge and believe and that nothing is concealed. 2. You (if male) agree that you don't believe in dowry by any means.

    3. You agree to abide by the rules and regulations imposed by the bureau.

    4. You agree; in the negotiation stage, you will not directly contact the party without the consent of the bureau. Wait! Don't "Save" until you're sure; all the information you've provided is correct.

    Go ahead, double check. We'll wait.

    If you are not satisfied, tell us, if you are satisfied tell others

    Muhammad Ajmal Beig Naz (ajmalbeig) Copyright ? 2007-2010 He&She Online Marriage Bureau For Disabled. All rights reserved.

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