My trip to New York

By Marvin Griffin,2015-03-04 01:42
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My trip to New York

    I had a great time in New York

How I went to New York

    My father worked in New York 5 years ago. I visited him with my mother when I was 4 years old. It was in 2007. I went there by plane and it took me 13 hours. It was my first time. I felt a little bit nervous when the plane took off. I looked out of the window and saw the houses getting smaller and smaller. And then, I had so many delicious food and I had much sleep on the plane. When I looked out of the window again, I saw some white clouds which were very beautiful. Actually, it was a happy trip for me.

    The unforgettable experience in New York kindergarten

    I lived in New York for 1 year. It was a special year for me, because I went to the kindergarten there. When I went there for the first day, I saw the people very different. They spoke English; they had white, black or brown skin. They like saying Thank you. I

    couldnt speak any English, so I felt a little scared. But they were very friendly. They taught me English and gave me lots of help. Soon, I had many new friends. The life there was more relaxing than it in Beijing kindergarten. We didnt call teachers

    teacher but their names. We sat on the floor to have class, but in Beijing we should sit on chairs and put our hands behind. The teachers always took us outside to play. The life in New York kindergarten was the most

    unforgettable for me.

My trip in Orlando

    During the time in New York, Dad and Mum took me to the Disney in Orlando. It was the biggest one in the world. We visited the Magic Kingdom and Epcot. They were 2

    interesting parks. In the Mickey and Minnies

    house, I really met Minnie and took photos with her. My favorite game was Universe or

    Energy. I met the dinosaurs there, and the burning mountains were beside me. I felt very excited. I bought some souvenirs from there.

My plan for the next trip

    The travelling in Orlando Disney was very

    amazing. I know there are 5 Disneys in the world, they are in Orlando, L.A., Tokyo, Paris and Hongkong. And a new Disney is going to open in Shanghai. I have an interesting plan. I’m going to travel the whole Disneys of the world in the future. And Im going to

    Hongkong Disney with my parents next winter holiday. It is the smallest one in the world, but it is the first one in China. I am going to buy the souvenirs from there too.

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