For Nursery Use Only - Montana DNRC

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For Nursery Use Only - Montana DNRC


     Montana Conservation Seedling Nursery

     2705 Spurgin Road, Missoula, MT 59804

     (406) 542-4244; fax 542-4203

Seedlings are sold on a first come, first serve basis, so order early. See enclosed inventory sheet or above website for current species availability and prices. Only con-tainerized seedlings can be received in the fall. The minimum order is 250 seedlings or 40 100 cu. in. containers for new plantings. Order deciduous trees and shrubs in lots of 50, conifers in lots of 25, stand 100 cu. in. containers in lots of 8. Orders from landowners with 10 or more acres will be given priority before March 1. Landowners with less than 10 acres stcan place their orders at any time, but these orders will not be confirmed until March 1, pending seedling availability. When replacing seedlings from a previous nursery order, the minimum order is a single bundle (50 deciduous, 25 evergreens, 8 100 cu. in.). The conservation planting plan on the reverse side must be completed and approved. Be specific; the plan must show how the planting is a conservation practice. Include items such as species, spacing between seedlings, spacing between rows, distances from buildings and roads, and direction of prevailing winds. It is recommended that the plan be approved by your local County Extension Agent or Conservation District personnel but can also be approved by Nursery staff. APPROVED SEEDLING USES: Montana Conservation Seedling Nursery seedlings are strictly for conservation practices and cannot be used for ornamental or landscape plantings. If you want to buy landscape plants see your local private nursery or garden center. Common Name Seed Source Stock Number Ordered Price Each Total Cost Type/Size


     2. SHIPPING CHARGES; If shipping FedEx add 15% of line 1 total. ($15.00 minimum FedEx shipping charge)

     3. TOTAL CHARGES; Add lines 1-2.

     Full payment must accompany all orders less than $250. A 50% deposit is required at the time the order is placed for all orders over $250. The balance stis due by April 1. Make checks or money orders payable to Montana State Treasurer. DO NOT SEND CASH. stNEW SHIPPING INFORMATION: Orders must be received by April 1 to insure delivery by state truck. In April, one delivery date by state truck is scheduled for selected counties. Please review the delivery list on other side to determine if the state truck will deliver to your county. You may also ship FedEx on a date of your choosing for an additional charge, or pick up at the nursery. Fed Ex shipping is highly recommended if you are uncertain of your planting date and for high elevation sites. TERMS OF SALE: Due to the perishable nature of nursery stock, the effects of climate conditions, and the need to follow accepted storage and transplanting practices, the nursery cannot be responsible for loss of stock after receipt and acceptance of the nursery stock. The Montana Conservation Seedling Nursery’s total liability is limited to the original purchase price of the nursery stock. Credit may be allowed for proven unsatisfactory stock through mutual agreement of the purchaser and the nursery providing: ; The nursery is notified within 10 days after the seedlings have reached your county. ; That mishandling in transit by a commercial transit company did not cause the damage or injury. (Claim should be filed with the transit company) We reserve the right to change prices at any time. Check with the nursery or our web site for current prices. stOrders not paid in full by June 1 may be charged interest at the rate of 1.25% per month or an annual rate of 15%. stCANCELLATION/ORDER CHANGE POLICY: All but a $30.00 processing fee will be refunded when an order is canceled prior to January 1. Orders stcanceled after January 1 are assessed a 50% cancellation charge.

    For Nursery Use Only

    Order No.

Purchaser's Name Mailing Address City State Zip Phone email Address PLANTING AND DELIVERY Year to be planted: . County to be planted in: . New planting or replacement stock ? If replacement, what year was the original planting? Order #?

If we are out of stock desired, shall we, ? - refund sold-out portion; ? - make suitable substitution; ? - or backorder to next year?

If substitution is desired, list preferred species: stHow would you like to receive your order? (Check one) No delivery or pick up prior to April 1. Please select Fed Ex, pick up at the nursery. Pick up at Nursery in Missoula. Date desired . Delivered by State refrigerated truck to the below selected county extension or conservation district office. th THE STATE TRUCK WILL DELIVER TO THE FOLLOWING COUNTIES in APRIL. Delivery dates are not set until March 20: Please select the county of your choice for delivery: Beaverhead, Blaine, Broadwater, Carbon, Cascade, Chouteau, Dawson, Deer Lodge, Flathead, Fergus, Gallatin, Glacier, Hill, Jefferson, Judith Basin, Lake, Lewis & Clark, Madison, Park, Phillips, Pondera, Richland, Roosevelt, Silver Bow, Stillwater, Teton, Toole, Valley and Yellowstone. FedEx, ship from Nursery on (Monday through Wednesday only) to (Ship Date) (FedEx Delivery Address) . TREE PLANTING PLAN Ownership Size Type of Planting (Check only one) Farmstead Windbreak Streambank Stabilization/Restoration Field Shelterbelt Erosion Control Reclamation Wildlife Planting Reforestation Other_________________ Sketch of planting layout (or attach separate sheet). In consideration of the granting of this application, I agree to abide by the stated terms Conservation Planting Plan for this planting was approved by: of sale and seedling uses, and to provide full payment for all seedlings ordered. (Signature of Applicant) (Signature) (Date) (Agency) Form 908 Revised 6/25/10

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