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Main Job Plan Job Plan Number CD3CT4001 Description CUB Cooling Towers Monthly Supervisor LI QIANG Crew: Mech Procedure 10 Safety 1. electrical * strong current: Fan Motor

     Main Job Plan

     Job Plan Number CD3CT4001

     Description CUB Cooling Towers Monthly

     Supervisor LI QIANG

     Crew: Mech


     10 Safety

     1. electrical

     * strong current: Fan Motor

     2. mechanical

    * incision: Fan Blade

    * entwine: Fan Blade

     20 Tools and Equipment

     1. hand tool: wrenchturn screwpliershammergadgear pullersladdervice

    2. electrical tool: lighting

    3. measuring tool: steel tape,

     30 Training and Skill Level

     1. mechanical: general (Tech1,2) junior certificate

    2. electrical: junior certificate

     40 Equipment or Areas Affected

     1. production area

     Solder Plating, Q&R Lab, Mold Compound Room, Clean Room,

     Assembly EOF, Test, Backend

     50 Waste Handling and Disposal

    1. type of waste: grease

     60 Notifications

     1. SIPP

     2 security department

     3. operation department: operate technicianmaintenance technicianengineervendor

     4 manufacturing department

    5 related type of workcontractor

     70 General Notes and References

     1. vendor manual equipments introductionuser’s manual

    2. layout drawing, system drawing

     80 Technical PM Procedure

     Set Up/Staging

     1.Insure Parts and Safety Devices are on hand

     2.Set up tools and equipment.

     3. Coordinate with other Crafts or labor involved


     1.Switch off machine

     2.Close or open inlet and outlet valve of equipment

     3.Perform lock/tag

     PM Steps

     10 Visually inspect basin for debris.

     20 Remove pump from Cimplicity sequence. Allow pump to shut

     down and perform lock-out/tag-out procedures, tower fan


    30Clean the dust on the hot water basin which may jam the basin’s orifice

    40 Check the cool water basin periodically. The dust in the basin or the

    filter should be removed. Adjust the ball cock to keep the

    design water level if necessary.

    50 Check the water level in the cool water basin. Adjust the ball cock to

    keep the design water level if necessary.

    60 Check the water supply equipment each month and adjust if necessary.

    70 balance cleanThe filters in the balance clean box should be cleaned periodically

    80 Check the action of water supply valve. Check its soakage and

    adjust as needed.

     90 Check for oil leaks, especially at the gear box and drain


     100 Check oil level in sight glass next to fan motor. Level

     should be between arrows on sight glass. If low add the proper

     gear oil until desired level is reached.

     (Note: Oil is very thick, add oil slowly and watch sight glass.

     DO NOT OVERFILL.) Start pump and check water piping, valves and

     joint seals for leaks.

     110Remove lock-outs from tower fan.

     120 Return tower to normal operation. Replace tower into

     Cimplicity sequence.


     1. Check machine statues

     2. Check valve statues

     3. Turn on main machine

     4. Check if has leakage on equipment and pipe

     5. Check if main and auxiliary equipment running properly


     1. Collect all Debris and Account for all tools

     2. Wipe down/clean equipment and tools

     3. Label/mark any hazardous waste

     4. Dispose of Waste at appropriate Receptacles


     1. Return all tools to lockers or owners


    Work item monthly Quarterly Start-up Shut down Annual

    check the condition of cooling ? ? tower

    The necessary inspection and cleaning

    Ahot water and cool water basin ? ? ? Clean the dust on the cool water ? basin

    ? ? ? B selective balance clean box

    inlet filter

    Cshutter ofair inlet ? ? ? Check and adjust the water level Cool/hot water basin ? ? Check the activity of water supply ? ? valve

    Check the leakage and adjust ? ? Belt drive Acheck the condition of belt ? ? Btighten the belt ? Cadjust the drive ? Lubricate the bearing of the fan ? ? ? motor

    Lubricate the adjustable nut of ? ? ? the motor base

    clean the outside of the fan motor ? ? ? check the protection


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