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The Eastern Area Convention of Young People in Alcoholics Anonymous May 28, 2011 By-Laws: Enacted on August 10, 1991 Amended on June 12, 1992; March 23, 1995; April 10, 1998; April 11, 1998; April 2, 1999; April 21, 2000; April 13, 2001; August 18, 2001; May 15, 2003; July 25, 2003; March 26, 2..

    The Eastern Area Convention of Young People in Alcoholics Anonymous

    May 28, 2011


    Enacted on August 10, 1991 Amended on June 12, 1992; March 23, 1995; April 10, 1998; April 11, 1998; April 2, 1999; April 21, 2000; April 13, 2001; August 18, 2001; May 15, 2003; July 25, 2003; March 26, 2005; April 18, 2010; May 28, 2011.


    We the members of the Eastern Area Convention of Young People in Alcoholics Anonymous (EACYPAA) Advisory Council set forth this day to establish and preserve the EACYPAA experience. In 1991, GLRCYPAA (the Great Lakes Regional Convention of Young People In Alcoholics Anonymous) was founded for the purpose of furthering the principles of Alcoholics Anonymous (A.A.) amongst young people. The first conference was held in Ann Arbor, Michigan, in March, 1991, where a permanent committee was established for the preservation of the experience and material. At the twelfth annual ththGLRCYPAA, held in Philadelphia over March, 28 through March 30, 2002, the advisory council voted

    to expand the area which GLRCYPAA would serve to encompass all those states falling within the Northeast Region, the East-Central Region, and the Southeast region, as defined by the AA service manual. Also, at that time, the name of this convention was changed to the Eastern Area Convention of Young ththPeople in Alcoholics Anonymous, or EACYPAA. EACYPAA I was held in Boston from April 12-15,

    2003. We do not propose to be a governing body or to represent young people in A.A. We believe it beneficial to share our experience with all who may request it. We strive to always function within the framework of the Twelve Traditions and the Twelve Concepts for World Service of Alcoholics Anonymous.

     The EACYPAA Advisory Council is formed for the purpose of operating exclusively for charitable and educational purposes with in the meaning of section 501c (3) of the Internal Revenue code. The specific purposes and objectives of the corporation are to further the principles of Alcoholics Anonymous

    among young people by: 1) sponsoring, promoting and producing the annual convention of young people in Alcoholics Anonymous; 2) providing information to the general public regarding the recovery of young people through the Alcoholics Anonymous program and young peoples’ Alcoholics Anonymous groups; 3)

    providing information to, and sharing our experience with, the Alcoholics Anonymous General Service Office (G.S.O.) on a regular basis.

Advisory Council Positions

    CHAIRPERSON: Council Chair is responsible for arranging and announcing the agenda for all Council meetings, opening and maintaining such meetings in a reasonable order, recognizing all members entitled to the floor, stating and putting to a vote all motions properly made and seconded, announcing the result of all votes, affixing their signature to all Council actions, ensuring that host committees have secured the described insurance policy 10 days prior to convention. The chairperson is responsible for maintaining EACYPAA’s incorporated statues. 032702. This is a check-signing position.

    CO-CHAIRPERSON: In the absence of the Chair, the Co-Chair shall assume the Chair’s full duties.

    The Co-Chair shall carry out all of the various duties assigned by the Council and act as liaison between the Council and the General Service Office. The Co-Chair is also responsible for assisting the Host Committee in securing the required insurance policy. This is a check signing position.

    SECRETARY: Advisory council secretary shall act as the custodian of all Council material. Secretary responsibilities include keeping minutes of all Council meetings and furnish minutes thereof to all Council members in a prompt fashion, furnishing information from our records to anyone who may request it, answering all correspondence promptly and to the will of the Council, furnishing copies of all correspondence to all Council members on all matters affecting the Council as a whole, maintaining the P.O. Box and arranging to receive all materials from or regarding the P.O. Box. The secretary shall maintain the database of all past EACYPAA attendees and transfer it to the host committee in time for their mailing. At the convention the secretary shall create a package (paper or digital or both) with the welcome letter, current by-laws, contact list and the previous year’s minutes to be given to the new Council members

    from the current host committee before the start of the convention.

    TREASURER: The Treasurer shall keep accurate financial records of all Council transactions, give financial reports at all Council meetings, submit a written financial statement annually, have in their possession at all Council meetings all bank statements, receipt books, deposit and check books, in order to make financial disbursements at Council meetings, and maintain financial records subject to inspection at all times. This is a check-signing position.

    OUTREACH CHAIRPERSON: responsibilities include maintaining contact with all Council members, asking all members of the Council, quarterly, in whatever means appropriate, for an informal outreach report, have a report at the camp-out and at the convention, and maintain the EACYPAA mailing list. The Outreach Chairperson position is open to all Council members, regardless of length of time served on the Council. The position holds a one-year term. The Outreach Chairperson shall annually issue to all major Central Offices, Inter-groups, Districts, Area Assemblies, and all those who request it within the EACYPAA region, an invitation to bid for the next EACYPAA. Included in this should be Facts, Aims and Purposes, registration forms for the upcoming EACYPAA, information as to where bids will be heard, and any other EACYPAA information they see as beneficial.

    OUTREACH CO-CHAIRPERSON: Shall assist the Outreach Chairperson with any pertinent duties as delegated by the Outreach Chairperson and agreed upon by the Outreach Co-Chairperson. The duties of the Outreach Co-Chairperson shall be submitted in the Outreach Bi-Annual report.

    CHIEF ARCHIVIST: The Chief archivist shall act as the holder of all factual material (documents, memorabilia, traveling showcases, etc.) in such a way that there can be no substantial distortion of our history. The archivist shall act as liaison between the GSO Archivist and the Advisory Council pertaining to all GLRCYPAA & EACYPAA archive issues, they shall follow, to the best of their ability, the Archive guidelines set forth by G.S.O. The archivist shall also act as liaison between the Council and the Convention host city Archives committee pertaining to all Archive matters. The Chief Archivist shall also be required to make a report each year to include: a written financial statement for the past year, projected budget for the coming year, and a report of current happenings.

     When Council elections take place, a past Council member who fulfills the Chief Archivist position will be required to attend the election meeting as a nonvoting participant (in case they are re-elected), but will not participate in any of the other on-going Council business.

     The Chief Archivist position may be fulfilled by a present or a past Council member, who fulfills these qualifications: (1) Upon being elected, shall serve for two years, after which they may be re-elected to any number of additional two year terms. (2) If the Chief Archivist is a past Council member, they will be required to attend each EACYPAA to insure that the Archives will be at the Convention.

    HOTEL LIASON: To act as a liaison between the host city’s hotel chair and advisory council. It is

    suggested that this person have some experience with hotel contracts. (No term of service has been

    determined for this position). 032802

    WEBSITE ADMINISTRATOR: Will update and maintain current EACYPAA Advisory website, act as liaison to the hosting service, and assist the host city with their host committee website. The Website Administrator shall also be required to make a report each year to include a written financial statement for the past year, projected budget for the coming year, and a report of current happenings. The Web Chair shall maintain a lead database management system and be a liaison with the host committee regarding the use of the system. This is a one-year position. 032802

    COUNCIL MEMBERS: Council members are trusted servants of EACYPAA and of Alcoholics

    Anonymous as a whole, whose job is to encourage EACYPAA participation throughout the year. They are the trusted servants of the current convention committee and of the bidding committees. For the purposes of outreach, each member of advisory council will be assigned to a designated region within the EACYPAA area.

Advisory Council Format and Functioning

    The Council shall be foremost aware of the welfare of A.A. as a whole. The Twelve Steps, Twelve Traditions and the Twelve Concepts for World Services of A.A. shall be the guiding principles of the advisory council. The Council shall act as a body and no individual shall act independently of the majority opinion. The P.O. Box, bank accounts, and other Council property shall not be used for anything other than Council business.

    OPERATING COMMITTEE: The Council shall elect from its membership an operating committee consisting of a Chairperson, a Co-Chairperson, a Secretary, and a Treasurer. They shall not take actions, individually or collectively, on behalf of Council. Only the Chairperson and Treasurer must have served on Council for at least one year before being elected to the operating committee. Upon being elected, they shall serve for two years. Any member may serve on the operating committee for any length of time but may not hold the same position for more than one two year term. An Operating Committee member’s term may extend one year beyond that member’s term of service on Council.

    NON-HOST ADVISORY COUNCIL MEMBERS (NACMs): The purpose of NACMs is to augment

    the Advisory Council with members of the general EACYPAA body who have significant service experience, through conventions, general service, or otherwise. In this way, the Advisory Council seeks to gain experience from attendees of EACYPAA who may not have served on a host committee in the past, or may not have been elected to Advisory Council following their tenure on a host committee. NACMs serve a single three-year term, which cannot be extended, may not serve as EACYPAA Host Committee members during their term on Council, and may not serve on the operating committee. They may not be a past EACYPAA advisory council member, a current EACYPAA Host committee member, or a current EACYPAA bid committee member, though they may assist future EACYPAA bid committees. There should be nine NACMs serving concurrently, with three rotating off and three new members elected at each

    convention. In the event that a NACM position is vacated early, the position will not be filled until their term expires. NACMs carry the same job responsibilities as the rest of the Council. NACMs will serve three-year terms, beginning after the site-selection process is complete, through the following three EACYPAA conventions. Thus, NACMs will not have a vote in the site selection process on the day of their election.

    ELECTIONS TO COUNCIL: Each Convention committee shall elect three people to serve on the Advisory Council. Those being selected should have served on the Convention committee continuously for six months prior to the actual Convention on which they served, and they should have at least two years of continuous sobriety. Those selected shall serve as voting members of Council beginning at the commencement of the convention at which they are elected, through four additional Conventions. An 1Advisory Council Committee member’s responsibilities will end at the close of their fifth convention.

    Should Council not have full membership, those being dropped may be requested to serve until Council again reaches full membership. Directly prior to the Convention, representatives from the council shall conduct a meeting of the host committee for the purpose of electing three members to serve on Council. In addition to the three elected members, a first, second and third alternate shall also be elected in the event that one or more of the three elected members are unable to fulfill their full term of service.


    Advisory Council members each year at this meeting to serve a term of three years each, commencing immediately after the site-selection vote. These advisory council members are elected in addition to the traditionally elected members from the EACYPAA Host Committees. The rules of the election are as


    1. Every registered attendee of EACYPAA who is in this room during the election meeting has a vote.

    2. Voting is conducted by third legacy procedure.

    3. Current and past Advisory Council members may vote, provided they are registered for the current


    RESIGNATIONS FROM COUNCIL: Failure to attend two consecutive council meetings, with the convention counted as 1 meeting, shall be considered a voluntary resignation. Drinking alcoholic beverages shall be considered as resignation. Vacant Council seats shall be filled sequentially by previously designated first and second and third alternates. The alternate must be from the Convention committee that the vacant seat represents.

    QUORUM: The Chairperson shall call for and arrange the meeting place for all Council meetings. A 2rdquorum (which consists of at least / of the members of Council) must exist for the Council to be able to 3

    take any official actions on behalf of the Council. Motions and resolutions shall require a simple majority of those in attendance. Convention site approval shall require “third legacy” procedure (found in the A.A. Service Manual) by those in attendance. All Council members have one vote and will vote on all matters. 2rdAbstentions are not permitted. A / vote of all those in attendance is necessary to change By-laws or 3

    operating rules.

    SITE: The Council and its meeting shall have the sole authority in choosing the Convention site. In the event that no bids are presented, an emergency meeting of the Council shall be called without delay. All past and present Council members will be invited in order to find a suitable location for the Convention

     1 This new term-of-service ensures that from the close of every convention (when three members rotate off) to the commencement of the next convention, the Advisory Council will be comprised of only 12 members: and that from the commencement of every convention (when three new people are elected to advisory council) to the close of that convention the Advisory Council will be comprised of 15 members (not including NACMs)

    or to determine if the Convention should be suspended. And, if so, what the subsequent fate of the Council and its functions will be.

    DISSOLUTION OF COUNCIL: In the event that the Convention fails to retrieve bids and the council decides by 2/3 majority vote to dissolve, the bank account shall be closed and liquidated of all funds, and all funds shall be disbursed to GSO.

    P.O. BOX & COUNCIL MATERIALS: The Council shall maintain a P.O. Box for all correspondence. The Co-Chairperson shall furnish GSO with our current mailing address and a current Council address and telephone list. The Secretary shall make sure that all rents are paid on the P.O. Box. The Council shall establish a letterhead for use by all Council members for all Council business. All materials of the Council shall be deemed property of the Council and passed on to our successors. All documents and revisions existing and produced shall have current date affixed as part of those documents. When using Electronic Mail the Council shall communicate freely and openly between them, but will communicate conservatively and responsibly with other groups and A.A. as a whole.

    WEBSITE: There shall be no links to entities outside of AA from the EACYPAA website. 041103 No

    advisory council minutes shall be available on the internet. The website shall also follow the GSO website guidelines.

    COUNCIL FINANCES: All Council financial transactions shall be made through its bank accounts. No member of Council shall incur expenses on behalf of the Council, other than telephone or postage, 2without / majority prior approval. The operating committee shall submit for approval distributions for the 3

    coming year. The Council should strive to maintain an annual operating budget of $2500.00 and a prudent

    reserve equal to or greater than the council’s annual operating budget. It shall allocate each year $1000.00

    to the chosen bid city, and disperse remaining funds so as not to cause unnecessary delay and confusion. The Convention and reserve funds are arbitrary figures based on current economic conditions and can be altered by a simple majority vote. Any monies left over after operation expenses and prudent reserve are replenished are disbursed to G.S.O., but the Council will consider other suggestions of alternate disbursements of excess funds by the Convention committee. The Secretary shall be allotted a $100.00 petty cash fund. For all EACYPAA checks written, there will be a total of three signatures possible, and two required. 032802

    BY-LAW CHANGES: Any Council member proposing any change in the By-laws or other Council documents shall distribute copies of those proposals at least 3 days prior to the meeting to give other 2rdCouncil members a chance to revise them. Any emergency proposals may be added to the agenda by a / 3

    majority vote.

    VOTING PROCEDURE: The Advisory council uses Third Legacy voting procedure in voting to award the convention to a Host city.

    1. BID BOOK EVALUATION: It is suggested that each Bidding City submit a Bid Book that

    meets EACYPAA's Bidding Requirements. While the Bidding Requirements are important to

    the Site Selection Process, we do not consider them the sole criteria for site selection. We do

    not eliminate any Bidding Cities for errors or omissions in their Bid Books. During this

    evaluation, all questions and concerns about hotel contracts, logistics, etc. are to be discussed.

    2. SHARING SESSION: Council shall hold a sharing session (as described in the AA Service

    Manual). Each council member shall speak for up to 2 minutes about what he or she believes

    is important to consider for Site Selection. Some of the criteria that may be considered include

    hotel experience, spirit/enthusiasm/unity of the committee, bid book/requirements,

    relationship with local AA service entities, and the best interest of EACYPAA.

    3. THIRD LEGACY VOTE: Without any further discussion, the council shall take a 5 minute

    break to privately review and consider the qualities of each bid vis-à-vis the discussed criteria.

    During the Third Legacy voting procedure (as described in the AA Service Manual), there

    shall be no additional discussion.

The Convention Host Committee

     All EACYPAAs are to be designated as such, and be designated with a number so as to preserve autonomy and character. They shall not be held in conjunction with, or in conflict with, any other major function in that city, A.A. or otherwise.

    CONVENTION FINANCES: All convention committees are responsible to pay their own

    expenses and cannot expect the Council to assume any financial obligations which they may incur. However, any material and financial assistance given, including, but not limited to, the $1,000 seed money, shall be returned to the Council at the completion of the convention. In addition, before or shortly after the close of the convention, the Advisory Council Treasurer shall provide the host committee with the Council's budget for the upcoming year. Any profits made from the convention shall be used to replenish the Council's prudent reserve (if necessary) and operating expenses for the following year. The convention committee has sixty days after the convention closes to forward a written financial statement and payment to the Advisory Council Treasurer for the amount requested. All profits over and above this amount shall be disbursed by the outgoing host committee in accordance with AA guidelines.

     P.O. BOX: The convention committee shall maintain a permanent mailing address until such a time after the convention that all convention business has been completed.

     AUTONOMY: The convention planning committee should be offered all prior convention

    material, together with whatever individual or collective information the Council and its members possess which may be of assistance. Once chosen, the convention committee should be given autonomy from the Council. They are a distinct committee chosen by the Council and should function free of Council domination, but with the knowledge that the Council stands ready to assist whenever they are requested to do so. If the convention committee appears to be in difficulty, the Council should stand ready to assist in any way necessary. Salvaging the convention committee should always be the main objective.

     INSURANCE POLICY: A $1,000,000 insurance policy must be obtained and secured at least 10 days prior to the convention naming the Host Committee as “insured” and the Eastern Area Convention of

    Young People in Alcoholics Anonymous as “additional insured.” Proof of said policy must be presented to the Advisory Council Chair at least 10 days before the convention. Policy must be active through the entire convention.

     MAILING LIST: The registration chair of the convention committee should maintain a database of all registered convention attendees. This database shall be forwarded to the Advisory Council secretary within 60 days of the convention’s close. The database is confidential and should be treated as such.

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