Anubis Gates

By Adam Peterson,2014-04-18 07:01
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Amazon.com ReviewAuthor Tim Powers evokes 17th-century England with a combination of meticulously researched historic detail and imaginative flights in this sci-fi tale of time travel. Winner of the 1984 Philip K. Dick Award for best original science fiction paperback, this 1989 edition of the book that took the fantasy world by storm is the first hardcover version to be published in the United States. In his brief introduction, Ramsey Campbell sets The Anubis Gates in an adventure context, citing Powers's achievement of "extraordinary scenes of underground horror, of comedy both high and grotesque, of bizarre menace, of poetic fantasy." The colonization of Egypt by western European powers is the launch point for power plays and machinations. Steeping together i Published by Gollancz on 1983/01/02