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高二英语导学案,编号 IIC021003(

    Unit 19 lesson1 Language Learning

?. 汉译英

     1. 玛丽告诉我们她下周结婚。,inform(

     2. 他通知他们说他到了。

     3. 你最好尽快适应新环境。,adjust(

     4. 她花了一段时间才适应单独居住。

?. 短语

     1. 出色;突出 2. 领先;取得成功;获得进步

     3. 缺乏;不存在 4. 依靠;依赖

     5. 被…环绕 6. 采用...的形式

     7. 牢记 8. 许多;大量

     9. 很值得 10. 高质量的

     11. ...的钥匙;…的关键 12. 确保;保证

    ?. 单项选择

    1.Though we have been staying up trying to finish the thing , there's still work to do.

    A. many B. a plenty of C. a large amount of D. a great number of 2. Do you need any help, Lucy

    -- Yes, the job is I could do myself.

     A. less than B. more than C. no more than D. not more than 3. The fact has worried many scientists the earth is becoming warmer and

    warmer these years.

    A. what B. which C. that D. though

    4. As a manager, you should be well all happening in the company.

    A. informing of B. informed of C. informing with D. informed with 5. Yao Ming as a basketball star, and is loved by basketball fans at home

    and abroad.

    A. stands out B. stands up C. sticks out D. strikes 6. My advisor encouraged a summer course to improve my writing skills.

    A. for me taking B. me taking C. for me to take D. me to take 7. It is often said the joy of travelling is not in arriving at your

    destination but in the journey itself.

    A. as B. / C. which D. that

    8. With his goal , he set up another new aim in his heart; he is one who

    will never stop exploring.

     A. arrived B. attained C. finished D. served 9. The new theory the young scientist put forward to be practical.

    A. has proved B. is proving C. has been proved D. is been proved 10. She is talking with the old man who is very thankful her help with his

    sons lessons.

     A. with B. in C. for D. to

    11. What he good to our work.

     A. does do does B. does does do C. do does do D. do do does 12. All people, they are old or young, rich or poor, have been trying their

     best to help those in need since the disaster.

     A. even if B. whether C. no matter D. however 13. If you think that treating a woman well means always her permission for

    things, think again.

     A. gets B. got C. to get D. getting

    14. You will find this map of great in helping you to get round Beijing.

     A. valuable B. value C. helpful D. cost 15. We all know that, , the situation will get worse.

     A. not if dealt carefully with B. if not carefully dealt with

    C. if dealt not carefully with D. not if carefully dealt with 16. The unemployment rate in this district from 6% to 5% in the past two


     A. has fallen B. had fallen C. is falling D. was falling 17. It is said that the film is seeing.

     A. very worth B. quite worthy of C. well worth D. rather worthy of 18. It was not until a few minutes later that he himself the darkness

    in the hut.

     A. put; into B. adapted; for C. paid; for D. adjusted; to 19. Of the two pieces of news the is more of interest than the


     A. last; latest B. latest; later C. latest; latter D. latter; last

    ?. 改错

    1. Lying and steal are immoral.

    2. Large amounts of money was spent on the bridge.

    3. Theres no point read without understanding.

    4. Six people were killed in the riot, included a policeman.

    5. He recommended read the book before seeing the movie.

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