unit4 what would you do63913

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unit4 what would you do63913

     Unit 4 What would you do?

     The first period

    ?.Teaching Ais and Demands

    1. Knowledge Object

    (1) Key vocabulary

    million, medical, research

    (2) Target Language

    What would you if you had a million dollars?

    I’d give it to medical research .

    (3) Structure

    I would /I’d do …

    2.Ability Objects

    (1) Train students listening skill.

    (2) Train students communicative ability.

    3.Moral Object

     If you won a million dollars, youd buy a big house , a car,

    a computer and so on. However do remember its relly being

    cool to realize your dream though great efforts.

    II. Teching Key Points

    1. Target language

    2. The structure :I would/I’d do …

    III .Teaching Diffcult Point

     Subjunctive mood


    ?. Teaching Methods

     1.Scene teaching method

     2.Teaching by induction


    ?.Teaching Aid

     A tape recorder and a projector

    ?.Teaching procedures


    Review money

    First I ask students to take out 1 yuan that I let them

    prepare yesterday. Next I take out 100 yuan, then I ask students

    look at 1美元~ 100美元~

    Finally give them the question:

    What is the differences between dollar and yuan? 1 dollar 100 dollars 1 yuan 100 yuan

    Step? 1a Dicuss

    What would you do if you had a million (百万)yuan? Show


    %C4%CD%BC%C6%AC&istype=2&z=0&fm=rs4 (number


     Share the students answers. invite them to write answers on the blackboard. At last? I will write medical(医学的?医疗的)

    research研究?调查~ on the blackboard.

    StepIII 1b

    Listen and number the pictures1-4in the order you hear


    Step ? 1c

    Imagine you are one of the people in the with your parter about what you would do if you ha a million dollars. Step?Exercise

    1.If I _________(find) a purse, I ______(give) it to the police. 2. If I ______(be) a bird, I _________(fly) in the blue sky. 3. If you _______(have) something important, you

_________( can go) now.

    4. If he ________(be) you, he ___________(choose) this one. Step ?Summary

     In this class, we’ve learned three new words and subjunctive mood. Discuss the difference of “Yuan” and “dollar”. Practice

    listening and speaking skills.

    Step? Homework

    1. Talk about how to use hundred,thousand and million. 2. Review subjunctive mood. Then write a passage like ……If

    I were a bird……

    Step ?Blackboard Design

     Unit 4 What would you do?

     zoo bank big house for my family

     car a million yuan computer

     Project Hope medical research

     Reflection of teaching?;教后反思~

     I think this class is very successful. From learning this class,Not only let students learn the knowledge that they must

    grasp .but also tell them it is important to love and be kind to others.If we do like this, Our world will be full of love. We will also fell happier. Because my students are interested in the topic, Class atmosphere is active. They speak positively.

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