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     Book 12 Unit 3Lets go shopping

    一, 读一读!写反义词。

    1.I dont want buy the ugly calendar.I want to buy the _________one. 2.I can carry the light box but I cant carry the ________one .Can you

    help me?

    3.Billy’s dictionary is thin and Miss Lis dictionary is __________.

    4.My pencil is long but my brothers pencil is___________.

    5.That diary is old and its expensive.This diary is _______but is_______ 二,英汉互译。



    5.亮黄色_______________________6.too expensive_____________ 7.the foreign Language Bookshop_____________________________ 8.eough money_____________9.different kinds of_________________ 10.go window-shopping______________________


    1.I have a small dictionary and it doesnt have many words.I want to buy

    a _______(big;bigger)one.

    2.Last year,Peter_________(was;is)strong .This year he________(was;is) strong.

    3.Lily wants to ___________(buy,buys)a thin notebook. 4.The box is big and it is heavy,_________(too,either).

    5.My mother ___________(think,thinks)the watch is too ugly. 四,选一选!填一填。

    a.We’ll visit Beijing. b.When will you leave? c.I am going to go on a holiday with my family at Chinese New Year. d.Its usually very cold at Chinese New Year.

    e.I want to go there,too.

    Sally:What are you looking at,Andy? Andy:Brochures(小册子)___

    Sally:Where will you go? Andy:______________ Sally:_______________

    Andy:Well leave on the first day of the New Year. Sally:How will you go there? Andy:By plane. Sally:My dad went to Beijing at that time last year.____________ Andy:Youre right.Ill buy some clothes with my Mum this afternoon. Sally:You will have a good holiday.__________ 五,读一读!写一写。

    1.ugly?比较级,___________ 2.big(比较级)_____________反义词)___________ 4.good?最高级,___________


    7.hear?同音词,___________ 8.hippo?复数,___________

    9.write?现在分词,__________ 10.stupid?同义词,__________


    1.The calendar is cheap________it is ugly. B.but C.or 2.Tina __________she can finish the work in two days. A.thinking B.think C.thinks D.thought 3.My father didnt go to work________he was ill.

    A.and B.but C.because 4.Jennys dictionary is _______than mine.

    A.bigger B.big C.bigger than D.big than 5.When I eat noodles,I_____chopsticks.

    A.need B.needs C.need to D.needs to 6._________do you want to go? --I want to go to the bookshop. A.What B.When C.Where D.Who

    7.I dont like the blue notebook because it is____________. A.too thin B.too thinner C.too cheap D.too cheaper 8.There are not _________people in the park.

    A.enough B.much C.many D.a lot 9.The jacket is not too expensive.I have_______money. A.enough B.many C.a lot D.much 10.Look at the diamond watch.Its _______one in the shop.

    A.most expensive B.more enpensive

    C.the most expensive D.the expensive


    1.My dictionary is twelve yuan.His dictionary is eighteen yuan.合成一句

     His dictionary is _______ ________than mine. 2.Its for lunch.(同义句)

     Its time _________ ___________lunch.

    3.There are eleven boy students in his class.(eleven提问)

     _________ _________boy students are there I his class? 4.We should listen more carefully in class.(一般疑问句)

     _________ __________listen more carefully in class. 5.We drank a lot of water after playing basketball yesterday.

     ________did you _______after playing basketball yesterday? 八,读一读!写一写。

    1.Candy and Sam are cleaning________room.(they) 2.Anna is the ________girl in my class.(tall) 3.This year Angel is _________than Wendy.(strong) 4.My brother and I bought some flowers for___________ mother.(we) 5.Jerry couldnt ___________the bus because he___________ up late.(catch;get)


    What意为 “为什么” which意为 “哪一个”



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