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By Frank Ruiz,2014-07-09 23:29
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English Report

    Florist Website


    ByYazhu Li



     HelloeveryoneMy name is Yazhu Li.Here I will talk

    about a simple florist website.This is what I do a simple site,the function is still not fully realized.Following I will give you a brief introduction.

    The Home page of the site is sy.html.The background music is Orchid grass.It also has a window about members login to connect to database.I will also introduce picture text links and templates using.

    Now I will introduce you some application about the florist site.First,flash button.Like the picture below shows.Second,the mouse after the image.The following pictures display the original picture and the mouse after images.Third,hot link.For the mouse after the image I set up hot link,click hot into ai.jpg imsges.Fourth,anchor point links.For flower words meaning I set the anchor point connections.Fifth,background music.Yiting Zhuos orchid

    grass for the web site of the background music.Bring people a kind of in the fields of flowers feeling.Sisth,hyperlink.As a navigation bar flash button setting hyperlink.All kinds of flowers pictures and name of the hyperlink orderflash

    button link login screen.Seventh,spry folding panel.Each customer affection message,the specific content establish for

spry folding panel spry.

    About the site also has some deficiencies.First,members login just made interface and not connect to

    database.Second,not all images and text set a link.Third,AP DIV setting is not very beautiful.

    So much for my talk,thank you for your listening.

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