unit 7 would you mind turning down the music

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unit 7 would you mind turning down the music

Unit 7 Would you mind turning down the music ?


     1.Learn the drill -Would you mind doing sth ?Make requests Apologize

     2.本单元围绕“歉意、恳请”这一话题展开教学,以此培养学生的交际能力。 教学重点!

    A: Would you mind doing sth ? B: I’m sorry .I’ll do it right away .

    A: Would you mind not doing sth ?B: Sorry. We’ll go and play in the

    park .


    Compare : Would you mind (not) doing sth ? Could you please do sth ?

     Please do sth .

     You have to do sth .

    Structures: Would you mind cleaning your room ? I’m sorry .I’ll do it right away . Would you mind moving your bike ? No, not at all .I’ll do it right away . 教学流程!four periods

    Period 1

    教学内容: Section A 1a---- Grammar Focus.

    教学目标!1.重点词汇!:request,apologize,not at all,move,right away,turn down,mind,dish

    2.重点句子!Would you mind (not) doing sth?I’m sorry .I’ll do it right

    away .No ,not at all.


    1.Key words:not at all,mind,turn down

    2.Master the usage of the word "mind".

    3.Master the structures in grammar focus. 教学过程;

     Step 1 Revise

    复习上册已经学过的句子,导入新课。 :

    Could/Can you give me the book ?

    Please give me the book .

    Would you like to give me the book ?.

    Would you mind giving me your book .

     Explain that the last example is a very polite way of making a request .

    Step 2 Presentation

     1.Show some pictures and sayWould you mind ..?Would you mind

    not ……?

    2.Point to the four requests in the box .Say each phrase to the class and

    ask the Ss to repeat it .

    3.1a.Point to the picture .Ask Ss to write the letter of each request in the

    correct place in the picture .

    4. Listening.1b

    Step 3 Pairwork


    Ask two students to read the words in the sample dialogue in activity 1c. then make conversations.Ask two pairs to say their conversations to the class .

    Step 4 Practice

    1.Listen and correct the answers(2a-2b).

    2.2c .Ask two Ss to read the words in the sample dialogue .Say, Make

    conversations like this about the information above .

     3.Pairwork 2c

    Step 5 Grammar Focus

    1.Review the grammar box .Ask students to say the statements and

    responses .

    2. Ask students to talk about the differences among the different sentences .

    Exercise: translate into Chinese :

    Step 6 Homework.

    Period 2

     教学内容: Section A 3a,3b,4.


    1.key words:task,poster

    2.----Would you mind getting up?----OK,I’ll get up right away.

     ---Could you make some posters?----Sure ,that,s no problem.


     Master the structures:could you......? Sure ,that,s no problem.


     Step 1 Revision

     Show a picture and write a letter using Would you mind (not)doing.?

    Step 2 Presentation 3a

    1..Point to the pictures .Ask Ss to explain what is happening in each

    picture .

    2.Point to the note .Ask Ss to read the note and fill in answers .

    3.Check the answers .

    Step 3 Pairwork 3b

    1.Point out the list of requests and commands in the box .

    2.Ask Ss to make conversation like the sample dialogue .

     3.Ask several pairs to say one of their conversations to the class . Step 4 Groupwork.

    1.Ask Ss to complete the work in groups .

    2.Ask a few students to share the sample conversation .

     Step 5 Summary

    Explain some words and sentences.

    Step 6 Homework :

    Period 3

    教学内容: Section B 1a,-2c



    2.----This skirt is too big.would you mind giving me a small one?


     ----Not at you are.

    教学重点!1.Role play the requests.



    Step 1 Revision

    Revise Would you mind(not).doing? .

    Step 2 Presentstion (1a,1b) .

    1.Show some pictures and teach new words.

    2. Ask Ss to read each situation and think about the two questions .

    3.Ask some students to share their answers with the class .Ask other

    students whether they agree with the opinions or not .

     4.Then ask the students to number the ideas from most annoying to

    least annoying .

    Step 3 Listening(2a,2b)

    1. Play the recording again and ask the students to write the number 1,

    2 and 3 in front of the correct pictures .Correct the answers .

    2.Play the recording again .Ask Ss to fill in the answers on their

    own .You may need to pause the tape from time to time to allow

    students to write answers in their books.Check the answers . Step 4 Pairwork 2c .

    1.Point out the problems in activity 2b .

    2.Ask one or two students to say the conversations to the class . Step 5 Practice

     Write a polite letter complaining about your new neighbors’ impolite


    Step 6 Homework

    Period 4

    教学内容: Section B 3a-Part4


    keywords:solution,annoy,wait in line,get annoyed,cut in line.



    Step 1 Revision

     Check the homework.

    Step 2 Presentation

    1.Teach the new words.

    2.Look at the picture and answer the qustions.

    Step 3 Reading

    1. Read and listen the article,then answer the qustions.

    2.Read again.Ask students to underline the things that are annoying .Then

    have the students circle what people do when something annoying

    happen.Correct the answers with the class .

    3. Read it again and do True or False

    Step 4 Practice 3b .

    1.Look at each picture with the class .Ask different students to tell what

    is happening in each picture .

    2. Ask students to complete the activity on their own .. Step 5 Groupwork Part 4 .


    1.This activity provides speaking ,listening and writing practice using the

    target language .

    2.Ask students to complete the work in groups .

     Step 6 Homework


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