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    《名校学案》七年级英语Unit 2 Topic 3综合测评

    总分,100 时间,60分钟

I. 单项选择。(15分,

    ( A ) 1. Is the girl in white Sam’s sister? _______.

    A. Yes, she is B. I am Lucy’s C. No, Sam’s sister D. Yes, Lucy’s

    ( C ) 2. These are my pants. His ____ black.

    A. is B. am C. are D. /

    ( C ) 3. Does Maria know ____? Yes, she knows ____.

    A. yours; me B. your; us C. you; me D. yours; us ( A ) 4. Whose shirt is this? I ____ it’s Ted’s.

    A. think B. help C. find D. welcome ( C ) 5. ____ oranges are those? They are theirs.

    A. What B. Who C. Whose D. These

    ( B ) 6. Is this T-shirt yours?

     No, mine is white. This ____ is blue. It’s Lily’s.

    A. coat B. one C. color D. clothes

    ( D ) 7. Are the brown shoes ____? No. It’s ____.

    A. Tim; her B. Tim’s; her C. Tim; hers D. Tim’s; hers ( C ) 8. Ill help you find him, Helen. ________.

    A. Not, it doesn’t B. That’s right C. Thank you D. Youre welcome ( C ) 9. Please help David ____ his pen. He cant find it.

    A. finds B. gives C. find D. give

    ( B ) 10. Do you _____a knife? No, I _______.

     A. have, do B. have, dont C. has; dont D. has, doesnt

    ( B ) 11. Is the man fat or _____? He is fat.

     A. fat B. thin C. tall D. short ( C ) 12. You look so nice today! ______.

     A. No, I dont. B. Yes, I do. C. Thank you. D. Thats all right. ( B ) 13. The pen is not ______. ______ is on the desk.

     A. her; Hers B. hers; Hers C. my; Mine D. yours; Your

    ( B ) 14. _____ does he look like? He is tall and fat.

     A. How B. What C. Where D. Who ( D ) 15. Karl, _____ dog is that? Its _____dog.

     A. who; her B. whose; hers C. which; my D. whose; my

    II. 完形填空。(10)

    Susan is a good girl. She is twelve 16 old. She is tall and 17 long blond hair.

     18 eyes are big. She 19 a wide mouth. She is in blue clothes. She likes this 20 . Now guess, whose skirt is blue? Yes, you are right. The skirt is 21 . Susan’s mom is a teacher. She is tall and 22 . She 23 white. She 24 a new car. Do you know its color? Yes. It is

    25 . It is very nice.

    ( B ) 16. A. very B. years C. too D. year ( C ) 17. A. are B. is C. has D. have

    ( A ) 18. A. Her B. She C. He D. His ( D ) 19. A. is B. looks C. have D. has ( C ) 20. A. student B. teacher C. color D. dress ( B ) 21. A. their B. hers C. her D. his ( A ) 22. A. strong B. short C. round D. wide ( A ) 23. A. likes B. thinks C. finds D. guesses ( B ) 24. A. have B. has C. is D. are ( D ) 25. A. red B. black C. yellow D. white III. 阅读理解。?20分,


    This is Lucy and this is Lily. They are sisters. They are eleven. This is their bedroom(卧室).

    Its nice. The green bed() is Lilys and the blue one is Lucys. They have two desks. Lucys is

    yellow, but Lilys is red. Look! Here is a photo. The girl in purple is Lucy and the one in white is

    Lily. Their bags are on the bed. Lucy’s is small, but Lily’s is big. They have the same color.


    ( F ) 26. Lucy and Lily aren’t sisters.

    ( T ) 27. Lily’s bed is green.

    ( F ) 28. Their desks’ colors are the same.

    ( T ) 29. Their bags’ colors are the same.

    ( F ) 30. Lucy’s coat is white and Lily’s is purple.


    My name is Ben. Im an English boy. Im in No.8 High School. Sam is my good friend. He is

    thirteen. Im thirteen, too. But we are in different looks. Miss Zhang is my English teacher, and

    shes Sam s English teacher, too. We dont know her age(年龄). But she looks young. Look at this photo. It is white and black. It is mine.

    ( C ) 31. Ben is ____.

    A. eight B. four C. thirteen D. fourteen ( B ) 32. Sam’s good friend is ____.

    A. Miss Zhang B. Ben C. a teacher D. an English girl ( C ) 33. The two boys are ____.

    A. in the same class B. in the same looks

    C. in different looks D. in different schools ( D ) 34. Miss Zhang is ____.

    A. Ben’s good friend B. Sam’s mom

    C. old D. young

    ( C )35. What color is this photo? ____

    A. White. B. Black. C. A and B. D. I don’t know.

IV. 情景交际。从方框中选择适当的句子补全对话!有两项多余。 (10)

    A: Whose jacket is this? Is it yours, Tom? A. OK. B: No. 36. E Mine is here. 37. B B. I think it’s Steve’s. A: Hi, Steve. C. John’s is green. C: What? D. Is this jacket yours? A: 38. D E. It’s not mine. C: No, my jacket is blue. It’s John’s. 39. C F. Thank you. A: Please give it to him. G. Goodbye. C: 40. A

V. 词汇。(10)

    A) 根据句意及首字母提示填词。

    41. This book is mine. That one is yours. Our books are different . 42. What color is your bag? Pink.

    43. Please help us find the man. 44. What does she look like?

    She’s short and thin.

    45. Are those boys clothes ?

    Yes, they are. They are nice. B) 用所给单词的适当形式填空。

    46. Whose shirt is this? Its mine (I). 47. This bike isnt Helens. Hers (she) is over there (在那边). 48. Are those your (you) bananas? 49. These are our jackets. Those are theirs (their). 50. Mr. Smith is her (she) teacher. VI. 句型转换。?10分,

    51. This is my cap. (改为同义句)

     This cap is mine .

    52.Those are our books.(对划线部分提问)

     Whose books are those?

    53. The woman in red is Lucys mom. (对划线部分提问)

     Which woman is Lucys mom?

    54. Where is he from? (改为同义句)

     Where does he come from?

    55. He has a round face.(改为一般疑问句)

     Does he have a round face?

    VII. 连词成句,注意大小写。(10)

    56. like, what, Jim, does, look?,?

     What does Jim look like?

    57. tall, a, girl, she, is,(.)

     She is a tall girl.

    58. old, his, thirteen, sister, years, is(.)

     His sister is thirteen years old.

    59. does, he, have, hair, brown(?)

     Does he have brown hair?

    60. color, is, what, coat, your

     What color is your coat?

    VIII. 单句改错。下列每题都有一处错误!请找出!并改正在横线上。?5分, 61. Is this you bike? ( C ) your

     A B C D

    62. Whose toys is these? ( C ) are

     A B C D

    63. Those knifes are yours. ( B ) knives

     A B C D

    64. We are in different shirt. ( D ) shirts

     A B C D

    65. Please help us finding him. ( C ) find

     A B C D

    IX. 书面表达。(10)



    Hello! I have a new classmate. His name is Jim. He is from the USA. He is tall and thin. He

    has blond hair and blue eyes. He has a big head, a round face, two big eyes, a big nose and a wide

    mouth. His favorite color is blue. He often wears a white T-shirt and blue jeans. Do you know


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