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English Test One

    Name: Date: Mark:

A. Listening comprehension. (18%)

    In this section, you will hear 5 short sentences or conversations. Answer the questions

    below. Every sentence or conversation will be played twice.

    1. Do the people working in offices often get more money than people doing manual


     No, they don’t.

    2. What do the most editors like to provide their readers?

    UnimportantFacts and statistics.

    3. ( D ) A) She was absent all week owing to sickness.

    B) She was seriously injured in a car accident.

    C) She called to say that her husband had been hospitalized.

    D) She had to be away from school to attend to her husband.

    4. ( D ) A) The speakers want to rent the Smiths’ old house.

    B) The man lives two blocks away from the Smiths.

    C) The woman is not sure if she is on the right street.

    D) The Smiths’ new house is not far from their old one.

    5. (A ) A) The man had a hard time finding a parking space.

    B) The woman found they had got to the wrong spot.

    C) The woman was offended by the man’s late arrival.

    D) The man couldn’t find his car in the parking lot.

B. Choose right words to complete sentences with the correct form. (24%)

    allow, stand, refer, earn, inform, transport, lead, provide,

    represent, privilege, exact, set

    1. The goods will be transported to Tokyo by air.

    2. He stands 1.8m.

    3. He referred the dispute to the board of directors last week.

    4. It is my great privilege to know you (make your acquaintance).

    5. His achievements have earned him respect and admiration.

6. He must inform the seller of this transaction immediately.

    7. Too much work and too little rest often lead to illness.

    8. We’re setting out to establish a new company.

    9. The project allows of no delay.

    10. We provide our customers with satisfactory service.

    11. The exact date of the kick-off meeting hasn’t been decided yet.

    12. His opinion represents that of the majority.

    C. Choose the correct answer to complete the sentence. (30%) 1. It wasn’t such a good book __B____ she had described.

    A. that B. as C. which D. what

    2. --I’m sure Andrew will win the first prize in the final.

     --I think so. He ___D_____ for it for months.

    A. is preparing B. was preparing

    C. had been preparing D. has been preparing

    3. The boy was lucky enough to be ___C____ from drowning when swimming.

    A. strike B. instruct C. rescued D. protected 4. There is no clue to ___A____ the thief, because of no proof.

    A. identify B. provide C. inform D. cause

    5. The stone bridge was completely ___C____by the flood.

    A. wounded B. hurt C. destroyed D. injured 6. They are going to __B___ funds for the school buildings.

    A. rise B. raise C. be rising D. be risen 7. The lost bike was ____D____ at the bus stop.

    A. found out B. noticed C. watched D. discovered 8. Our government doesn't do a good job of ____C_____ our monuments.

    A. reserving B. conserving C. preserving D. supporting 9. Tricycles ___A___ using if you want to explore the narrow alleys (hutong) of old


    A. are worth B. are worthy C. is worthy D. is worth 10. People who do IT works must ___B__ determination, patience and perseverance. A. be related to B. be armed with

    C. be respected to D. be represented as

    11. We ___D_____do business with dishonest partners.

    A. leads to B. fail to C. cause to D. refuse to 12. The___B___ of Liberty stands in New York Harbor.

    A. status B. statue C. secret D. state

    13. This document can ___C_____ explain the whole plan.

    A. use to B. used to C. be used to D. be used to be

    14. This road is four _____B______ that one.

    A. times as longer as B. times longer than

    C. times than D. times as

    15. Look at the timetable. Hurry up! Flight 4026 ___A___ off at 18:20.

    A. takes B. took C. will be taken D. has taken

D. Translation. (18%)

    a. Translate the following Chinese sentences into English.9%

    1. 高峰期时?这里交通拥堵。

     There is often a traffic jam/block/congestion here in rush hours.

    2. 西安的几条地铁线正在建设之中。

     The underground/subway lines in Xi’an are under construction.

    3. 我想订三个今天下午去北京的机位。

     I’d like to book/reserve three seats to Beijing on a flight leaving this afternoon,


    =I’d like to make three seats’ reservation for a flight to Beijing leaving this afternoon,


    b. Translate the following English sentences into Chinese. (9%)

    1. Not only had the poor man been arrested, but he had been sent to prison as well.


    2. The government has noticed us to quit out of the old building.


    3. You should check that the driver has a business permit, and make sure you ask for

    a receipt.


E. Pronunciation. (10%)

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