AutobiographyBiography Flip Book Project

By Brittany Elliott,2014-06-29 21:36
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AutobiographyBiography Flip Book Project

    Autobiography/Biography Flip Book Project

    This project works together with our nonfiction unit that we will be working on

    for the next 3 weeks. The majority of the work will be completed in class with

    the exception of some reading and last minute final project adjustments. This

    project is 2 test grades (1 for the flip book and 1 for the presentation to follow).


    All students are to read an autobiography/biography of their choice. These books may also be used as one of the 3 books needed to complete this nine weeks reader’s challenge! YEAH!

    Once students have completed reading the books (30 minutes a day for the next weeks will be given in class for reading), students are to complete a flip book based on the directions below. *****************************************************************************


    Step 1: READ, READ, READ! Read the autobiography/biography

     This autobiography/biography should be PREAPPROVED by me.

    Step 2: Really, this is a part of step 1. As you READ, take notes on the information you need from

    below. This is call ACTIVE reading. It will help you retain the information your have read and stay focused.

    Step 3: Complete the information for the flip book. FOLLOWING DIRECTIONS!!!!!!!!!

    Step 4: Research any needed flip book information your autobiography/biography did not include. Step 5: Proofread and finalize your final project, making sure it is your BEST effort! *****************************************************************************


    Part of your grade for this project will include your ability to FOLLOW directions. PLEASE, PLEASE,

    PLEASE, follow them! Let this be a SUPER, FANTASTIC grade for you! Examples of a good, bad and

    ugly project will be shown in class.

    All flip books will be provided and folded for you in class. I can only give you ONE so keep in nice

    and neat. If you would prefer to use colored paper (SUPER IDEA), you may bring it in and I will fold it for you if you would like.


    o Title of autobiography/biography

    o Author

    o Name of person if NOT in title

    o DECORATE- Make it neat and colorful. NO STICK FIGURES!!!

    FLAP 2: (Use bullets or numbers. No complete sentences needed for this flap.) VITAL STATISTICS

    o Label the bottom of the flap Vital Statistics. See class example.

    o Birth date, death date

    o Birth place and other important places to the person

    o Education

    o Family

    o Training if applicable

    FLAP 3: (Use bullets or numbers. No complete sentences needed for this flap.) LITTLE KNOW FACTS

    o Label the bottom of the flap Little Know Facts. See class example.

    o Interesting experiences

    o Interests

    o Pets, appearances, clothes, cars, hobbies, etc.

    FLAP 4: (Use bullets or numbers. No complete sentences needed for this flap.)


    o Troubles, problems, obstacles, hardships, etc.

    o Reaction to these obstacles

    o Character trait revealed (honesty, hardworking, patience, etc) because of obstacleBONUS

    points for including how this person fits the IB Learner Profile. (Hint: see my door frame)

    FLAP 5: (Use bullets or numbers. No complete sentences needed for this flap.) ACCOMPLISHMENTS

    O Goals reached or surpassed

    O How did these accomplishments help or enrich the life of others or the world?

    O List inventions, records or awards earned. You may also include well know ideas, writings,


    FLAP 6: You must use complete sentences and paragraph form for this flap. MY REFLECTIONS

    In paragraph form (3 total paragraphs), you must answer the following questions. Pay attention to

    correct punctuation, capitalization and spelling. This sections count more than all of the others.

    Questions to answer:

    - Paragraph 1- What LIFE LESSON(s) have you learned from this person that may help you in

    your life now or in the future? Be sure to use examples from their life to explain your


    - Paragraph 2-Write about your feelings about this person since you read the book.

    - Paragraph 3- Write a concluding paragraph about whether or not you recommend this book.

    Give well though out reasons.

    Flip Book Rubric

    Category Possible points Points Awarded


    All the directions were followed.

    Appearance: 20

    Neat, decorated, labeled correctly, in the

    correct order

    FACTS: 6 points per flap 30

    - Top

    - Flap 2 Vital Statistics

    - Flap 3 Little Know Facts

    - Flap 4 Obstacles

    - Flap 5 Accomplishments

    Each flap should be in the correct order.

    They should present new information in

    each section. Information should cover the

    entire book and follow the directions.

    REFLECTIONS Flap 6 40

    This flap must include well written

    paragraphs that FULLY answer the discussion


    Complete sentences, 5-7 sentences per

    paragraph, proper grammar, punctuation,

    and spelling.

    5 BONUS POINTS: Turn this rubric in with project.

    Presentation Rubric to be covered in class and handed out at a later date.

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