By Paul Dunn,2014-06-18 16:52
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    Television is now playing an increasingly critical role in our lives. It changes peoples lives. But television, like other things, has both advantages and disadvantages. I assert that the advantages of television outweigh the disadvantages.

    Everyone must agree that the advantage of watching TV is very considerable. First of all, watching TV is a good relaxation. After a boy of hard work, we need a good relaxation. Watching TV can help us ease our minds and comfort our bodies. Whats more, we can

    see a lot of advertisements from TV. We can know more information of many goods, so we can cost less money to buy these goods. Besides, watching TV is educational. It allows us to see as well to hear what is happening in the word. Education TV service offers many kinds of teaching programs on all subjects for people of different professions, such us: studentschildrenadults.

    However, every coin has two sides. Television also has some disadvantages. Watching too much TV do harm to us. It is a waste of time that we spend too much time watching TV. Besides, if we spend more than 2 hours watching TV, it will do harm to our eyesight and is bad for our heath. Moreover, watching too much TV is bad for our study.

    In spite of what has been said, it should be admitted that there are more advantages over disadvantages in use of TV. Of course, we should use television in right ways. If not, bad results will overweigh good ones.


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