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    1) How is the team playing? Theyre playing well, but one of them ______ hurt.

    A) got B) is C) are D) were

    2) This is Johns photo. We miss him a lot. He ______ when trying to save a child in an earthquake. A) killed B) is killed C) was killed D) was killing

    3) There ______ little change in the patients condition since he was taken to the hospital.

    A) is B) has been C) have been D) was

    4) I havent seen her _______.

    A) during three weeks B) since three weeks

    C) three weeks ago D) for three weeks

    5) Mrs. Jones ________ about her hard housework.

    A) has been always complaining B) is always complaining

    C) always complain D) has always complain

    6) When is the lecture supposed to start? It ________ now.

    A) has about to start B) is about starting

    C) is about to start D) is about start

    7) Is there anything I can do for you?


    A) Nothing B) Please show me that tie

    C) Thank you for your help D) You are welcome.

    8) ________.

     Can I see some sun glasses, please?

    A) What are you doing here? B) What can you do for me?

    C) What do you want? D) Can I help you in any way?

    9; ________.

     Its priced at 100 dollars.

    A) Is it the sale price? B) What does it come to?

    C) How much do you charge for it? D) Is it expensive?

    10) Will you go to the museum tomorrow?

     Yes, I will go ________ its windy.

    A) for B) as though C) since D) even though

    Is it difficult for you to get up in the morning? Do you sometimes oversleep? Are you often late for work or

    school? Yes? Then Hiroyuki Sugiyama of Japan has a special bed for you. Hiroyukis bed will get you up in the

    morning! Here is how it works:

    The bed is connected to an alarm clock. First, the alarm clock rings. You have a few minutes to wake up.

    Next, a tape recorder in the bed plays soft music or other pleasant sounds. A few minutes later, a second recording

    plays. The second recording can be loud music or unpleasant sounds. If you dont get up after the second

    recording, youll be sorry. A mechanical foot is in the bed. The mechanical foot kicks you in the head. Then the bed waits a few more minutes. What! Youre still in bed! Slowly, the top of the bed rises higher and higher. The foot of the bed goes lower and lower. Finally, the bed is vertical. You slide off the bed and onto the floor. You are

    awake and out of bed.

    Hiroyuki made his bed because he wanted to win a contest. He works for Honda Motor Company. Once


    every two years, Honda has a contestthe All Honda Idea Contest. In 1996 Hiroyuki won a prize for his bed. 1) A The purpose of the passage is ______.

    A) to introduce a special bed B) to tell a story C) to wake somebody up D) to praise Hiroyuki

    2) D What does the special bed do first in the morning? A) Its tape recorder plays soft music. B) Its tape recorder plays loud music.

    C) It kicks you in the head. D) Its alarm clock rings. 3) C If you dont wake up after the clock rings, what will happen? A) The mechanical foot kicks you in the head.

    B) The bed becomes vertical and you slide off the bed. C) The tape recorder plays pleasant sounds.

    D) You will be late for work.

    4) Why did Hiroyuki make such a special bed?

    A) Because he wanted to win the contest held by his company. B) Because he was good at inventing new things.

    C) Because he wanted to make money.

    D) Because he sometimes overslept.

    5) B Who is Hiroyuki?

    A) A scientist. B) A company worker. C) An inventor. D) A carpenter. ACBDB CBDCD ADCAB


    1) ________

     Its cloudy.

    A) How is the weather like today? B) How is the weather today? C) What is the weather today? D) What is about the weather today? 2) ________

     27 degrees Celsius.

    A) The temperature may be higher. B) How is the weather today? C) Whats the temperature today? D) What is the weather forecast say? 3) Whats the weather like outside?


    A) I like the weather B) Its not very hot in summer

    C) Its raining heavily D) The weather was very warm 4) Three of these we shall not need here, but they are worthy ________ a mention.

    A) to B) at C) for D) of

     5) Still half ________, Jenny began to make the kids breakfast.

    A) asleep B) awake C) sleep D) sleeping

    6) Why hasnt he turned up yet? He ________ have missed the train, but Im not quite sure.

    A) must B) may C) can D) should

    7) How much shall I pay for the phone call? You________. Its free of charge.

    A) shouldnt B) cant C) dont have to D) mustnt

    8) She ________ go out at night by herself.

    A) dare not to B) dares not C) doesnt dare to D) not dares to

    9) A computer________ think for itself. It must be told what to do.


    A) cant B) couldnt C) may not D) might not

    10) Sir, you ________ be sitting in this waiting room. It is for women and children only.

    A) oughtnt to B) cant C) wont D) neednt

    In order to 1) ______ with Internet dating, an online romantic interest should be seen as a potential dating

    partner. Once it is established that there is a potential for a relationship, the 2) ______ should shift to meeting on

    the phone and then meeting 3) ______ person. Try to limit yourself 4) ______ people within your geographical

    (地理的) area; 5) ______, you will face the expense and complication of a long-distance relationship. Here are

    some other 6) ______for successful online dating:

    Be safety and security conscious. Do not readily make available your name, address, phone and social

    security number online.

    Beware of players. Not everyone on the Internet is 7) ______ and decent. Be cautious with your safety as well as your heart. To some people, an online romance is a game. Look for inconsistencies (矛盾) in 8) ______

    they say, or pressure for you to do something that you are uncomfortable with.

    Dishonest is not the same as anonymous (匿名的). It is 9) ______ to remain anonymous online until you establish mutual trust. However, it is not right to be dishonest, especially 10) ______ your marital status.

    1) A) success B) succeed C) fail D) failure

    2) A) problem B) issue C) solution D) focus

    3) A) in B) on C) with D) by

    4) A) in B) on C) with D) to

    5) A) then B) however C) otherwise D) answers

    6) A) thoughts B) ideas C) suggestions D) cries

    7) A) dishonesty B) dishonest C) honesty D) honest

    8) A) what B) that C) which D) where

    9) A) improper B) appropriate C) wrong D) impolite

    10) A) owing B) considering C) regarding D) given



    1) They ______ considerable influence within the school.

    A) existed B) exerted C) executed D) excused

    2) The fire ______ two deaths and the damage of the entire store.

    A) was resulted in B) was resulted C) resulted in D) resulted from 3) Researchers have stumbled ______ a drug that may help patients.

    A) on B) in C) over D) at

    4) A child learns to read by seeing the words ______.

    A) repeatly B) repeatedly C) properly D) obviously

    5) Young children ______ to get sick more often than adults.

    A) tend B) tender C) tendency D) likely

    6) Jimmy could do nothing but ______ to his teacher that he was wrong. A) admit B) admitted C) admitting D) to admit

    7) She couldnt help______ when she heard the bad news.

    A) cry B) crying C) to cry D) cried

    8) The question ______ next year has something important to do with our daily life. A) to discuss B) discussed C) being discussed D) to be discussed


9) It is careless ______ the same mistake in your composition.

    A) for you to make B) for you making C) of you to make D) of you making

    10) We must do whatever we can ______ those who are in trouble.

    A) to help B) help C) helping D) to have helped

    A car needs gas to run and your body also needs food to work for you. Eating the right kind of food is very important. It can keep your body strong, so take care of what you eat. There are four main food groups altogether. The dairy products group has food like milk, cheese and sour milk. The other three groups are the meat and fish group, the fruit and vegetable group, and the bread and rice group. Each meal should have at least one food from all the four main groups. With all these food together you will be given enough energy during the day.

    It is easy to get into bad eating habits. You may eat your breakfast in a hurry to get to school on time. Or you may not have time for a good lunch. It may seem easy to finish your supper with fish and chips all the time. But you will find yourself tired during these days and you cannot think quickly.

    Watching what you eat will help keep your body healthy and strong. It is also good to take some exercise. It will help you eat more if you take a walk or play games in the open air. Having a good eating habit with some exercise is the key to your health.

    1) What is the main idea of the passage?

    A) As a car needs gas, your body needs food.

    B) Eating enough food is very important.

    C) Healthy diet with exercises will keep your body healthy and strong.

    D) Our diets must include milk.

    2) The best diet should include ______.

    A) milk, fish, cabbage and bread B) cheese, milk and eggs

    C) sour milk, pork and apples D) milk, pork and rice

    3) Which one is NOT a bad eating habit, according to the passage?

    A) Eating breakfast in a hurry. B) Having no time for a good lunch.

    C) Eating fish and chips all the time. D) Finding enough time to enjoy lunch.

    4) According to the passage, is the key to your health. ______.

    A) eating the right kind of food every day B) taking a walk after lunch

    C) a good eating habit with some exercise D) playing games in the open air

    5) The best title for the passage is ______.

    A) Food B) A Healthy Diet C) Body and Food D) Food and Exercise



    1) ______still believe we can resolve the problem without going to war.

    A) Optimism B) Pessimism C) Pessimists D) Optimists

    2) These girls have an advantage ______ those in calculation.

    A) over B) than C) to D) with

    3) Thank you so much for the lovely evening, Jim. Frank and I had such a good time.

    Youre quite welcome, John. ______ . Wed been looking forward to seeing you.

    A) Were glad to meet you B) Im afraid you didnt have a good time

    C) Just stay a little longer, please D) Thank you for coming

    4) Oh, welcome! ______.

     We are sorry for being late. You know, there was a lot of traffic in the street this evening. A) Thanks for your present. B) Im glad you could come.


C) Ive been waiting for you all evening. D) Why not come early?

     Its a great pleasure to have a talk with you. 5)


    A) Its very good of you to say so. B) You are welcome.

    C) See you. D) It cant be true.

    6) Whats the matter with you, Jim? You look pale.


    A) Oh, it is well.

    B) I feel awful today. I didnt get any sleep last night.

    C) Yes, but I dont care.

    D) It has nothing to do with you.

    7) The net bar, ______ last year, is very popular among the students in this school. A) open B) opening C) having opened D) opened

    8) Im going to have my car ______ this afternoon.

    A) to be fixed B) to fix C) fixed D) fixing

    9) ______ from space, the earth looks like a blue ball.

    A) Seen B) See C) Seeing D) To see

    10) They found a ______ old man ______ on the ground.

    A) dying; lying B) dead; lied C) death; laying D) died; lain

    A punctual person is in habit of doing a thing at the proper time and is never late in keeping a(n) 1) ______.

    The unpunctual man, on the other 2) ______, never does what he has to do at the proper time. He is always in a

    hurry and in the 3) ______ loses both time and his good name. A lost thing may be found again, but lost time can

    never be regained. Time is more 4) ______than material things. In fact, time is life itself. The unpunctual man is

    forever 5) ______ and mismanaging his most valuable asset as well as others. The unpunctual person is always

    complaining that he finds 6) ______ time to 7) ______ letters, return calls, or keep appointments promptly. But

    the man 8) ______ really has a great deal to do is very careful of his time and 9) ______ complains. He knows

    that he cannot get 10) ______ his huge amount of work unless he faithfully keeps every piece of work when it has

    to be attended to.

    1) A) promise B) undertaking C) appointment D) responsibility

    2) A) way B) sake C) behalf D) hand

    3) A) moment B) minute C) last D) end

    4) A) valuable B) profitable C) better D) favorable

    5) A) wasting B) making C) earning D) saving

    6) A) more B) much C) no D) not

    7) A) write B) answer C) copy D) produce

    8) A) whom B) who C) which D) what

    9) A) often B) always C) seldom D) almost

    10) A) through B) out C) along D) on



    1) The girl I met yesterday ______ to be one of my sisters old friends.

    A) turns off B) turns out C) turn on D) turn over

    2) The old in the country ______ taken good care of.

    A) has B) have C) is D) are


3) Anybody will do, _____ they are responsible for that.

    A) so far as B) as far as C) as long as D) as soon as

    4) One of the computers is broken and hes blaming it ______ me.

    A) on B) to C) for D) at

    ) ______. 5

     Im not sure what Ill do. I hope to watch TV and enjoy myself.

    A) Will you go on a picnic with us tomorrow?

    B) I have a lot of things to do during the summer break.

    C) Will you go with us to visit the Great Wall?

    D) What are you going to do during the summer break?

    6) ______.

     Oh, its a piece of cake. I love writing.

    A) Do you like the writing class?

    B) How do you feel about your writing class?

    C) Have another piece of cake.

    D) Could you help me?

    7) He burst into tears ______ he heard the sad news.

    A) the moment B) until C) that D) so

    8) I was sure ______ the children would overcome all the difficulties.

    A) if B) of C) what D) that

    9) It is either my sister or my brother who ______ the first to come.

    A) are B) will be C) was D) is

    10) Neither ______ know how to manage it nor ______ want to.

    A) do I; do I B) do I; I do C) I do; do I D) I do; I do

    The pine () tree is a special kind of tree. Some people call the pine tree a Christmas tree. This is because many people put pine trees in their homes at Christmas time. Pine trees are different from other trees because most other trees lose their leaves in the winter. Pine trees stay green all year long, even in the winter. Pine trees are also called evergreens because they are always green. Pine trees do not have soft leaves like other trees. They have hard, thin leaves. Pine trees also have pine cones. If you walk in a forest, you will see many pine cones on the ground. Inside the pine cones are seeds. When the seeds fall to the ground, a new tree starts to grow.

    Pine trees are useful for many reasons. The wood is used to make many things, such as tables, beds and boats. Many kinds of birds build their homes in pine trees. The seeds of pine trees are food for some small and big animals.

    If you walk in a forest of pine trees, the air has a wonderful smell. In winter, the white snow on the dark green trees looks very beautiful.

    1) Some people call the pine tree a Christmas tree because ______.

    A) pine trees are green at Christmas time

    B) pine trees are put in peoples homes at Christmas time

    C) the pine tree is a special kind of tree

    D) pine trees never lose their leaves in the winter

    2) According to the second paragraph, the underlined expression pine cones means ______.

    A) B) 松针 C) 松果 D) 松树

    3) Which is NOT the feature that makes pine trees different from other trees?

    A) Pine trees never lose their leaves in the winter.

    B) Pines trees are always green.


C) Pines trees have hard and thin leaves.

    D) Pines trees have many seeds.

    4) Which is NOT the reason why pines trees are useful?

    A) Pine cones are food for animals.

    B) The wood is used to make many things.

    C) Many animals build their homes in pine trees.

    D) The white snow on the pine trees is very beautiful.

    5) The purpose of the passage is ______.

    A) to introduce the pine tree B) to praise the pine tree

    C) to encourage people to plant pine trees D) to tell us a story about a Christmas tree



    1) How can I get it ______ to him that this is really important?

    A) over B) through C) up D) on

    2;The famous author spent half of his life ______ this novel.

    A) to write B) writing C) on write D) on writing

    3) It took Mike a couple of days to ______ out what had happened.

    A) work B) get C) take D) figure

    4) Teaching materials ______ greatly from school to school in the United States. A) vary B) various C) variety D) different

    5) Police ______that there may be further terrorist attacks.

    A) fearless B) fearful C) fear D) afraid

    6) Id like to ______her to you for the job. She is a very clever and industrious girl. A) refer B) suggest C) recommend D) propose

    7) The benefits of the surgery far ______ the risk.

    A) overweight B) outweigh C) underweight D) outgrow

    8) He felt he needed to focus more ______his study.

    A) on B) in C) over D) at

    9) ______ riding to school, Tom usually goes to school on foot.

    A) Without B) Rather than C) Instead of D) In spite of

    10) The teacher said, Stop ______ . So we stopped ______.

    A) talking; talking B) talking; to talk C) to talk; to talk D) talking; talk

    We always convince ourselves that life will be better after we get married, have a baby, then another. Then

    we are 1) ______ that the kids arent old enough and well be more contented when they are. After that were

    frustrated that we have teenagers to deal 2) ______. We will certainly be happy when they are out of that stage.

    We always tell ourselves that our life will be 3) ______ when we get a better car, and are able to go on a nice

    vacation, when we retire. The truth is, theres no better time than right now. If not now, when? Our life will always be filled 4) ______ challenges (挑战). Its best to 5) ______ this to ourselves and decide to be happy anyway. One of my 6) ______ quotes comes from Alfred Souza. He said, For a long time it had seemed to me that real life was about to begin. But there was always some obstacle (障碍) 7) ______, something to be gotten 8) ______ first, some unfinished business, time still to be served, a debt to be paid. Then life would begin. At last it dawned on me

    that these obstacles were my life. This perspective (观点) has helped me to see that there is 9) ______ way to happiness. Happiness is the way. So, 10) ______ every moment that you have and remember that time waits for


no one.

    frustrating C) frustrated D ) pleased 1) A) contented B)

    2) A) to B) for C) in D) with

    3) A) satisfied B) complete C) happiest D) complex 4) A) with B) of C) in D) about

    5) A) admit B) deny C) reject D) refuse

    6) A) favorable B) favorite C) favor D) unfavorable 7) A) by the way B) in a way C) in the way D) on the way 8) A) away B) out C) through D) off

    9) A) one B) some C) not D) no

    treasure C) take D) find 10) A) treat B)



    1. We should practice speaking English very often.


    A) Yes, we could. B) Thats what I think. C) I wish I should. D) With pleasure. 2. Are you for or against my plan?


    A) Im for your plan. B) Im against it. C) You are wrong. D) Its true.

    3. What do you think of his suggestion?


    A) Its not the case. B) I dont think so.

    C) I believe so.

    D) Theres something in what he suggested.

    4) The reason I plan to go is _________ if I dont.

    A) because she will be unhappy B) that she will be unhappy C) what she will be unhappy D) for she will be unhappy 5) ________is a fact that English is accepted as an international language.

    ) What B) This C) That D) It A

    6) Word has come _________ some guests from Canada will come on a visit to our school.

    A) what B) that C) whether D) when

    7) The reason were so late is _________.

    A) for the car breaks down B) due to the car breaking down C) that the car broke down D) because the car broke down 8) _________the old mans sons wanted to know was _________ the gold had been hidden. A) That; what B) What; where C) What; that D) That; where 9) _________gives us help is welcome.

    A) No matter who B) Whoever C) Who ever D) Those who 10) was going to offer you some cake, but theres _____ left.

    A) no B) neither C) no one D) none

    Vitamins are a group of substances found in food. The body needs them for life and health. So naturally,

    many people are concerned with the question: Am I getting enough vitamins, and am I getting the right kind?

    Even though very small amounts of each vitamin are enough for the needs of the body, that many people


have not enough vitamins has some basis. And this has something to do with their diet the food they take in. A

    person eating a good variety of foods gets all the vitamins now known to be needed with the possible exception of vitamin D. The problem is that there are many people who dont choose foods wisely, dont get enough variety,

    and dont eat the basic foods they need to get their vitamins. So the answer to this question is: No extra vitamins are needed, if you eat proper food. In fact, many of the vitamins can not be stored in the body, so when extra vitamins are taken in, the body simply gets rid of them. It is even harmful to put too much of certain vitamins into the body. This has been found to be true of vitamin A and D, when large amounts are taken in.

    What foods supply what vitamins? Here is a general idea. Vitamin A, for the health of the eyes, skin, teeth, and bones, is found in green vegetables, fruits, eggs, liver and butter. Vitamin B1 which helps the nervous and digestive systems and prevents certain diseases, is found in cereals, pork and liver. Vitamin B2 is found in milk, eggs, green vegetables and meats. Vitamin C, which helps bones and teeth, is found in tomatoes, certain fruits and vegetables. These are only a few of the most important vitamins the body needs.

1) Our body needs ______ for life and health.

    A) small amounts of each vitamin B) extra vitamins

    C) all vitamins except vitamin D D) large amounts of certain vitamins

    2) C Vitamin A is needed by____ and can be found in ______.

    A) bones, pork B) nervous system, milk

    C) eyes, green vegetables D) teeth, meats

    3) A Vitamin B1 is very important to ______.

    A) the digestive system B) bones C) liver D) skin

    4) What will be the result if you take more vitamins than you really need?

    A) They will do great harm to our body.

    B) We get all the vitamins needed.

    C) Our body will function more properly.

    D) Our body simply gets rid of them.

    5) The passage has probably been taken from ______.

    A) a sports magazine B) a journal of medical science

    C) an aged magazine D) a youth journal



    1) It is best if divorced parents can _________ friendly relations for the sake of the children. A) stay B) reserve C) maintain D) preserve

    2) Jim was in _________ .Everything seemed to be going wrong.

    A) disappear B) disapproval C) display D) despair

    3) John is a great travelling _________: funny and sensible at the same time.

    A) company B) companionship C) comparison D) companion

    4) Some people like to eat apples. But some prefer bananas _________ apples.

    A) to B) with C) for D) against

    5) What do you think of this red hat? Do you think it suits me?

     _________. Perhaps another style would be better.

    A) I like it very much. B) Sorry, I have no idea.

    C) I really dont think it looks good on you. D) Yes, I know what to say.

    6) Im thinking of buying these new boots. What do you think?



    A) Dont ask me B) Its good for you C) Id rather not

    D) Good choice. You need some warm shoes for the winter

    7) Congratulations, Sam! I knew you could win the high jump event.


    A) Thanks. It was a tough competition B) It is so easy

    C) I knew I could win D) Certainly

    8) It is our parents ________we depend when we are in trouble.

    A) whoever B) whom C) on whom D) that

    9) Tom is the boy _________ , everyone thinks, will win the first prize. A) who B) whom C) whoever D) he

    10) Smoking, _________ is a bad habit, is nevertheless, still popular. A) though B) it C) that D) which

    A blonde ( 金发女郎 ) walks into a bank in New York City and asks for the loan officer. She says shes

    going to Europe 1) ______ business for two weeks and needs to borrow $5,000. The bank officer says the bank

    will need some kind of security ( 抵押 ) for the 2) ______, so the blonde hands over the keys 3) ______ a new Rolls-Royce ( 劳斯莱斯 ). The car is parked on the street in front of the bank; she has the title, and everything checks out. The bank 4) ______ to accept the car as collateral ( 抵押 ) for the loan. The banks president and its

    officers all enjoy a good laugh at the blonde for using a $250,000 Rolls 5) ______ collateral against $5,000 loan.

    An employee of the bank then proceeds to drive the Rolls into the banks underground garage and parks it there. Two weeks later, the blonde returns, 6) ______ the $5,000 and the interest, 7) ______ comes to $15.14. The loan

     ) has 8) ______ out officer says, Miss, we are very happy to have had your business, and this transaction ( 交易

    very nicely, but we are a little puzzled. While you were away, we checked you out and found that you are a

    multimillionaire. What 9) ______ us is, why you would bother to borrow $5,000? The blond replies, Where

    else in New York City can I 10) ______ my car for two weeks for only $15.41 and expect it to be there when I


1) A) for B) at C) in D) on

    2) A) money B) loan C) trip D) bank

    3) A) to B) of C) for D) on

    4) A) refuses B) declines C) advices D) agrees

    5) A) like B) as C) for D) being

    6) A) gives B) pays C) rewards D) repays

    7) A) which B) that C) it D) that

    8) A) found B) ended C) worked D) went

    9) A) pleases B) puzzles C) excites D) shocks

    10) A) put B) have C) do D) park



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