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     Module 2 My new teachers

Step1.What kind of teacher do you like?

     A. Teachers should be strict. (serious)

     B. I like the teachers who are amusing and can laugh with their students.( funny )

     C. The most popular teachers are always very kind.

     D. Good teachers should return homework quickly.

     E. Good teachers make sure that everyone in the class understands.

     F. You should be able to ask your teachers questions at any time during a lesson.

     G. It doesnt matter if a teacher is not organised .( be well prepared for )

     H. The teacher is energetic,who is full of energy.

Step2.Work in group. Which teacher would you like to have? Explain why?

Example: Id like to have Mrs Chen because her teaching is well organsied and


    1.Id like to have Mrs Li because_____________________.

    d like to have Mr Wu because_____________________ 2. I

    Step3Find words and phrases in text:

    1. in the wrong way ________

    2. move your hand through the air____

    3. dislike something/ somebody ____

    4. unwilling to do something,so not be present on accident(故意的!有意的,.


    5. at once_________.

    6. Thanks a lot. ______.

    7. Something that you leave to others when you first meet them. _________

    Read My new teachers again and answer the following questions.

    1.Which paragraphs tell us what the teachers look like? 2. What subjects does each teacher teach?

    3. Who is the most popular teacher?

    4. Who is the kindest teacher?

    5. Which teacher are students most afraid of? 6. Which teachers explain things clearly?

    7. Who is a very good teacher but is serious and strict?


    admit appreciate avoid hate joke literature respect scientific summary

    1.The young man ___ that he stole the money.

    2. I love reading good ________.

    3. Thank you so much. I really ____ your help.

    4. Its a very interesting____experiment.

    5. I ____ being late for school.

    6. Write a ____ of this text. Use about 100 words.

    7. I try to _____ boring people.

    8. I ________ you because you work hard and are a good person.

    9. That _____ was very amusing.

    Step 5 Finish the passage

     My first ___ of Mrs Li was that she was ___ and shy. But now, after two weeks, the

    class really likeworking with her. She is kind and____, and she explains English grammar ___ clearly ___even I

    can understand it ! ---she ___making you feel stupid ! Ive always hated ___mistakes

    or pronouncing a word ____ when I speak English.

     Mrs Chen is very ___----we dont dare to say a word unless she asks us to. She

    s also very ___and doesnt smile much. Some of our class dont like her , but most

    of us really ___her because her class is well ____and clear. A few students even ___liking her !

     Mr Wu is very popular and he really ___teaching Chinese ____. His class is so interesting that you dont _______ in ! He talks loudly and ___ his hands when he

    s really _____and tells ____ when he thinks were getting ____ gets excited. He

    In one word, I ____ Mr Wu a lot.

Step 6 Grammar 1 verbs followed by ---ing

     Can you find the sentences which are used verbs followed by ---ing in the text ?

    填空admit avoid consider enjoy finish imagine stop

Example: 1.The bad student admitted cheating in the exam.

    2. I dont ____ translating from Chinese to English.

    3. Li Ye ___ becoming an English teacher.

    4. You should ___ making a noise in class.

    5. I cant ___ leaving school and finding a job.

    6. I try to ___ working late at night.

    7. Wait for me ! I havent ____writing my English homework.


    A. I like ___ coffee, but today I like____tea. ( drink )

    B. Lets stop _____. The class begins! (talk)

    C. I dont mean___ you; I only mean ___you. ( hurt, help )

    D. I will try ( my best) ___ you with English. ( help )

     E. remember ,forget , regret可以跟---ing to do 做宾语:

     I regret _____ (tell ) you that you didnt pall the exam.

     Sorry, I forgot telling it to you yesterday, so that I repeated again.

     Sorry, I forget to tell it to you, I hope it isnt late now.

    F. want, need, require + to be done / doing


     The door needs repairing / to be repaired.


动名词也有主动形式和被动形式: dong / being done

    1. He tried to avoid being punished.

    2. I hate __________________. 我讨厌被嘲笑.

    3. Everyone looks forward to_________. 每个人都希望受到尊敬.

    4. When shopping , most customers usually cant help being

    persuaded to buy something unnecessary indeed. 5. Do you mind ______________ abroad ? 你介意被派往国外吗?


    1. The teacher doesnt permit ___in class.

     A. smoke B. to smoke C. smoking

    2. ---Let me tell you something about the boy.

     ----Dont you remember __ me the story yesterday?

     A. told B. telling C. to tell

    3. Your hair wants ___. Youd better have it done tomorrow.

     A. cut B. cutting C. to cut

    4. She didnt feel like ___, so he suggested __ the day in the garden.

     A. working, spending B. to work, to spend

     C. working , to spend D. to work, spending 5. I remember _____ him before, but Ive forgotten where it was.

     A. to see B. seeing C. seen D. saw

    6. I considered ___ my job, but in the end I decided ____.

     A. to change, to do not B. changing, not to

     C. changing , not to change D. to change , not to 7. The patient must be separated to avoid _____ others.

     A. being infected( 感染) B. infecting C. to infect D. infected 8. (2007.陕西) As a result of the serious flood, twothirds of the buildings in the area


     A. need repairing B. needs to repair C. needs repairing D. need to repair

    9. He tries his best to avoid ______ fun of in public ,because thats too embarrassing.

     A. to be made B. to make C. making D. being made 10. Anyone who breaks the law cant_________________________(避免受惩罚).

    11. Who broke the window?

     ---Tom did. He admitted _______ it.

     A. to break B. to have broken C. breaking D. to breaking 12.___________________?尊敬老人, is our good virtue(美德).

    13.---- Did you have a good time at the party?

     ---- Thanks. I appreciate ____ to your home.

    A. to be invited B. to have invited C. being invited D. having invited

14. Can you imagine _____ across the Pacific in only three weeks?

    A. him swim B. he swims C. him swimming D. to swim

    15. (2008安徽)___ in the fields on a March afternoon, he could feel the warmth of spring.

     A. To walk B. Walking C. Walked

    16. The schools system of serving lunch needs ____. It is too slow.

     A. to organize B. organized C. being organized D. organizing 17.____ it with me should be a good choice. Trust me.

     A. When left B. Leaving C.If you leave D. Leave

    18. The fruit ___ fresh in his fruit stand sells well.

     A. looking B. looked C. look D. to be looked

    19. The visiting president couldn’t help ___ by the beautiful scenery of Guilin in Guangxi.

     A. striking B. to be struck C. being struck D. to strike

    20. We are looking forward with hope to ____ from Ms.Smith.

     A. hear B. hearing C. heard D. being heard

    21.----Can I smoke here?

     ----Sorry. We dont allow ___ here.

     A. people smoking B. people smoke C. to smoke D. smoking

    22. (2008湖南) Susan wanted to be independent of her parents. She tried ___ alone, but she didnt

    like it and moved back home.

     A. living B. to live C. to be living D. having lived

    23.(2008 江苏)-----They are quiet, arent they?

     ----Yes. They are accustomed ___ at meals.

    A. to talk B. to not talk C. to talking D. to not talking

    24. (2007上海)There is nothing more I can try ___ you to stay, so I wish you good luck.

     A. being persuaded B. persuading C. to be persuaded D. to persuade 25.(2007安徽)---Robert is indeed a wise man.

     ----Oh, yes. How often I have regretted ____ his advice!

     A. to take B. taking C. not to take D. not taking

    26.(2006北京)I cant stand _____ with Jane in the same office. She just refuses ___ talking while she works.

     A. working; stopping B. to work; stopping C. working; to stop D. to work; to stop 27. (2006江西)After he became conscious, he remembered ___ and ___ on the head with a rod.

     A. to attack, hit B. to be attacked, to be hit C. attacking, be hit D. having been attacked, hit

    28. (2006陕西)It is divvicult to imagine his ________ the decision without any consideration.

     A. accept B. accepting C. to accept D. accepted

    29.(2007日照二模)Although a child, my son can resist ____ what to do and what not to do.

     A. being told B. telling .C to be told tell

    30. (2005北京)When asked by the police, he said that he remembered ____ at the party, but not _________.

     A. to arrive; leaving B. to arrive; to leave C. arriving; leaving D. arriving; to leave 31.(2006重庆)Isnt it time you got down to _______ the papers?

     A. mark B. be marked C. being marked D. marking

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