my reflection of real teaching

By Calvin Wood,2014-11-13 06:22
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my reflection of real teaching

    My reflection of Real teaching

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    What teaching is like as an occupation and how it might be defined? Jackson has tried to find the answer. He was the principle of a nursery school and he watched what the teachers performing and how they try to teach. And he also wanted to distinguish the different teachers. He has noticed what real teaching is and who the real teachers are! He has picked out three main convictions to show his points about tentative notions.

    The first notion is that real teaching can not be defined through teachers

    behavior. A teacher who is standing in front of the class with his or her seems to teach,

    but actually it is not means the students are learning. I quite agree with this point. For instance, the teacher is trying best to teach knowledge as much as possible in one class, he or she just shows out what are prepared to students in spite of whether the students has taken in. Maybe students are falling asleep during the boring class. On the other hand, it seems some teacher’s actions are not the behavior of teaching. They

    pay more attention to the students feedback and they spent more time to

    communicate with students but not just fed them. Actually these teachers are teaching and what they teach is more useful for students. Real teaching is exchange personal points rather than telling the information to students. It is not proper to judge a real teacher with his or her teaching action. Whether the students are learning when the teacher teaching is the most essential fact. No one can teach unless someone else learns.

    The second notion is that teaching is read instead of be seen. It is quite related to the first notion that we can judge real teaching only by seeing teachers actions. We

    may feel what we are witnessing in classrooms. As for me, when I was in junior two, my English teacher is different from other teachers. She hadnt prepared much

    grammar points to us. When other teachers wrote all around the blackboard to explain words one by one, she just played a vocabulary game with us to strength our vocabulary list and told us the regulation to remember them quickly. Playing a game is not the proper way to teach in the traditional English class. However, students are more interested in the game than the blackboard explanation. And the game show class may be more effective than the blackboard explanation. Therefore, we can feel the effect of the teaching to judge whether it is real teaching but not see the content in

    the teacher prepared. the class that

    What shocked me most during the last notion is the relationship between the teaching and learning. That is teaching is a system of actions intended to induce learning. Teachers can learn from their students when teaching. Students are teaching their teachers when they are learning. Teachers and the students are equal to teach and to learn.

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