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By Theresa Reed,2014-12-06 18:18
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On classroom teachingOn c

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    On classroom teaching

    ——classroom teaching language

    There are many factors which would influence the result of the classroom teaching, such as teaching equipment, cultural atmosphere of the campus, the history of the school and the teachers, but the most important one is classroom teaching language. Theory of teaching today regards the content and method of teaching as a significant factor for the teaching efficiency. In the classroom teaching, it makes a very complex relationship between teaching and learning, teacher and student, person and textbook, and this relationship proceeds with the deliver and feedback of information. Thus we can find that key of the multi-way and crossed relationship is classroom teaching language, which is not only the main way to obtain and consolidate the knowledge, but also the key means of opening the mind, tapping intellectual resources and developing the linguistic competence and good linguistic habit. Teaching language will help teachers solve the problems of difficult and key point , give the knowledge of textbook to the students continuously and realize the goal of making the atmosphere of classroom live as well as the relationship between students and teachers. From the

    angles of textbook, teaching language translates the inflexible and silent written material for interesting and auditory language, which offers a two-side stimulate of auditory sense and visual sense for students. In the teaching practicing, the relationship between the level of intelligence and knowledge of the teachers and the teaching efficiency is not always direct proportion. Due to the research, students will learn well as the teachers can express their ideas accurately, while students will get a bad grade when teachers explain the question ambiguously. Consequently the level of teaching language of teachers contributes to the teaching efficiency.

    Now that the teaching language is so important, what is excellent teaching language?

    Firstly, teaching language need accurateness. As a teacher, you have to use the concepts exactly, judge scientifically and reason logically. Otherwise you will not be trusted by students. If you can express yourself and explicate the textbook effectively, you will be noticed by students. Therefore teaching language will influence students by environment, and affect the teaching efficiency.

    Secondly, teaching language need vivid expression. The teacher should teach students with language of literary grace and

    interest, and he can make the students see a picture and hear the songs through his expression. He must learn to how to use allegory and be good at simplifying the complex knowledge and crystallizing the abstract concept. If the teachers want to master this skill, he should have a good knowledge of vocabulary and sentences. But this is not enough, teachers should have deep understanding about the knowledge and textbook. Only in this way can the teachers express well and make the teaching content out in one piece. Then the teacher should have a fine sense of humor, which is good for students feel relaxed and delighted. In addition, teachers will be a easy-going person. And the speed of teaching language should be not quick and slow. Otherwise students cannot grasp the teacher and the teaching efficiency would be not satisfied enough.

    Thirdly, teaching language needs emotion.

    Teaching-learning that comes from the exchanging of the mind of teachers and students, requires the teacher to pay more emotion and make the knowledge into the students mind. When students

    feel shocked by the teacher, they will understand the importance of knowledge. It is said by Chinese that spring rain moistens everything silently, and the emotional language is like the spring rain. While, a teacher loves his students and he will influence

them naturally. What’s more, the relationship between teachers

    and students will be more harmonious.

    Lastly, teaching language needs creativity. Every school year, teachers face the same textbook. Every day, teachers face the same students. If the teachers use the same teaching models, teaching styles and teaching language, they will make their students boring. Students lose their interest, which is very terrible thing! Boring as you are ,so are your students. A teacher who just says the same thing like other people is not a creative teacher and isnt accepted by students. So a teacher should have his own opinion about the teaching content. What a teacher said should let students feel enjoyable and be inspired to create. When the students are inspired by a teacher, they may have many questions to ask. A teacher like this is a real successful teacher.

    To be a good teacher and to grasp the skill of teaching language should be a responsibility of every teacher. Mastering the skill of teaching language will make our classroom alive, which is one dream of teachers and students.

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