choose two american or british novels

By Dale Young,2014-09-30 19:06
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choose two american or british novels

Choose two American or British novels

    Title and author

    1. Main characters

    2. How they change/grow

The old man and the sea

     The Old Man And The Sea, by Ernest Hemingway, tells the story of the old man’s journey.

    The two main characters in this short novel are the fisherman (the old man) and the fish. It starts off on land, where the old man is ready for his journey to the sea. “As he rowed he heard the

    trembling sound as the flying fish left the water.” That was the only sound, that and “The dip of the oars.” ;;

    Love, death, and friendship are very important in this short novel. The way Hemingway shows the old man’s affection towards the sea, and the fish is just by love, death, and friendship. The old man thinks of the fish as his “brothers,” not as just something that he could survive on. The fish in

    Cayuga Lake are as beautiful as the way the old man describes them. The old man is not quitter. The conscience inside both of them tells them to “keep trying,” “don’t give up.” Friendship is one of the main themes in the two books The Old Man and The Sea and Of Mice and Men. In The Old Man and The Sea the old man treats his friends with the same respect, love, and harshness as characters in Of Mice and Men. The old man respects the fish and loves it like a brother, but has to kill it because he has to survive. George in Of Mice and Men, respects and loves Lennie (one of the main characters in the book) but has to kill him because the other people will just make him suffer as they killed him slowly.;;;

Romeo and Juliet

     Verona, Italy, two families of mutual hostility. Caplet their family is headed by the father of Juliet and Romeo headed by the father of the family Montt. A violent clash between two families, casts a shadow over the city. Romeo is a day indulging in the fantasy of youth and love. Encouraged by friends in Latin America Mok Chiu, Romeo participated in the fancy dress party held by Caplet home. To Lai Li Ye Juliet's mother married a young man she has chosen and sponsored by the party, but the opposite has been true. Juliet met in a dance Romeo, two Selections of Falling Love at First Sight. Romeo at the end of the ball home after sneaking into the backyard and Juliet Caplet God, they love each other to talk to the screen for him. With the help of the priests, two secret to the result of marriage. Father hope to eliminate the long-standing hatred between the two families. Juliet's cousin, Thailand and China is a brutal killing of a good guy, he

    has found his duel with the requirements of Romeo, Romeo's hopes for peace were rejected. Romeo crazy to beat Thailand and China have aroused the anger Mok Chiu asked. Romeo in the deterrent, not kill the child Mok Chiu Thailand and China, but Thailand and China has the opportunity to kill a child Mok Chiu. This tragedy occurred, angry Romeo killed Thailand and China, was punished by expulsion. Romeo and Juliet meet and leave in the middle of the night, but now they want Juliet Juliet's father married a young man she does not love. Father in the planning, pretend to take poison Juliet commit suicide, but the priest's letter did not reach the hands of Romeo. Romeo received the news arrived at the church, on Juliet woke up and had to drink a toxic drug Romeo, Juliet has also shot himself. The feud between two families that led to a younger generation of romantic tragedy.

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