unit5 Enjoying novels

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unit5 Enjoying novels

    Unit 5 Enjoying novels


    1. Type of writing and summary of THE RISE OF ENGLISH AUTHORIESSES IN THE TH19 CENTURY


    An Exposition


    One hundred years ago in England there produced five of the most courageous and gifted authoresses: Jane Austen, the three Bronte sisters (Charlotte, Emily and Anne), and the writer

    known as George Eliot. Para. 1


    Jane Austen (1775-1817) was the first of these The sentence “Everyone knows that a single

    man with a fortune must be in want of a wife.” great women writers. Para. 2

    is making fun of those mothers whose only

    wish is to marry their daughters well.

    Para. 3


    After Jane Austen, authoresses, including the three Bronte sisters, had to publish their works using men’s names, and Mary Ann Evans did the same and wrote under the name of George Eliot.

    Para. 4


    Being the most famous of the three Bronte The fifth premier authoress of this period was sisters Charlotte Bronte’s (1816-1855) novels George Eliot (1819-1880) whose novels

    were revolutionary for the explicit way they examined the morally ambiguous concessions described women struggling against their people make in their lives in order to succeed.

    restricted roles in society. Para. 5 Para. 6 1 高考我做主@高考试题库


    thWith the 19 century being regarded as one of great women writers, there were also such excellent male authors as Charles Dickens (1812-1870) whose novels describe the hardships of poor people

    who did not possess money or a sponsor to smooth their path. Para. 7

    TH2. A diagram of THE RISE OF ENGLISH AUTHORIESSES IN THE 19 CENTURY 2 高考我做主@高考试题库

    A century ago five British most courageous

    and gifted authoresses Para. 1

    Jane Austen the first of the “Everyone knows that a single great writers Para. 2 man with a fortune must be in

    want of a wife.” Para. 3

    After Jane Austen authoresses

    publishing their works using

    men’s names Para. 4

    sisters Charlotte George Eliots examining

    Bronte’s novels the morally ambiguous

    revolutionary Para. 5 concessions Para. 6

    th century being regarded as With the 19

    one of great women writers, there being

    also such excellent male authors as

    Charles Dickens Para. 7 3 高考我做主@高考试题库 4 高考我做主@高考试题库

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