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see from helen




    6. A. He is ill. B. He wactchin TV. C. He is working. 7. A.She is well. B. Shes at home. C. She likes swimming.

    8. A.Yes, I think so. B.Id love to. C. Im glad you like it.

    9.A. Two weeks ago. B. In two weeks. C. For two weeks. 10. A. No, you cant. B. Yes, I want to buy a bag. C. Take it easy.


    A) 你将听到五段对话及五个问题。读两遍。

    11. A. A teacher. B. A doctor. C. A waitress. 12. A. In Janes room. B. On her chair. C. On her desk. 13. A. America. B. Canada. C. Australia. 14. A. Sunny. B. Rainy. C. Snowy.

    15. A. A toy. B. A book. C. A cake. B!你将听到一段对话级两个问题。读两遍。

    16. A. About three and half hours.

     B. About three hours.

     C. About two and a half hours.

    17. A. Meet the man at a cake shop.

     B. Go to the concert.

     C. Work late.


    18. A. English. B. Maths. C. Physics. 19. A.She hasnt done her book review yet.

     B. She has already taken three tests.

     C. She is afraid of Mr Arnold.

    20. A. Useful. B. Difficult. C. Interesting. 四、听对话,根据对话内容填表格。读两遍。,5分!

    Name David Johnson

    Address Flat 21._____________, Block2,Garden Estate

    Telehpone number 22._____________

    Type of pizza seafood

    Size of pizza 23._____________

    Drinks 3 bottles of beer and a bottle of 24. __________ juice

    Other things a plate of chicken with 25.__________ and a plate of beef with onions


    五( 单项选择,每小题1分,共15分!

    1.He speaks neither Russian nor French, __________ _________ ?

    A. can he B. does he C. doesnt he D. cant he

    2.My sister wants to have a bike _________ her own.

    A. on B. to C. of D. by 3. ---Dont forget to give my best wishes to your mother.


     A. No, I wont. B. OK, I will. C. Yes, I wont.

     D. Yes, I do.

    4. I like this bike. It _________ well.

     A. is ridden B. rides C. is riding D. rode

    5. Thirty pounds ________ too much for this coat.

     A. are B. were C. is D. has

6. The boy was seen _______ the room just now.

     A. was entering B. entered C. to enter D. entering 7. If people _______ cutting the forest, they will have nowhere _________.

     A. keep;to live in B. will keep;to live

    C. keep;to live D. will keep;to live in

    8. Linda was just going out _______ the phone rang.

     A. while B. when C. after D. because 9. Mum will give him ________ to eat.

     A. sth real Chinese B. real Chinese sth C. sth really Chinese D. really Chinese sth

    10.__________ he left here?

     A. Do you think when B. When do you think

     C. Do you think how long D. How long do you think 11. ---Lets plan a surprise for our class, whats your idea?

     ---Why not ________a short party?

    A. get on B. keep on C. have on D. put on 12.. The house _________ they live ______ was built in 1928.

     A. which;/ B. that;/ C. which;in D. where;in 13. This book is ________ interesting than that one.

     A. litter more B. a little more C. little much D. a little more much

    14..Yesterday I ________ in bed because I had fever.

     A. lay B. lie C. lied D. lain

    15.The story happened in ________.

     A. 19 century B. 19 centuries

    thth C. the 19 century D. 19 century


    Once upon a time, a rich man wanted to make a trip (旅行) to another town. He tried not only to take things to sell but also to take money to 1 things with. He 2 to take ten

    servants with him. They would 3 the things to sell and the food to 4 on their trip.

    Before they started, a little boy ran up to 5 and asked to 6 with them.

     The rich man said to the little boy, “Well, 7 may go with us. 8 you are the

    smallest, the thinnest and the weakest of all my 9 , you can‟t carry a 10 load (

    ). You must 11 the lightest one to carry.” The boy thanked his master and chose the

    biggest load to carry. That was bread.

    “You are 12 .” said his master, “That is the biggest and the heaviest one.” The boy

    said 13 and lifted the load gladly.

     On the trip they walked for days and at last they got to the town. All the servants were

    tired 14 the little servant. Do you know 15 ? Most of the bread was eaten during the trip and a little was left when they arrived at the town. 1. A. eat B. buy C. change D. get

    2. A. decided B. liked C. hoped D. tried

    3. A. take B. bring C. carry D. borrow

    4. A. cook B. eat C. buy D. drink

    5. A. them B. the servants ,仆人!

C. the road D. the rich man

    6. A. stop B. stay C. go D. talk

    7. A. you B. he C. I D. they

    8. A. Since B. If C. Because D. But 9. A. family B. guests C. servants D. things 10. A. heavy B. light C. small D. difficult 11. A. eat B. choose C. pick up D. understand 12. A. brave B. right C. clever D. foolish 13. A. sorry B. nothing C. angrily D. good-bye 14. A. besides B. of C. except D. with 15. A. who B. him C. that D. why

六( 阅读理解,每小题2分,共40分!


    Dear Cary.

    My mom died when I was 16. I wasnt really ready for my mom to die. I got angry

    with God for letting my mom die. It was impossible for me to realize the fact that she

    had been dead. In my heart, she just left town to buy some things for me, but she

    never came back.

     Now,20 years has passed. I am still in pain. I cant accept the truth that my mom has been dead. I guess my problem is: I am an immature(不成熟)man and I have become messed up(乱糟糟)because my mom died. Can you tell me why How can I change my life and my emotion?

     Im waiting for your answers.


Dear John,

     Your moms death was painful. But you were smart. You acted like a man at that time, but

    you were not a man. You were just a boy of 16.

     It worked OK, so you kept doing it. But now youre in your 30s; you have to grow up, or

    youll never become a man. These days, you really need to be present (在场的)for some things-for your wife, for your life, for your writing. You cannot be present and absent at the same time. Its time to be present.

     Dont worry. You lost your mom and never cried and thats OK. Thats what young men do in this kind of situation. Now its time to become a man and face the truth and become


     You were 16. You werent messed up. You were just a kid. You just werent ready for your mom to die.

     Now youre ready.


56.Whats Johnns problem?

    A. He wants to have another mom.

    B. He thinks he is an immature man.

    C. His mom cant help him clean his room.

    D. He was not at home when his mom died.

    57.What does John probably do?

    E. He is a teacher. B.He is a writer.

    C. He is a doctor. D. He is a God.

    58. How old is John now?

     A. 36 B. 32 C. 28 D. 20

    59. Which of the following is NOT true, according to the passage?

     A. John has got married. B. John was angry with God.

     C. John can accept the truth that his mom has been dead.

     D. 20 years has passed since Johns mom died.

    60.What does Cary advise John to do?

     A. To cry a lot for his mom. B. To think of his mom and start his new life.

     C. To forget his mom and smart his new life.. D. To face the truth and become stronger.


     Barack Obama has made history by becoming the first African-American president in Americn history.

     Barack Obama was born in Hawaii on August 4, 1961. His parents separated when he was two years old and later divorced(离婚).Obama grew up with his mother in Hawaii, and

    for a few years in Indonesia. Later, he moved to New York, where he graduated from Columbia University in 1983. Obama met his wife, Michelle Robinson, in June 1989 and married her on October 3,1992. The couples first daughter, Malia Ann, was born in 1998,

    followed by a second daughter, Natasha(Sasha), in 2001.

     Obamas success is a true milestone. It tells of a fact that in America you really do get a chance to do anything if you have the talent and ability and you work hard enough.

     Obama didnt take office until 20 January, 2009. As a president, he has to face many serious challenges, including two foreign wars, climate change and what he has describe as the worst financial crisis in a century. But Obama himself is busy dealing with these


    61.How old was Barack Obama when he became American president?

    A. 48 B. 40 C. 37 D. 31

    62.Obamas success tells us what __________.

     A. anyone can become president if he works hard

     B. black people can achieve anything if they have talent.

     C..everyone can succeed if he is lucky enough.

     D. a talented person can succeed if he works hard enough.

    made history in the first paragraph mean? 63. What does the underline phrase

     A. 编造历史 B 创造历史 C杜撰历史 D 改造历史

    64. According to the passage, Obama has to face the following challenges except _______.

     A. climate change B. financial crisis C. population problem D. foreign wars

65. The whole passage is mainly about Obamas ________.

     A. success B. family C. education D. experience


    Audrey Hepburn was a very famous actress. She had a lot of fans all over the world. She

    thwas born on 4 May, 1929 in Belgium. Hepburns father left her when she was 6 years old.

    From then on, she didnt see her father often. When she was a small child, she helped to pass messages for the army in the Second World War. For her, family was the most important. She had two sons, Sea Ferrer and Luca Dotti.

    Audrey Hepburn wanted most of all to be a dancer. But she later learned that she wouldnt be the best dancer, so she tried to do something else. After doing some jobs like modelling and acting, she became a new star in films such as Breakfast at Tiffanys, My Fair

    Lady, Funny Face, and Roman Holiday.

    Audrey Hepburn s charity work

     Hepburn was famous not just as an actress; she was also very famous for her charity work. In the 1980s, she became an ambassador to UNICEF. She visited countries in need and helped to raise money for them. She loved children and wanted to help them. She said that she knew well about the feeling of hungry,because during the second World War she had little food to eat.

    th Audrey Hepburn died on 20 January, 1993. Many people love her and think highly of her, it seems that nobody has a bad word to say about her.

    66.Which of the following movie doesnt belong to Audry Hepbern?

    A. My Fairy Lady. B. Funny Face C. Avanta D. Roman Holiday. 67.Why was Audrey Hepburn famous?

    nd A. She helped to pass messages for the army in the 2 World War.

     B. People love her and think highly of her.

     C. She was a movie star.

     D. She was famous not just as an actress but also for her charity work. 68. Where was she from?

     A.The USA B. Belgium C. Africa D. Rome

    69. From the passage, we mainly know___________.

     A. She died of illness. B.She was famous when she was a kid.

     C. Movies were as important as her family.

     D. She tried many kinds of jobs, at last acting was the most successful one. 70. The best title of the passage should be _________.

     A. Audrey Hepburns charity work

     B. Audrey Hepburn death

     C. Audrey Hepburn s dreams and jobs

     D. the life of Audrey Hepburn

    D. 任务型阅读。

    Whats your idea of a perfect mom?

    In America, moms of the 1950s and 60s in the TV plays were the perfect example. They

    always made freshly cooked meals and had a tidy house. It was their full-time job to care for the children and the home. It meant that the home was the real center of mothers lives. But

that was 40-50 years ago. Times have changed, and so have the roles of moms.

     In the US, in the 1960s, society began to change. The womens liberation movement(解放

    运动) caused women to question their traditional and solid roles. And women began leaving

    their homes to get jobs or go back go school. Society changed in Asia, too. Fifty years later, it

    becomes normal for mothers to work outside the home without the exception(例外). This is

    true in both America and Asia.

     Mothers today serve as presidents, CEOs, university teachers and airline pilots. In fact,

    they can be found in every profession(职业). But most people will tell you their most important job is still being a mom.


    71.Moms work outside the home in both America and Asia now.(T or F) 72.Do mothers only work in some special professions today? 73.When did women begin leaving their homes to get jobs in the US? 74.Accordng to the passage, wht is the most important job for a perfect mom? 75.Put the underlined sentence in the passage into Chinese. 八(首字母提示写单词,每小题1分,共5分!

    76. The workers are all ___________ (反对)the boss‟s idea strongly.

    77. Ten years ago, Toms _________() made us really sad.

    78. My elder brother decided to go abroad to continue his ___________(教育)

    79. The new restautant can s_________(招待)many people every day

    80. To tell the t________, I hate the orange sweater.



    Tom:What are you going to do after leaving school?

    Bill:Im thinking about becoming a plane driver.____81____. Tom:So you like travelling,don‟t you?

    Bill:Of course I do. I like to visit different places,make different friends and different things.

    Tom:That sounds good.______82______.

    Bill:What do you want to be in the future?

    Tom:_____83________.I like to go into business and make money. Bill:______84______.

    Tom:Youre right..______85______.

    Bill:Yes.I agree with you.

A. Business people are very busy,you know.

    B. I like planes very much.

    C. That way I would be able to travel.

    D. But Im always thinking busyis better than free.

    E. Ive changed my idea now.

    F. Maybe Ill be a businessman.

    G. But I would rather live in one place.


    86. 1昨天阿里来看我,呆了不到十分钟就走了。

     Yestersay Ali _________ ________ me and stayed less than 10 minutes before he left.. 87. 请为我们提供一些有关网上购物的信息。

     Please ____________ us _________ some information about shopping online. 88. 请注意我将要说的话。

    Pleae ____________ ___________ to what I will say.


    Sometimes I found _________ to music ______________.

    90. 多久以后印度人口将要超过中国:

     How soon will the popoulation of India be __________ that _________ of China?








    1.看电视,30人! 2.玩电脑游戏,12人! 3.听音乐

    常用放松方式 8人! 4.进行体育锻炼,5人! 5.没有时间放松,5


    你的观点 哪一种,些!放松方式是适当的: 为什么:

    注意; 1.短文包括对调查相关信息的介绍和你自己的观点, 2.词数;80-100


     The Proper Way(s) for students to Relax

     I am the monitor of Class 3,Grade3,No.22Middle School.Recently I have made a survey of the students in my class on ways to relax after class.

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