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The Spring Festival

The Spring Festival Chinese New Yearis the most important

    festival for all of us. Chinese Spring Festival celebrating the end of winter and the warmth of spring.

    It began in the last day of the lunar year, end in the 15th day of lunar New Year, The last day of the Chinese New Year is another festival. It names the Lantern Festival. during which people do not work except for the workers on duty. Students do not go to school and shops are closed. Several days before the new year

    people begin to prepare. Farmers kill pigs sheep cocks and

    hens. City dwellers buy meat fish and vegetables.

    During the Spring Festival, people clean house, use red lantern and Spring Festival couplets decorate a house, put on all kinds of colored clothes. All family members get together on New Year' Eve to have a big meal. together eat dumplings, fish, meat and

    other delicious food.

After the meal we watch TV until the clock points to twelve.

    CCTV will held the grand Spring Festival gala. we have watched

    with relish. Evening programs colorful: comic, sketch let us into the new year; singing, dancing along with singing and dancing for us; magic, acrobatics Let us praise click one's tongue.

    Street with dragon and lion dance and some other carnival activities. At about 12 o'clocksome parents and children light

    crackers.The whole sky is lighted brightly. We may watch the fireworks excitedly. Some like a "meteor shower", and some

    like "starry sky", and some such as "flamboyant" ... ... how much like "sky gardens"! How busy it is;

     almost everyone is dressed in On the first day of the new year

    his or her best. When people meet on the way they say to each

    other "Happy New Year". Friends and relatives pay new year calls and gives presents to each other. The children are looking forward to receiving red envelope money, and together they play each other the fireworks, with happy.

    During the Spring Festival ,we are all very happy!

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