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    Who are flaunting wealth

    Several days ago, my roommate told me a piece of interesting news about his two high school classmates who are sharing a relationship of love. The boy in Beijing sent his girlfriend lots of nice gifts ,including rose flowers ;up-market clothes ,a new phone and a big toy bare and so forth .The girl took photos of these gifts and put them on the website to show her happiness which instantly attracted innumerable eyeballs.

    Many friends made comments on it .One wrote Oh, another Guo

    meimei, and some other similar comments expressed the mutual point: the girl should be blamed for this behavior.

    But I have a different gender. Everyone has a desire to show their happiness and feel happy from others admiration. Just like that it is

    laughable to blame a child to show his new toy car or her new shirt to his or her little partners. However, there are many wealth-flaunters are raising anger of the whole society. So are there any differences between these wealth flaunt events? Of course!

     For example, the girl mentioned before has a wealthy family and

    she just showed several photos, in other words, she did a normal thing at least if it didnt measure up to our traditional prefect moral standards, which means that a person should be modest .So we have no necessity to attach so much importance to that .Make a comparison, we can find the truth hidden under the wealth flaunt is what people really concerned and it is the key.

     Take the girl Go meimei for example, all people are wondering how dose a twenty-year-old girl should own so much surprising wealth, while she has no wealthy family nor is she a superstar who make her fortune over a night . And why can she get a profession which seems to have a close relationship with the famous charity community? No answer! And a series of things following this add more confusion to the truth so that the truth is hidden deeply.

     Without doubt these so called wealth-flaunters are making considerable bad effect on our society .First they damage societys

    stability and reduce peoples confidence for our government .After the

    Guo meimei event some people stated that they would not donate

    money through the charity for fearing that their money only become the capital for some people to lead a luxury life .More serious is that these events are damaging our nations moral ethic .More and more people

    are losing their origin kind heart .People do not admire those who give of themselves to the county any longer ,contrast to this the belief that it is

    unforgivable if you do not make your own fortune is held in high esteem by more people ,especially some young people .It is definitely a disaster to our nation .You can never expect that a country can become stronger and wealthier with all its citizens concern only their own profits .And the miserable story about a little girl called yueyue has give us a very clear warning .

     Take this matter further, we may ask how does our society come to this embarrassed situation and mind you, we have always been taking priding in our long history in moral .Even when we were facing the most tough period at the 1950s when our country can not produce enough food to nurture its citizens, our parents still knew to help others. But now, when our county are becoming the second largest economic country, we forget what our nation has persist for thousands of years. The direct reason is that the income inequality. If a person who own a large wealth while his neighborhood are still struggle to earn money to support their family ,it is as easy for him to feel superior to them as his neighborhoods think society is not fair ,then the contradiction comes . And when our country guiders make the measures to strengthen the economic, probably they did not foresee these possible prospects. And compared that with the Capture Wall Street which occurred in America, we can make a

    conclusion that income inequality play an important role in the series flaunt wealth events. In addition to the income inequality the shortage in

    education also amounts to this situation, our education concerns more on the mark but the student moral education, causing a decline on moral.

    It is evident that it is the very time to take steps to improve this situation before it comes to an uncured situation. Most of all, the government should consider how to reduce the income inequality so that all people can enjoy the prosperity of our country, then it is necessary to rebuilt our moral ethic via reinforcing moral education in order to make the people learn how to use their money wisely rather than only use it to lead a luxury life or make comparison with others.

    It might be a tough appointment to accomplish, so we must give our best. And mere words wont help .From now we need actual actions.

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