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    Unit 1 Chinatown in America Teaching aims:

    1. Be able to talk about Chinatown in America. 2. Be able to use there is/ are‟ to describe the things in a place. Teaching keys :

    1. Use the sentences patterns correctly to describe some places.

    2. Use the sentences patterns freely: there is / there are lots of

    Teaching difficulties:

     The using of there is /are correctly. Teaching methods:

    language communicative approach

    The analysis of the students and the materials: 本节课的文化知识对学生来说应该不会陌生?但语言的掌握会有一定

    得难度。 而且牵涉There is/are 的用法?更加使本课的句型增加难度。

    Teaching procedures:

    Step1. Revision

    1. Greetings

    2. Say the chant from Module1.

    Step2. Presentation

    1. T: America, America, there are lots of things to see. Look, what can

    you see? ( Show the picture of Chinatown and teach: Chinatown)

    This is the Chinatown in San Francisco. Its very big and famous.

    2. Show the Chinatown in London , Sydney and New York, say to the

    students: Look, there is a Chinatown in London / Sydney /New York.

    Teach and practise the sentenceThere is a Chinatown in

    3. Show the Chinatown in New York, ask the students: what s in

    Chinatown? What can you see?

    Teach and practise the sentences: There are lots of Chinese shops

    /restaurants. And there is Chinese dancing.

    4. Say a chant with the melody of the chant from Module1:

    Chinatown, Chinatown

     There are lots of Chinese shops.

     There are lots of Chinese restaurants,

     And there is Chinese dancing.

    Step3. Practice

    1. T: Daming has been in New York for a long time. Now he misses his

    family very much. So Simon wants to take him to Chinatown. Now

    lets see when they are going to Chinatown.

    2. Listen and answer: When are they going to Chinatown? Can they go

    now? Why?

    3. Listen to Part 1 and answer: What is Daming doing?

    Listen to Part 2 and find “There is\ There are” and repeat the


    Listen to the whole text and read after the CD-ROM. 4. Read or act in roles.

    Step4. Production

    T: Now Daming and Simon are visiting Chinatown in New York. They visit a park, a zoo, a school, lots of Chinese shops and restaurants. Now

    please make up a dialogue after the modle and act it out. Modle:

    Daming: Wow! The Chinatown is great!

    Simon: Yes.Look,there is a (park).Lets go and see.

    Daming: OK! Oh,there are lots of (Chinese people). And there is(Chinese


    Simon: Now lets go to (the zoo).

    Step5. End the class

    Enjoy the songcountry road, take me home调?


    We have the same eyes,

    The same color.

    The same heart.

    China,we do miss you .

    Step6. Homework

Search something about Chinatown in other countries. And write three

sentences at least.

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