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    Unit 1 The Great Wall

    Teaching aims:

    1. Be able to talk about a place or some animals with partners. 2. Be able to master the using of is/s, are.

    Teaching keys :

    1. Use the adj. correctly to describe something or some place. 2. Use the sentences freely: tell me more about , its about/got

    Teaching difficulties:

     s sometimes means is, and sometimes means has.

    Teaching methods:

     Task- based approach , language communicative approach The analysis of the students and the materials:



    Teaching procedures:

    Step1. Revision

    1. Greetings

    2. Ask and answer: where did you go during the summer holidays? 3. I do you say: short ,long, tall,short, big, small, fat, thin. 4. Say a chant:

    Tall, tall, tall, make yourself tall. Short, short, short, make yourself

    short.Big, big, big, make your eyes big. Small, small, small, make

    your eyes small. Long, long, long, make your arms long. Short, short,

    short, make your arms short.

    Step2. Presentation

    1. CAI shows the pictures of Beijing.

    T: I went to Beijing in the summer vocation. I took lots of pictures. Look

    at this one, its a picture of the (write the title the Great Wall and

    the sentence “Its a picture of…”on the blackboard and practise


    T: Now you tell me something about the Great Wall. ( Is it big/ long/


    Tell me more about the Great Wall. How long is it? ( CAI shows the

    answer and then the teacher writes the answer on the Bb)

    Read after the teacher; Practise by taking a train.

    2. T: Now look at these pictures. Beijing is great. And its really big.

    How big is it? Do you know?(CAI shows the answer and the teacher

    helps the students answer)

    Write the question and answer on the blackboard, read after the

    teacher. Ask and answer in pairs.

    3. Show the headwearing of Daming and Simon.

    TWho are they? Where is Daming Daming is in New York with his

    cousin,Simon. They are talking about some postcards of Beijing and

    the Great Wall. Lets go and see. Listen to the first paragraph. 4. Now Simon knows something about the Great Wall, but Daming

    doesnt know something about New York. So Simon tells him about it.

    Listen to the second paragraph and find out about New York. How big

    is it?

    Listen to second paragraph and answer.

    Step3. Practice

    1. Listen and repeat.

    2. Read or act in roles.

    Step4.Extension ( show some pictures) Look at this pictures.The first one is about the Yellow River. The second is about the Changjiang River./ the Huangshan Mountain/ Xiangjiang River/Changsha/ Wuhan. Please work in pairs and make a dialogue like this:

     A: Look. Its a picture of

    How long /big /high/ is it

     BIts about kilometers.

     Its got aboutpeople.

    Step5. Homework

     Listen and recite the text.

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