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    quote v. 报价,上市,引用

    We now quote you for 2000 dozen of silk blouses at USD 120 per dozen CIF New York. Would you quote us your lowest price CFR London for 200 tons of peanuts? The exporter may quote on one parcel of goods to more than one prospective buyer. After three years of trading, the company is now quoted on the stock exchange. He quoted from the annual report to support his arguments.

    quote n. 报价;单;

    We will send you quotes and samples

    quotation n. 报价;单;,估价;单;

    We shall appreciate it if you will send (make, give) us your best quotation for 200 tons of chemical fertilizer for May shipment.

    Your quotations are too high to be workable.

    All quotations are subject to change without notice.


    offer n.

    1. 提出?提议;sth. put forward

    Thank you for your offer of help.

    2. 报盘?发盘

    Please make us an offer CIF Hamburg for (on) 70 tons of frozen rabbit meat.

    The offer is firm (valid, good, open) for three days.

    The offer is subject to our confirmation (prior sale).

    Owing to the unusual shortage of stock, this offer is made subject to the goods being

    unsold (subject to prior sale or to the goods being free).

    firm offer 实盘

    non-firm offer (offer without engagement or obligation) 虚盘

    combined offer 搭配报盘

    lump offer 综合报盘

    counter-offer 还盘

    This is a lump offer; you must accept all or none.

    verbs used with offer:

    to make (send, give) an offer 发盘

    to fax (e-mail) an offer 传真;电子邮件;发盘

    to entertain an offer 考虑;接收;发盘

    to extend an offer 延长发盘

    to accept an offer 接受发盘

    to renew (reinstate) an offer 恢复发盘

    to withdraw an offer 撤消发盘

    to cancel an offer 取消发盘

    offer v. 提出,报盘,报价

    For quantities of 2 tons and over, we offer a discount of 12%.

    We offer firm FOB Shanghai 5 metric tons of Walnut meat subject to your reply here by Friday our time.

    *Quotation is different from offer. The former usually refers to a unit price with delivery terms, while the latter contains not only that, but also quantity, time of shipment, payment terms, the time of validity of the offer, etc. From the legal point of view, the offer, if and when it is made firm, holds the seller who makes an offer, responsible for this business after it is accepted by the buyer. A quotation is more or less an indication of price, which is subject to change without previous notice. However, these two words are sometimes confused in use.


    price n. 价格

    The price varies according to the quality.

    Business is possible, if you can reduce (cut, lower) your price by 10%.

    We cannot trim anything off the price.

    Please quote your price FOB Shanghai.

    I have here our price sheet on CIF basis.

    The prices are given without engagement.

    Prices advanced over 50 percent.

    Wheat has hit its lowest price in the decade.

    Modifiers of price

    1. attractive, acceptable, competitive, convincing, feasible, in line with the market, low,

    practical, realistic, reasonable, tempting, workable

    2. on the high side, out of line with the market, unreasonable, unworkable, prohibitive,

    excessive, fabulous, high, impracticable, infeasible.

    verbs used with price:

    Price is looking up (running high, strengthening, rising, tending upward, has shot up;

    dropping, falling, has dipped, has downslided, tending downward, levelling off)

    average price 平均价

    bargain price 廉价

    cash price 现款价

    spot (forward) price 现货;期货;价

    opening (closed) price 开盘;收盘;价

    ceiling (floor) price 最高;低;价

    current (ruling) price 现行价

    price v. 定价;to fix a price

    We have priced our new product at $5. (The product is priced at $5)

    You have priced it too high (low).

    Our willow products are exquisitely made and moderately priced.

    We are in danger of pricing ourselves out of the market.


advise v. 通知,建议?劝告,提出意见

    We advise having shipped contract No.123 per S.S. Red Star.

    We will advise you of the name of the vessel as soon as possible.

    They strongly advised him to accept the offer.

    The company has advised that the relative L/C has been opened.

    keep sb. advised of 随时告知

    The company shall keep the distributor advised of the change. advice n. 意见?建议,通知

    Several pieces of advice by our end-users have been adopted.

    under advice 同时通知

    Please approach your bank to amend the relative L/C under advice to us.

    shipping advice 装船通知

    advisable a. 可取的?明智的

    adviser(-or) n. 顾问

    advisory a. 忠告的?顾问的,咨询的

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