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By Antonio Harris,2014-12-06 17:18
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    2009级教育学一班 40915033 熊艳丽

    Classroom assessment

     ——on classroom assessment language

    Classroom assessment language is the assessment of language with which the teacher uses for the students’ behavior on learning in the classroom, and is the immediate feedback for the live action of students. If a teacher could make most use of assessment language, he would let his classroom interesting and lively, further more, he would encourage his students learning actively. Therefore, it is extremely important to apply classroom assessment language to assess students properly and suitably. It is necessary for teachers to master the language skills like following advice.

    First of all, the teachers’ assessment language should be brief and accurate. In the face of the advantages and disadvantage of students, teachers should point out them briefly and make the students carefully know their questions and solve them immediately. For instance, a student said, “I am like playing basketball.” The

    teacher looked at his eyes and said, “How interesting your favorite sport! But you

    make a wrong sentence; there are two verbs in your sentence. Have you find them? Yes, they are ‘am’ and ‘like’. Please remember that we cannot use two verbs or more in one sentence. the assessment language like this example is

    direct and distinct, which is meaningfully for students to incorrect themselves.

    Secondly, there should be encouragement and appreciation in teachers’

    assessment language. Everyone is eager to be appreciated and encouraged inside of their mind, especially the students. Although as teachers we are, we long to help students find their difficulty on learning and point out their mistakes, occasionally we are so strict that injure the students, even make them lose their confidence to improve themselves. As a result, teachers should be good at “saying good to students”, that means teachers could give an objective and active

    assessment for the students’ behavior. Active assessment has an effect on the

    students study, and it would motivate them into learning. The appreciation of teachers would give the students a sense of achievement which is much more effective to let them develop their initiative. Whether the good learning habit or wonderful presentations could be the materials which the teacher finds students’

    advantages from. For example, when a student cannot speak fluently but pronounce accurately, the teacher should confirm his pronunciation and encourage him practicing more. The appreciation of teachers would strengthen the self-confidence of students which gives them happiness of success.

    Thirdly, teachers should have a sense of humor. The teaching style of humor can make the classroom atmosphere wonderful and delighted, which is enjoyed by most of the students. Students would feel relaxed and happy from this kind of classroom atmosphere, and this atmosphere will let them learn and think actively. For instance, a student said, “There are two birds on the apple tree.” The teacher said, “While, the tree would not be a apple tree, and it should be a bird

    tree .because the bird is ‘on’ the tree not ‘in’ the tree.” This interesting example will

    make the child remember the difference between “in” and “on”. So humorous assessment language will help students keep the knowledge in mind easily.

    Lastly, the assessment language should be educational and can lead students to solve problems by themselves. In classroom teaching, teachers must guide students to form a effective learning method, even a correct sense of value and life. This one is the main factor of the classroom assessment, and is the expression of teaching wisdoms. For example, two students debated on the meaning of a polysemous word. The teacher said, “When you find some polysemous words, firstly you’d better look up them in the dictionary; secondly put

    it in the context.” Then the students solved this debate and obtained the truth. The assessment language is not only a judgment to the behavior of students but also a learning method and habit.

    All in all, a assessment language is a part of classroom assessment, as well as playing an important role in teaching today. Brief and accurate, full of encouragement and appreciation, humor and educational, as the assessment language is , this assessment will be effective and useful. However, to master this kind of effective is not a easy job, and teachers should improve themselves day by day, including developing the expressing skill and learning more new education ideas. Only in this way can all the teachers be more successful in classroom teaching.

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