Designing a Longleaf Pine Ecosystem Postage Stamp

By Tracy Warren,2014-06-18 21:33
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Designing a Longleaf Pine Ecosystem Postage Stamp

    Designing a Longleaf Pine Ecosystem Postage Stamp

    (Adapted from the GLC: Put a Stamp on Nature)

    Objective: The students will design a Longleaf Pine ecosystem postage stamp and explain why their plant or animal should be on a stamp.

Georgia Performance Standards:

    ; S4L1c. Predict how changes in the environment would affect a community

    (ecosystem) of organisms

    ; S4CS5d. Locate scientific information in reference books, back issues of

    newspapers and magazines, CD-ROMs, and computer databases.

    ; ELA4R1. For informational texts, the student reads and comprehends in order

    to develop understanding and expertise and produces evidence of reading ; ELA4W2. The student produces informational writing (e.g., report, procedures,


    ; ELA4W3. The student uses research and technology to support writing


    ; Computers with internet access

    ; Paper

    ; Pencils

    ; Colors (crayons, markers, colored pencils)


    Step: 1

    Duration: 40 minutes

    The first step should take place in the computer lab with students at individual workstations. Demonstrate how key words can be used to locate nature stamps (using the Stamp Search Web site, listed below). List key words on the board (plants, animals, nature, wildlife, endangered, flowers, and birds). Direct students to log on to the Internet at their workstations. Using the Stamp Search Web site and suggested key words, students find nature-themed stamps. As time allows, have students share their findings with the class. Discuss why particular plants or animals might have been used on a postage stamp -- was it an endangered animal, a state symbol, or important in some other way?

Web Resources for Step 1

    Title: Stamp Search


    Annotation: This Web site allows users to enter a key word in the "Description" box to locate and view specific types of stamps. Students should be aware that correct spelling is necessary and should be able to navigate using the "Forward" and "Back" buttons.

Step: 2

    Duration: 40 minutes

    The second step may also take place in the computer lab, or the teacher may print enough copies for the class to use of the information found on the Flora and Fauna of the Longleaf Pine Ecosystem website. Students may read individually, in pairs, or in groups of three, depending on classroom structure, behavior, and individual reading levels. Students read material and each choose one example of flora our fauna that he/she feels is important enough to be represented on a stamp.

Web Resources for Step 2

    Title: Flora and Fauna of the Longleaf Pine Ecosystem


    Annotation: This Web site will be challenging for some fourth graders to read individually. Students should be paired/grouped accordingly.

Step: 3 Duration: Varying

    The duration of the third step varies according to the writing capabilities of the students. Students are to design a postage stamp of the flora/fauna example chosen to be represented. They are to then write a report to go along with the postage stamp explaining why they chose their particular example. They should include all necessary facts.

Assessment: Rubric

    Did the student: Yes (1pt.) No (1pt)

    Choose an appropriate

    example of flora or fauna

    to create a postage


    Explain his reason for the


    Use information from the

    reading to support his


    Use the elements of the

    writing standard to the

    best of his abilities

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