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     7A Starter Units 1-6 III. 根据所给字母写单词

    I. 选择并抄写单词 1. I go to work by________ .( usb)

    1. Kitty usually goes to the park________(at, by) bicycle. 2. It’s ________ today. I think it’s going to rain. (loucyd)

    2. Let’s go to the ________(supermarket,school) to buy some food 3. At home, Kitty ________ with gas. (koocs)

    for my grandmother’s birthday party. 4. The shop is on the ________ of the garden.(ghrit) 3. How________(many,much) people are there in your family? 5. Do you live________ or far away from school?(raen) 4. It’s cold today. Here is your ________(book, coat). 6. Alice is my ________. She looks tall. (rfiedn) 5. At a quarter past five, Eddie and Kitty are ________(playing, 7. Fine, ________ you. And you? (ankht)

    doing) football. 8. Mum, do you want ________ oranges?(omes) 6. I can swim, ________(and,but) I can’t dive. 9. At ________ past four, Eddie is riding in the park. (lhfa) 7. Look! There’s the ________(red, green) man. Let’s cross the 10. It is very ________ in summer. (oth)

    road now.

    IV. 选择填空 8. I like electricity ________(more, better) than gas. It’s cleaner.

    9. The air in our city is very ________(dirty, nice). Look at the 1. It’s very ________ and dry and children wear warm clothes.

    smoke there! A. cool B. warm C. hot D. cold

    10. It ________(uses, takes) me about an hour to get there by car. 2. Have you got any bananas?

     --________, I haven’t got ________ bananas.

    II. 根据汉语提示?写出单词的正确形式 A. Yes, some B. Sorry, any C. Yes, any D. No, some 1. Good morning. Nice to ________ you. (见到) 3. My grandmother’s birthday is ________ the fifteenth of October. 2. This is Wendy. She’s my ________.(妹妹) A. on B. in C. at D. from

    3. This is my ________, Miss Song.(老师) 4. I can play table-tennis, ________ I can’t play tennis.

    4. Her ________ is Betty. (名字) A. and B. so C. or D. but

    5. Here is Ling Ming’s ________. (书包) 5. –What’s the weather like today?

    6. ________ is my hat, Ben? (哪里) --It’s ________.

    7. Your shoes are ________ the chair. (下面) A. happy B. easy C. sunny D. important 8. Jim’s apple is big and Mary’s apple is ________.() 6. --________ does it take you to go to work every day? 9. Kitty and Alice usually go to ________ together.(学校) --About half an hour.

    10. Look at the sign! Don’t play________ here.(足球) A. How many B. How long C. How much D. How often

    VI. 阅读理解 7.What time does Peter leave home?

    --________. A: Hello! What’s your name?

    A. At six B. About two hours C. Three days D. At weekend B: Hello! My name is Guo Ling. What’s your name?

    8. Alice is a ________ in a restaurant and she brings food to people. A: My name is Lin Tao. Who’s that man?

    A. girl B. boy C. waitress D. waiter B: It is my teacher.

    9. It’s ________ now. Ben and Kitty are swimming in the river. A: Is he an English teacher?

    A. winter B. spring C. autumn D. summer B: No, he isn’t. He is a Japanese teacher.

    10. Excuse me, sir. Are you Mr Smith? A: What’s his name?

     --________. I’m Jack Brown. B:Sorry, I don’t know.

    A. Yes, I am B. No, I’m not. C. Yes, I do D. No, I don’t. A:Is your English teacher a man or a woman?

     B: A woman. Her name is Mary. And who’s your English teacher?

    V. 完成对话 A: Miss Wang is. She is thirty.

    A. Then I take a train to Rotterdam.(鹿特丹?荷兰西南港口城市) B: But my English teacher is very old. I don’t know how old she is. B. That’s right. 1. The man is ________ teacher.

    C. It’s in the Netherlands. ;荷兰; A. an English B. a Japanese C. a Chinese D. an American D. I’m going to Rotterdam to stay with a friend. 2. Guo Ling’s English teacher is ________.

    E. No. I’m flying to Amsterdam first. ;阿姆斯特丹?荷兰首都; A. Miss Wang B. Mary C. Lin Tao D. English

     3. Guo Ling’s English teacher is ________.

    A: Hello, Mary. Where are you going for your holiday? A. thirty B. very old C. twenty-five D. twenty B: ____1____. 4. Lin Tao is a ________.

    A: Where’s Rotterdam/ A. teacher B. girl C. student D. Japanese

    5. ________ women are in this dialogue.(对话). B: ____2____

    A: How are you getting there? By boat? A. Two B. Three C. One D. Four

    VII. 书面表达 请你用40个词左右?介绍自己的家庭 B: ____3____

    A:Aha. My family

    B: ____4____. ____________________________________________________A: Does your friend live in the middle of the town? ____________________________________________________ B: ____5____. I can walk to her flat from the station. ____________________________________________________



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