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    Everything has two sidesso I think it is difficult to say using red bag is a good thing

    or a bad one in ChinaIf you use red bag in a right way it is a good thingFor example when your friend move to a new houseand you give a red bag to himher??

    it is just to show your congratulationsSometimeswhen your friend is in hospital and you give himhera red bag it is also just to show your concern and friendship But if you use red bag in a wrong wayit may be become a bad thing For example

    someone was killed by a carbut the driver was not deserted punishment for the law

    The reason was that driver gave red bags to the judges and the policemenTo do like that I think it not only makes society more and more worst it also bends to the law and makes the law also lost fairness

    SoI think we should have a right attitude to red bag


    I hear you smoke very seriously I persuade you must give up smoking at once As we know firstsmoking is harmful to your health It can cause many diseases such as lung diseasehigh blood pressureheart disease and the most seriously is cancer once you smoke the God is greeting for youIt is reported that there are 67 thousand people died form smokingSecondsmoking affects othersIf you are smoking the people around you will become the second hand smokersIt is said that the cigarette is more harmful to that second hand smokers than the first smokersThird

    it is a waste of money If you have a packet of cigarette every day Let us count and count you cost 20 every daythen one month is 6oo then one year is 72oo It is too much moneyFinally it may cause a fire or burn your clothes

    In a word smoking only has bad points not good points at allSo you must give up smoking as soon as possible


    Generation Gap means the difference between the young generation and the old generation in ideasvalues and attitude toward lifeGeneration Gap is very common in our lifesuch as in dealing with unwanted things in workin the matter of marriage and so onButthe most common is in consuming For examplein eatingthe young

    generation like eating something fleshsuch as MKFCBBQand they like eating

    outsideBut the old generation like light food and they hope eat with their children at

    homeWhen shoppingthe young generation like the thing in fashionthey dont care

    of price besides they also buy something which they dont need indeed at fact

    Howeverthe old generation always buy something necessary for themWhen

    shoppingthey pay attention to the quality and price

    I think they have such difference habits in consuming is that the young generation and

    the old generation lived in different agesthey have different experience of life

    education back groundbesidesthey may have different attitude in their daily dayAll

    this thing make they have generation Gap

    Faced generation Gapwe can’t only let our parents change their valueswe should

    more communicate with our parentslet them know our ideas


    1 Learn to be independent

    I think we not only learn sufficant professional knowledge and skillsbut also learn to be independentIt is very important for us to learn itAs we know parents cant

    accompany their children all their lifeFriends and relatives also cant always rely on

    So we should rely on ourselves anywhere anywhenIn another word if we rely too much on otherswe will be control by others and lost freeIn a wordwe should

    learn to be independent

    2 Learn to be responsible

    I think we not only learn sufficant professional knowledge and skillsbut also learn to be responsible It is very important for us to learn itIf you give people an image of being responsible you will win the chances and the confidence from other peopleAnd its

    very helpful to your businessWhile if you dont give people an image of being responsible on the contrary you may be lose some chances and confidence Its

    rather bad for your business

    3 Learn to be forgive and accept

    I think it is important for us to learn to forgive and accept others. Because nobody is

    perfect in the world. Everybody will make mistakes every person has a weakpoint. It is also difficult to change a person.So we should learn to forgive others shortpoint or mistakes and accept him as he is.If you dont forgive others you will be isolate yourselfIf you look the thing in other angelyou may be found that forgive others is forgive youselfyou will learn more good points

    4 Learn to co-operate with others

    I think we not only learn sufficant professional knowledge and skillsbut also learn to co- operate with othersIt is very important for us to learn itAs we knowa persons ability

    is limitedFor exampleits difficult for you completing the work by yourself To

    complete a work you need organize people work together to share some good ideas

    and so onIn this processyou not only get on well with others but also save more working-timeSo I think learn to co- operate with others is necessary for us

5 learn to be patient learn to wait

    I think we not only learn sufficant professional knowledge and skillsbut also learn to be patient learn to waitIt is very important for us to learn itAs we knowRomer wasn’t

    built in a dayIt is the same to our lifeIn societyexcept our abilitywe need learn to waitFor examplein a companyyou cant become a manage from a low clerk at once

    So you need to wait the chances you also may wait to be promoted step by step

    And all these it requires that you learn to be patientlearn to wait


    1 happiness

    Many people think those who become rich and successful must be happyBut in fact

    it is not soMoney can't always make them happymoney is not the answer toall problemsand happiness is not bought by moneyReal happiness lies in the contribution toward the happiness of othersYou will indeed feel happy when you find you are valuable to society and to your friends Happiness is a process that you make contribution to others and make you feel like a worthwhile personI think there is no way to happiness ,happiness is a way

    2 money

    Money is very important in our lifeIt said that money isnt everything but without it you can do nothingHoweverI dont think soMoney can buy a house but money cant

    buy a homeMoney can buy a clockbut money cant buy timeMoney can buy a positionbut money cant buy respectMoney can buy a bedbut money cant buy sleepMoney can buy a bookbut money cant buy knowledgeMoney can buy medicinebut money cant buy health So money isn't everything Face money

    we should have a right attitude toward money

    3 marriage

    It is said that marriage is a tomb of love I think it is true in some waysMarriage is a result that a boy and a girl love each otherBut it just a kind of resultit is not the certain result Marriage dose not prove lovealso dose not prove happinessFor some people

    marriage is a formit is just a piece of paperWhen they got married they should

shoulder the responsibleThey need try their best to support their marriageAnd these

    are not easy for them

    4 sport

     Sport is becoming more and more popular nowTaking sport is good for our health. All

    work and no play makes us become a dull person By taking sport, we can relax our

    body and mind. At the same time, we can harden our muscle and have a good figure. If we don't take exercise for a long time, we may easily fall sickI like outdoor sports. For

    example Playing badminton I can always find a place in the park for playing

    badminton with my friends or my parentsSport is befit for our healthwe should do

    more sports

    5 music

    Music is more and more popular in our lifeThere are all kinds of musicsuch as popular

    musicclassical musiclight musicjazzEveryone has him or her own favorite kind of

    music.but I like the pop music bestIt can make me feel confortableWhen I am happy,I

    will listen to the happily musicWhen I am sad,I will listen to the sadly musicPop music

    is a representative of popularMany singers are famous for the pop music,and to be an idolSo,I love the pop music,I hope all of you also can fall in love with it after my presentation

    6 dance

    As the press is more and more large for the people today. And feel easy tried and the mind will unhealth.I think we should leant to relax to keep the healthy mind. I think you can learn to dance.For me, I will dance when I feel tired or unhappy. I feel confortable and relaxtion after finish dancing.While I can not dance very well. But in some way dancing, in the other way listen the music. It can remove the feel of tried in all day. Because not only my body will get the ralex, but also my mind will stop to thing when I do it.Please note that a good mind is a premise前提 when you do everything. I suggest

    you can do it follow me.

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