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bullet_worksheet from wenkai

    Applied Critical Thinking Summary Bullets Worksheet #1

Step # I : Find general topics for paraphrased notes

    Homework (work electronically)

     Article: Modified Food Will Be On Voters’ Menu

    o Make sure you understand the article!

    Task 1: Decide on a general topic for each paragraph. ―What is the paragraph about?‖

    ; Try to use short phrases, not long sentences

    Task 2 (Table) : In the table below:

    o Type the 3 5 most important (=repeated) general topics in the lefthand


    ; Cut and paste the examples or details from your paraphrased notes that

    best support the general topics.

    ; You may have several examples for one important topic and few

    examples for other topics.

    For next class:

    o Submit this worksheet to cyber campus.

Task 2 Table : Article: Modified Food Will Be On Voters’ Menu

    General Topic SHOW examples and details from paraphrased notes

    1.Benifits of GMOs The GMOs can resist the natural calamity, reduce the chemical

    pesticides, survive in worse weather and increase the usage of


    2.Labelling on GMOs The label include GE information will be stick on the GMOs and the

    grocers will be ordered to make a sign on the shelf during 18 months.

    3.Voice of against Some objectors afraid that labeling will mislead consumers thinking

    GM food is unsafe. They predict that Proposition 37 will increase price

    of food and customers will be suffered same as producers.

    4.Farmer’s opinion A Farmer complain that he has to operate two way to produce corps

    which are GM way and traditional methods if this law passes and his

    GM corn seeds help him increasing output and decreasing pests and

    using herbicides.

    5.Supporter’s opinion Outside North America, the majority of developed nations have laws

    necessitating the labeling of GM foods.

    6.Straus’s opinion CA-based Straus Family Creamery and Dairy, a company producing

    Applied Critical Thinking Summary Bullets Worksheet #1

    organic dairy products, ensures GM-free goods through strict testing of

    its cattle feed. Albert Straus stresses that customers deserve to be

    aware of the existence of genetically modified organisms in their food


    7.Healthy care Albert Straus also considered about animal’s health not only just land

    and human’s health.

    8.Research evidence GM foods can cause many health problems such as gastrointestinal,

    infertility and allergy problems as well, supporter and Albert Straus

    mentioned from the research.

    9.Contaminating problem Proposition 37 opposites are much worried about chemically

    engineered foods which are not far away from organic ones.

    10.Label for health “The GMO labeling is important for health especially for those who

    care about.” Jeffery Smith said.

    11.Necessary of label The IRT’s director, Jeffery Smith, pointed out that the GM foods should

    be labeled, because the evidence showed that the GM foods will hurt

    every organ, immune and gastrointestinal.

    12.Negative accept of GMOs Citing a lack of peer-reviewed studies confirming bad side effects.


    Task # 3: Create Draft #1 of Summary Bullets using TELL & SHOW

    On a separate Word document (not this worksheet) :

    o Type the required identification information at the top of your summary bullets. Include

    ‗Draft #1‘ (See the Critical Thinking syllabus for the requirements.Last page!)

    ; Single space.

    o Use the information in the table (above) to create 4-6 bullets.

    o Use the ―General Topic information to help you create a TELL sentence to introduce


    o Use your paraphrased sentences as SHOW support to ‗prove‘ your TELL claim.

    ; You may need to make some changes to your paraphrases so that the TELL &

    SHOW sentences work together smoothly.

    ; Double space the bullets

Applied Critical Thinking Summary Bullets

    Worksheet #1

    o Your bullets should include enough details and examples to give someone who has

    not read the article a clear idea of its contents.

; Submit your Draft #1 bullets to cyber campus

    ; Bring a hard copy of ‘Draft 1’ of your summary bullets to the next class for a peer

    to read.

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