By Raymond Porter,2014-04-17 02:05
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    When you head the footstep of New Year, the busiest stage of rural market is approaching. In countryside, its imperative for

    people to purchase everything needed in the rural market. The atmosphere of where we live and where to buy things is pretty different. At home, you can enjoy the sunlight leisurely and quietly. But before you arrive at the rural market, different sounds come to our ears firstly. This scene, surrounded by the melody of boisterous laughter, continuous firecrackers, high-pitched shouts, and various songs, is extremely bustling. When you go into the noisy world, you will find its difficult to

    move forward. Because the crowded people rub shoulders with each other, especially, with many things in their hands. During the slow movement, you can browse a profusion of conceivable goods. Vendors will try their best to promote their products to you. The experienced consumers certainly can resist the temptation to buy the things that are not on the shopping list. Despite you meet the things you want to buy; the well-kept secret is that making the vendors admit their goods not perfect. Then haggling over the price may be not a difficult thing. As the flexibility of price is a notable feature in the rural market. Although haggling over a price is part of the experience, an offer that's too low is insulting. So the negotiation could be

win-win is better. Another conspicuous feature of rural market is

self-sufficiency. It is not uncommon that you come across a

weathered woman who sells her home-made products.

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