Crawley Sea Angling Club

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Crawley Sea Angling Club

    Crawley Sea Angling Club

The Lead Chuckers

    Information Booklet 2012


Membership Number

    Committee Members And Officers

Chairman Steve Kerr

    Secretary David Howell

    Treasurer Jason Chandler

    Match Secretary- David Howell

    Other Committee Members;

Annette Redding

    Chris Francis

    Paul Neale

    Kim Burgess

Club Information

    The Aim of the club is to promote and encourage the sport of salt water angling for both shore and boat.

    The club will form a committee which will consist of a chairperson, Club Secretary, a Treasurer, and a match secretary. Initially these persons will be voted in when the club is formed and then on an annual basis. Club membership will run from January to December each year and will cost ?8.00 per adult and ?4.00 for a junior

    Any member who has a complaint against the club or any other member should contact the committee and the matter will be investigated thoroughly.

    The club will hold away days for shore angling to encourage fishing in a friendly non match environment where hopefully we can exchange tips and ideas with each other, as well as having a good day out.

    The club will organise regular charter boat trips for both experienced and novice anglers. Trips to include cod, Pollack, bass and conger wreck fishing and also some rough ground and bank fishing fro species such as Cod, Bream, Whiting and Plaice etc.

    Trips will be organised on a first come first served basis with payment in advance. If a trip is cancelled

    due to bad weather then payment will be refunded in full or carried over to the next trip, which ever the angler prefers.

    The Club will hold a Shore and Boat Record list. The shore records will count in matches and away days only. The Boat Records on the organised trips.

    The fish put forward for a club record must be weighed by a committee member or boat skipper on the club scales. Records will be updated annually.

    The club will present trophies for the club champion for both juniors and seniors. A trophy will be awarded for the biggest boat and shore fish on a percentage basis of record size. This will be decided by the committee. Other trophies will be proposed for varying events and competitions as the club expands.

    Any anglers wishing to join the club should contact a committee member. Ideas and suggestions are always welcomed, pleas contact a committee member with your proposals.

We wish you all good fishing for 2012.

Club Fishing Rules

    All beach matches will be fished under National Federation of Sea Anglers (NFSA) Angling Trust rules. Anglers may fish with up to two rods and a maximum of four hooks. A pennell counts as two hooks.

    All match will be fished on a catch and release basis excluding eels.

    All anglers must be at the weigh in no later than 20 minutes after the end of the fishing time.

    Entry fee for each match for seniors will be ?5.00 and ?1.00 goes to the club funds. Pools for the largest flat and round fish will be an additional ?1.00. Junior entry fee will be ?2.00 and will include pools.

    A size limit chart will be given to all anglers on joining the club. Undersized fish will not count and must be returned to the sea immediately.

    Anglers will fish in pairs and each fish will be measured and signed for by the other angler and the size entered on the card before being returned alive to the sea. Weight will be awarded by a scales system.

    All fish over 45cm and all eels will be brought back to the scales alive where possible, in a bucket of water and weighed by the scales master. The scales masters decision will be final.

    No Mackerel, Shad, Sea Trout or Weaver to count or be weighed in.

    If an angler wishes to keep fish for the table, all such fish will be marked by his partner to avoid any confusion e.g. by cutting a fin.

    All anglers should have a recognised match measure. Any angler taking undersized fish for the table will be expelled from the club.

    Booking in for matches will end 30 minutes from the start of the match.

    Anglers may use any bait with the exception of white rag and maddies.

    Championship points will be awarded as 20 points for first place decreasing by one point for each place.

If there are more than 4 juniors, a Junior

    Championship will be run as above. Junior points will count towards the Senior Championship and prizes.

    The best 11 results for 15 matches will count towards the championship. Anglers will be awarded 3 points for each match fished.

    Wading above the knee to cast is not permitted.

All Anglers must take their rubbish home.

Boat Fishing Minimum Sizes

    Bass 41cm Black Bream 25cm Brill 35cm Bull Huss 58cm Cod 35cm Conger eel 120cm Dab 20cm Dogfish 46cm Flounder 25cm Garfish 38cm Tub Gurnard 28cm Ling 72cm Mackerel 30cm Mullet 33cm Plaice 28cm Pollock 30cm Pouting 25cm Poor Cod 18cm Rockling 18cm Silver eel All must be returned after

    weighing Spurdog 58cm Skate/Ray 41cm across wings

    Smoothound 51cm Sole 25cm Scad 25cm Turbot 41cm Whiting 27cm Wrasse 23cm Tope All must be returned

    Unclassified 20cm

Shore Fishing Minimum Sizes

    Bass 41cm Black Bream 24cm Bull Huss 58cm Cod 35cm Dab 20cm Dogfish 38cm Flounder 25cm Garfish 38cm Tub Gurnard 28cm Mackerel 30cm Mullet 33cm Plaice 28cm Pollock 30cm Pouting 18cm Poor Cod 18cm Rockling 18cm Silver eel No size Limit. All must be

    returned after being weighed

    Skate/Ray 41cm across wings Smoothound 51cm Sole 25cm Whiting 27cm Wrasse 23cm Unclassified 20cm

Current Club Record List Shore

    SPECIES CAPTOR DATE WEIGHT Bass J McMahon 2008 1lb 12oz Bream C Matthews 2009 15.75oz Cod C Francis 2009 6lb 15oz Dab D Howell/S 2009 10oz


    Dogfish D Howell/S 2008 1lb 12oz




    Dover Sole J Chandler 2008 1lb 12oz Flounder S Kerr 2009 1lb 1oz Tub Gurnard C Matthews 2008 11oz Plaice D Howell 2009 2lb 11oz Pouting D Howell/J 2008 12oz


    Rockling A Brown 2008 7oz Scad K Burgess 2010

    9.5oz Silver eel D Howell 2011 1lb 7oz Smoothound S Kerr 2010 9lb 8oz Whiting S Kerr 2008 1lb 5oz Wrasse S Kerr 2011 1lb 14oz Ballan

Current Club Record List Boat

    SPECIES CAPTOR DATE WEIGHT Bass D Howell 2008 12lb Black Bream N 2010 2lb

    Coomber 10.25oz Cod D Howell 2009 13lb 8oz Conger D Howell 2009 25lb Dab R Gear 2011 12.25oz Garfish P Bowen 2011 11oz Tub Gurnard D Howell 2009 3lb 8oz Mackerel A Brown 2008 12.25oz Plaice C Marlowe 2009 1lb 3oz Pollock S Kirk 2009 20lb Pouting C Marlowe 2009 2lb 3oz Smoothound C Francis 2009 7lb Whiting A Brown 2008 1lb 8oz

    15oz Wrasse Ballan R Gear 2011

    Wrasse Cuckoo P Bowen 2011 11oz

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