what we can not afford to lose08492

By Beverly Peters,2014-09-30 11:53
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what we can not afford to lose08492

     Ladies and gentlemen,good afternoon. The night before I was returning school this weekend, my grandma asked my 8 years old nephew:What do you want to be when you grow up? Astronaut. he said

    proudly, clenched his little fists, someone like Altman. Everybody here

    laughed. However, I tosses all night long that night, realizing a valuable spirit I lose as I grow up ------- selfless spirit and lofty ideal which we can not afford to lose.

     According to a research which published on Wangyi news, when asked about dreams, 83% of pupils choose to be astronaut, scientist or engineer, only 9% of them choose to be business or rich man. But nearly 90% of college students dream is about jobs, money or travel. Apparently,

    compared with pupils, college students lack of passion and resolution to contribute our county, instead, we merely focus on our personal life.

     Whats more, like premier Wen Jiabao said : We should clearly aware

    that our education is not adapt to the requirements of society and development. There are various problems which need young

    generation, especially college students to solve. Its urgent to establish

    lofty ideal for college students.

     We just talk about the status quo in China. Now here are two suggestions. For country, more positive examples should be propagated. For college students themselves, they should cultivate a sense of responsibility.

To sum up, selfless spirit and lofty ideal are the things we can not

afford to lose. We should strive for getting them back.

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