Module 1 My first day at Senior High

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Module 1 My first day at Senior High

英语学案一 [键入文字] [键入文字]

    Module 1 My first day at Senior High

    Introduction Reading and Vocabulary

    I. Tell us your first day at Senior High, will you?

    II. Discuss the three questions

    1. What are the main differences between Junior High school and Senior High


    2. Do you think that work at Senior High School is harder than at Junior High

    School, why?

    3. Are Senior High teachers similar to Junior High teachers?

    III. What Subjects did you learn in Junior High? What subjects will you learn in Senior High?Which one do they belong to, science subjects or language? Checking work (match the words with the translation)

    ; attitude ; 热心的

    ; behaviour ; 理解;领悟

    ; enthusiastic ; 态度

    ; photograph ; 尴尬的

    ; handwriting ; 照片

    ; comprehension ; 指示;说明

    ; embarrassed ; 行为;举动

    ; instruction ; 手写;书写


    1) pre- reading --- answer the following questions

    1. Describe your attitude to studying English. Are you

    (a) enthusiastic? (b) interested? (c) not very interested?

    2. Describe the general behaviour of your Junior High class in English lessons. Do you all (a) work hard in class? (b) behave in a serious and polite manner? (c) sometimes get noisy?

    3. Give an example of your English teacher’s teaching method. Does he / she

    (1) tell stories? (b) explain grammar? (c) write new words on the blackboard? 4. What do you find most difficult about English?

    (a) reading comprehension (b) speaking (c) handwriting (d) spelling (e) understanding instructions (f) _______

    5. What’s the difference between this textbook and the one you used at Junior High? Think about

    (a) difficulty (b) photograph (c) reading texts.

    2) filling the blanks

    My English study

     English is one of my favorite subjects. I like it because it plays an important

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英语学案一 [键入文字] [键入文字]

    part in our daily life. I have a positive a______ to studying English. I am very i________ in it and every day I watch the Outlook English program on CCTV Channel 10. All of my class work hard in class and we b_____ quite well and listen to the teachers attentively. My English teacher is very e_________ and she likes telling stories to us. I like her teaching m_____. Though I like English very much, I still find understanding i__________ a little difficult and reading c____________ is also very tough for me. I think this textbook is really beautiful as it has got a lot of nice p___________ on it. I am sure I will work harder than before and make great p________ in my English studies.

    3) reading read and take notes



    between Li Kang’s

    Junior High and

    senior school

    2two things that the

    English teacher

    thinks are important

    to do in class

    3two things that the

    English teacher

    wants to improve

    4) fast reading --- please summarize the main idea of each paragraph Paragraph 1

    Paragraph 2

    Paragraph 3

    Paragraph 4

    Paragraph 5

    Paragraph 6

    5) do the exercise4 on page 3

    6) do the exercise 6 on page 4

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