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cet-6 writing

    Cet-6 writing: who controls our


    第六篇cet-6 writing






    Who controls our fate?

    Some believes our destiny is controlled by fate. Everything that shapes and directs us is out of our control, they say. We have no choice over what family, environment or area of the world we are born in. Throughout life, we are influenced and modeled by others: parents, relatives, teachers, classmates, friends and so on. Few, if any, are actually our own choices. It seems that we must go wherever fate leads us.

    Others, however, strongly disagree, saying that our destiny is controlled by ourselves. Most, if not all of the uncontrollable factors in our lives can be shaped by our personal choices. We cannot choose our family or nationality, but we can choose our attitudes. We can choose to eat good food or bad food, to study hard or to be lazy, to be a good employee or not.

    I believe the second perspective is right. Peoples choice of attitude

    will shape how they view life. Will they ruin themselves by choosing to be jealous of others’ good fortune? Or will they consider life as a

    challenge to create something wonderful out of what they are given.

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