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TC_20070202-004_Report_of_TR-30.doc -

    Report of TR-30 to the February 2, 2007 Technical Committee Meeting

    Fred Lucas TR-30 Chair

    Since the November 2006 meeting of the Technical Committee, TR-30 has had one meeting in December in Lake Buena Vista, FL. For 2007, TR-30 will only be holding 3 meetings, 2 of which will be at TIA Headquarters in Arlington, VA. The first meetings thof TR-30 for 2007 will be the week of April 16 at TIA.

    The major effort at TR-30.1 is now on development of a Home Networking over Power Wiring standard. It has been discovered that there are a number of different technologies which have been deployed for this they of networking. TR-30.1 has invited the proponents of other technologies to also bring them forward to TR-30.1 for standardization if they so desire. The first standard being worked on was approved for ballot at the September meeting. The subcommittee is now in the process of addressing the comments which were received during the ballot period. In addition, since this project was originally opened to interface with ITU-T Study Group 15 on this subject, a liaison has been sent to Study Group 15 informing them of the work. Study Group 15 has recently re-opened their project on this issue. TR-30.1 also has opened a project to revise TIA-1001, Transport of TIA-825-A Signals over IP Networks, to assure it is interoperable

    with the recently approved ITU-T Recommendation V.151, Procedures for the end-to-

    end connection of analogue PSTN text telephones over an IP network utilizing Text Relay.

    TR-30.1 continues to work in conjunction with the ITU-T Study Group 16 Question 11 Rapporteurs group on issues of mutual interest.

    TR-30.2 continues in a mostly maintenance mode. The subcommittee, at the December meeting, approved the following standards to go to reaffirmation ballots:

    TIA/EIA-404-B, Standard for Start-Stop Signal Quality for Non-Synchronous Data

    Terminal Equipment (ANSI/TIA/EIA-404-B-1995) (R2001) (PN-3-2797)

    TIA/EIA-423-B, Electrical Characteristics of Unbalanced Voltage Digital Interface

    Circuits (ANSI/TIA/EIA-423-B-1996) (R2001) (PN-3-3058)

    TIA/EIA-644-A, Electrical Characteristics of Low Voltage Differential Signaling

    (LVDS) Interface Circuits (ANSI/TIA/EIA-644-A-2001) (PN-3-4584)

    TIA/EIA-687, Medium Speed Interface for Data Terminal Equipment and Data

    Circuit Terminating Equipment (ANSI/TIA/EIA-687-97) (R2001) (PN-3-3416)

    TIA/EIA-694, Electrical Characteristics for an Unbalanced Digital Interface for

    Data Signaling Rates Up to 512 kbit/s (ANSI/TIA/EIA-694-97) (R2001) (PN-3-


    TIA/EIA-899, Electrical Characteristics of Multipoint-Low-Voltage Differential

    Signaling (M-LVDS) Interface Circuits for Multipoint Data Interchange

    (ANSI/TIA/EIA-899-2002) (PN-3-4828)

The new project which was initiated at the June 2005 meeting, Electrical Characteristics

    of Very-Low Voltage Differential signaling (V-LVDS) Interface Circuits (PN-3-0222)

    continues to be worked in TR-30.2’s electrical characteristic working group with a first

    draft having been completed by the working group. The subcommittee is awaiting a second draft for review.

TR-30.3, has started work on the expansion of TIA-921, Network Model for Evaluating

    Multimedia Transmission Performance Over Internet Protocol, to include wireless and

    cable models. TR-30.3 has approved going to ballot to reaffirm TIA/EIA-793, North

    American Telephone Network Transmission Model for Evaluating Analog Client and Digitally Connected Server Modems (PN-3-3857).

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