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Class Presentations and Discussions

Meeting 1 -

    Meeting 2 Zhu et al, ‘Devolvement of HR practices in transitional economies: the case of China’ International Journal of Human Resource Management (IJHRM), May

    2008, 840-55.

    Meeting 3 McKenna et al, ‘Negotiating, resisting and accepting HRM: a Chinese case study’, IJHRM, May 2010, 851-72.

    Meeting 4 Bozionelos and Wang, ‘An investigation on the attitudes of Chinese workers towards individually-based performance-related systems’, IJHRM, February

    2007, 284-302

Meeting 5 Cheng et al, ‘A framework for strategic decision-making and performance

    among Chinese managers’ IJHRM, July 2010, 1373-95.

    Meeting 6 Sumelius et al, ‘The influence of internal and external social networks on HRTM capabilities in MNC subsidiaries in China’, IJHRM, December 2008, 2294-310.

    Meeting 7 Mabey and Ramirez, ‘Does management development improve organizational productivity? A six-country analysis of European firms’, IJHRM, July

    2005, 1067-82.

     Koch and McGrath, ‘Improving labour productivity: HRM policies do

    matter’, Strategic Management Journal, May 1996, 335-54.

     Ichniowski et al, ‘The effect of HRM practices on productivity: a study of steel finishing lines’, American Economic Review, June 1997, 291-313.

     Zhang and Li, ‘High performance work practices and firm performance: evidence from the pharmaceutical industry in China, IJHRM, November 2009, 1331-48.

     De Grip and Sieben, ‘The effectiveness of more advanced HR systems in small firms’, IJHRM, September 2009, 1914-28.

    Meeting 8 McPhail and Fisher, ‘Its more than wages: analysis of the impact of internal labour markets on the quality of jobs’, IJHRM, March 2008, 461-72.

    Meeting 9 Zhao, ‘Application of human capital theory in China in the context of the knowledge economy’, IJHRM, May 2008, 802-17.

    Meeting 10 Van be Wiele, ‘The impact of training participation and training costs on firm productivity in Belgium’, IJHRM, March 2010, 582-99.

    Meeting 11 Bloom and Van Reenen, ‘Why do management practices differ across firms and countries?, Journal of Economic Perspectives, Winter 2010, 203-24.

    Meeting 12 Wilkinson et al, ‘Human resource barriers to partnership sourcing in China, IJHRM, October 2005, 1886-900.

Meeting 13 Oxenbridge et al, ‘A comparative analysis of restructuring employment

    relationships in Qantas and Aer Lingus: different routes, different destinations’, IJHRM,

    February, 2010, 180-96.

Meeting 14 Chen, ‘HR strategy and unionization: evidence from Taiwan’, IJHRM,

    June 2007, 1116-31.

    Meeting 15 Wang et al, ‘The causal effect of organisational labour market on firm-specific learning the mediating effect of willingness to internal transfer’, IJHRM, June

    2010, 1015-34.

     Chan et al, ‘Evaluating the multidimensional view of employee commitment: a comparative UK-Chinese study, IJHRM, November 2006, 1873-87.

    Hassard et al, ‘Downsizing the danwei: Chinese state enterprise reform and the surplus labour question’, IJHRM, August 2006, 1441-55.

    Choi, ‘Aligning labour disputes with institutional, cultural and rational approach: evidence from East Asian invested enterprises in China, IJHRM,October 2008,


     Zou and Lambury, ‘MNCs and employment relations in PRC: the case of Beijing Hyundai Motor Company, IJHRM, November 2009, 2349-69

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